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Digital Transformation

4 skills necessary for DX|Introducing DX recruitment methods and books!

Isn't there a lot of people who think? Therefore, this time, I will explain the "skills necessary for DX" in an easy-to-understand manner for beginners! In addition to...

How to introduce sales DX | Introducing points and examples of successful sales DX

In recent years, due to the impact of the corona wreck, non-face-to-face sales are spreading due to the DX conversion of the sales organization. However,...

Machine Learning


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Deep Learning

How to make an EC site?

EC sites (net shops) have been used a lot in recent years. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' 2015 Survey on People's...

Performance Training

What is a reservation ledger/reservation management system/app?

With the spread of online reservations, more and more people are visiting restaurants after making a reservation. If the number of reservations increases, it will...

What are the problems with the interface between AI and humans?

Table of contents What is the AI ​​Action Plan Committee? 4th AI Action Plan Formulation Committee Health/Medical Life/City AI science summary What is the AI...

What is AI marriage-Introducing benefits, free recommended apps, and local government services!

Table of contents  What is AI marriage Mechanism of AI matchmaking AI learns past marriage cases AI analyzes personal information AI suggests suitable partners Advantages of AI matchmaking 1. Shortening the...

5 Recommended Schools to Learn AI|Introducing Advantages and Disadvantages!

Table of Contents  Do we really need an AI school? Benefits of learning AI at school hard to get frustrated Learn efficiently according to the curriculum Employment and job...

Can AI Diagnose Job Opportunities? ‐ Introducing 6 recommended free job aptitude diagnosis sites!

There are many people who want to use a job aptitude diagnosis to find a job that suits them, but don't know which site...

Data Science

Table of Contents  Introduction: Data-Centric AI: Steps for a data-centric model development approach: ...


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