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AI styling service “DROBE” starts developing original products using AI [2022]!


DROBE Co., Ltd., which provides the personal styling service “DROBE”, announced “business strategy and new service announcement” on April 7, 2022, developing original products that combine other companies’ brands and its own AI. , announced a TV commercial that will start broadcasting from April 9.

he personal styling service “DROBE” uses a unique styling AI and professional stylists to propose trends, clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories that you would not choose for yourself, while meeting the user’s preferences and system requirements. It is an online shopping service with a stylist that sets you apart from other fashion EC malls, where you can discover a new self .

Table of Contents 

  • Solving surplus production with original products using unique AI
    • Flow of product development
    • Zero “mass production/disposal”
  • Expressing a “new clothes shopping experience” in a TV commercial

Solving surplus production with original products using unique AI

DROBE has collaborated with apparel brands “NOLLEY’S”, “Hirota” and “Danyu” to start developing original products using proprietary AI, aiming for sales after May.

By incorporating detailed information such as “V-neck” and “long sleeves” into AI, DROBE generates a “product score” that indicates the probability that each user will like the product. By using this product score, it is possible to predict to some extent what products will be preferred three months from now based on the past purchase data of continuous users.

Flow of product development

The flow of product development begins with planning more than 10,000 patterns that combine details such as materials, sleeves, silhouettes, and lengths for each product, and checking them with AI. After that, the degree of matching with the user who is scheduled to be delivered is given as a score and scrutinized. Then, the project with the highest score is sampled, and the size and comfort are corrected by “humans” before being put into production.

Zero “mass production/disposal”

DROBE calculates the sales forecast by multiplying the number of users scheduled to be delivered x the actual delivery rate to the customer x the purchase rate, and then determines the production volume based on this. Experimental production will start in the fall and winter of 2021, and it is expected that about 80 to 90% of the 1,000 products currently produced will be consumed.

More than 80% of DROBE’s customers are continuous customers, and DROBE is a continuous service with products scheduled to be shipped more than a month in advance, and has information on 100,000 users. Therefore, it is possible to make highly accurate predictions and produce only the products that users really want. By utilizing these technologies, the company aims to become a service that can solve the problem of “mass production and disposal”.

Expressing a “new clothes shopping experience” in a TV commercial

DROBE announced that it will produce its first TV commercial and start broadcasting from April 9th.

To date, more than 70% of DROBE’s new members have come from digital sources such as SNS and blogs.

Yuka Chiba is the main cast, Gugi Akiyama is the creative director, and Tsuyoshi Taniyama is the director. In addition, the stylist that appears in the commercial is actually Mayumi, who is active as a stylist at DROBE, and pursues reality.

The concept of the commercial is “a new clothes shopping experience”, and the image of a woman lying on a sofa and having a stylist choose clothes for her is different from a store or other online shopping, “a store comes to your home”. It expresses a truly new clothes shopping experience.


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