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How to create a roadmap when promoting DX | Introducing a practical framework!

I think some people can’t imagine what the key to success is when working on DX. Many people don’t even know where to start.

When working on DX, the first thing to do is create a roadmap. To put it simply, creating a roadmap is to analyze the current state of the company, grasp a clear vision, and make a forecast .

This time, I will introduce how to create a roadmap and the frameworks that are useful at that time.

Table of contents 

  • What is DX
  • What to do when starting a DX initiative
    • Create a roadmap
  • Why you should create a roadmap
  • Roadmap creation 3 steps
    • ① What to do first
    • (2) What to do in the short term
    • ③ What to do in the long term
  • 3 frameworks that are useful when creating a roadmap
    • ①3C analysis
    • ②SWOT analysis
    • (3) PEST analysis
  • Tips for successful DX initiatives
    • (1) Understanding the current situation
    • ② Set clear goals
    • (3) Periodic review of initiatives
  • DX success story
    • ① Starbucks
    • ②NEC
    • ③Japan Post
  • summary

What is DX

DX is an abbreviation for “Digital Transformation”. Simply put, it is about making people’s lives and companies’ efforts better through digitization and the use of technology . Within companies, DX makes it possible to streamline operations and reduce labor costs.

What to do when starting a DX initiative

So, what should we start with when working on DX?

Create a roadmap

The first thing to do when working on DX is to create a roadmap. Let’s proceed based on the roadmap that we created at the beginning.

Why you should create a roadmap

The reason why we need to create a roadmap is that we can see what we should prioritize . By creating a roadmap, you can order your efforts.

Roadmap creation 3 steps

We will introduce how to create a roadmap in three steps. Please refer to here to create a roadmap.

  1. What to do first | Acquisition of knowledge about DX, digitization of operations
  2. What to do in the short term|Development of DX initiative system, grasping the current situation of companies, setting goals for DX initiatives
  3. What to do in the long term | Developing and securing DX human resources, reviewing initiatives, and reforming

① What to do first

There are two things you should do before creating your roadmap and tackling DX.

1. Acquiring knowledge about DX

Knowledge and understanding of DX is essential when working on DX. Without the correct knowledge and understanding, it is not possible to formulate strategic objectives for DX initiatives. In order to make the most of DX, let’s deepen the understanding of DX throughout the company.

You may have an image of DX from other companies’ initiatives. Later, I will introduce some successful cases in domestic companies, so please refer to them.

2. Digitalization of operations

Are there any tasks that you are doing analog that could be digitized? Automate your tasks and actively digitize documents and data.

(2) What to do in the short term

Once you have acquired knowledge about DX and digitized your business to some extent, let’s work on the following three things.

1. Development of DX initiative system

First of all, we need to prepare a system to work on DX. When working on DX, it will be difficult to work with only one department. Share information with other departments and work company-wide.

2. Understand the current situation of the company

It is also very important to understand the current state of the company. Understand the current work environment and work efficiency, and identify issues.

3. Goal setting for DX initiatives

Once you have identified your company’s challenges, consider what you should prioritize in order to solve those challenges. If you work on DX with clear goals and strategies, you will be able to realize the effect more.

③ What to do in the long term

To make the most of DX, please try the following.

1. Developing and securing DX human resources

In order to promote DX, we need human resources who have sufficient knowledge of DX and can formulate strategies that match the company’s goals .

If there is a shortage of DX human resources in a company, it would be a good idea to introduce a DX solution . A DX solution is to use DX to solve corporate issues.

2. Review and reform initiatives

Once you’ve worked on DX to some extent, you need to look back on that effort. Please reflect on whether you are doing what is really necessary for your company and whether you are getting results. Regular reviews and improvements are essential for better DX operations.

3 frameworks that are useful when creating a roadmap

Here are three frameworks for analyzing company issues and characteristics that are useful when creating a roadmap.

  1. 3C analysis
  2. SWOT analysis
  3. PEST analysis

①3C analysis

“3C” in 3C analysis refers to Customer, Company, and Competitor. By using the 3C analysis, you can compare your company’s strategies and other companies’ strategies for customer psychology and behavior.

Through this analysis, you can understand your company’s strengths and challenges , so you can decide how to approach your business in the future.

②SWOT analysis

A SWOT analysis is an analysis of the “positive” and “negative” aspects of a company’s internal and external environments. “SWOT” stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat.

By analyzing from these four perspectives, you will be able to grasp what your company should improve and what needs to be improved .

(3) PEST analysis

PEST analysis is a framework for analyzing four external environments: Politics, Economics, Society, and Technology. By analyzing the external environment that affects your business, you can formulate strategies that match the times.

Tips for successful DX initiatives

Here are some points to pay particular attention to when working on DX.

(1) Understanding the current situation

This is something that should be done when creating a roadmap, but always keep an eye on the current situation. It is necessary to work on DX efficiently, avoiding unnecessary efforts as much as possible.

② Set clear goals

Set goals by keeping in mind “ What are the issues facing your company?” and “What should be done to achieve them?” Set goals with a long-term perspective to solve your own problems.

(3) Periodic review of initiatives

Once you have made a certain amount of effort, let’s review the effort process. Reduce costs by regularly reviewing processes and eliminating unnecessary efforts. Also, by working only on the really necessary items, the efficiency in promoting DX will increase.

DX success story

We will introduce examples of successful companies that have worked on DX. The following three cases are introduced here.

  1. Starbucks
  2. NEC
  3. Japan Post

① Starbucks

Starbucks has introduced a service that allows you to order from the app or the web without waiting in line. Cashless payment is possible and congestion in the store can be alleviated, so it can be said that it is a business that is suitable for the times.

At the time you place your order, you will also be given an estimate of how long it will take to receive it. Drinks can be customized on the app or online, so you can order at your own pace. This is a convenient service for both the store and the customer.


NEC Logo

Together with Rakuten Vissel Kobe, NEC conducted a demonstration experiment of measures against infectious diseases and hospitality using digital technology. Specifically, we made it possible to grasp in real time the mask wearing rate of spectators and the congestion situation in front of the store using a camera. Being able to grasp the situation in real time has enabled staff to respond appropriately to the audience.

By utilizing digital technology, it may be possible to realize “peace of mind” for people.

③Japan Post

Japan Post utilizes data from a customer-oriented perspective. Specific examples include the launch of a “digital post office” that can be used on smartphones and the use of chatbots for inquiries.

In order to provide more convenient services, customer data is being digitized and DX human resources are being trained. We also implement security measures to give top priority to safety and security.


This time, we introduced how to create a roadmap for DX initiatives and a framework that can be used. What you need to do when working on DX is to understand the current situation and set clear goals .

Please refer to the roadmap creation method introduced this time and the success stories of companies to formulate strategies for DX initiatives. Let’s create a DX roadmap, work on what is really necessary to achieve goals and solve problems, and aim to improve operational efficiency.


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