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9 free video editing software | Recommended for Mac users!

In recent years, the video market has shown great excitement. There are probably many people in charge of incorporating videos as part of their company’s promotions , advertisements , and content .

In this article, we will introduce 9 free video editing software recommended for Mac users. All of them are so easy to use and have such high performance that it’s hard to believe they’re free, so if you’re creating videos, why not check them out?

9 free video editing software recommended for Mac users

1.AviUtlThis is video editing software that specializes in AVI file format and allows advanced editing. You can use this software alone for simple editing, but basically you will need the extended editing plug-in published on the official website. You can edit only the audio, and you can also delete the video and overlay it with music or narration.

Although this software is for advanced users who are familiar with plug-ins , it is possible to edit videos at a professional level with just this software.


This is a video editing app that comes standard with Mac . It works smoothly with iPhoto and iTunes, so you can easily quote photos and music. Not only can you record using the camera installed on your computer, but you can also import data from an external camera.

Most of the functions that beginners need when creating videos are included, so if you want more functions than iMovie, you will need to purchase a paid higher-end app .


It is a video editing software with functionality and operability very similar to iMovie. It is also compatible with Windows, so it is especially recommended for those who use both Mac and Windows. More than 50 types of special effects and transition effects are provided, so even beginners can create professional video works.

In addition to supporting various output formats including avi, wmv, and mp4, one of the recommended points is that you can easily post to YouTube and Facebook. You can use all functions for free for 30 days after installation, and after that period, output formats etc. will be restricted if you use it for free, but you can use it without any disadvantage.

After installation, a dialog box will appear asking whether you want to use the software for home non-commercial purposes or for commercial use.If you wish to use it for free, please select “Non-commercial use.”

4.Any Video Converter

This software allows you to not only edit videos but also convert and download them. Not only is it capable of converting to almost all video formats, but it also allows beginners to easily edit videos and set parameters.

5. YouTube Studio

YouTube, a video sharing service, also has video editing functions that can be used online It is designed to be intuitive even for beginners, so anyone can operate it easily.

In addition to basic editing functions such as merging videos and adding music, you can also use image stabilization and special effects. One of the recommended points is that it provides Creative Commons video materials and BGM as a service unique to YouTube.

After editing, you can post to YouTube with one click.

6.MPEG Streamclip

This software allows you to play, edit, and convert videos in various formats. At the same time as converting the format, you can cut out only the desired part of the video, so it is especially recommended if you don’t have much time but need to edit the video.

It is lightweight and has operability similar to the familiar “QuickTime Player” for Mac users, so even beginners can use it easily.


This app allows even beginners to easily create videos . The videos you create can be posted to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter with just one click.

Although it is not suitable for creating long videos, it is an application that specializes in creating short videos using over 100 different effects, so it is useful when creating presentation videos or product explanation videos for online shops. Especially recommended.

8.Elis Colors

This is a video editing software that offers high performance and various effect functions. It features an interface similar to paid software from Adobe products.

You can freely edit videos, such as trimming videos, overlaying videos on top of each other, and making them transparent with effects. Due to its many functions, this software is a little difficult for beginners, but once you get used to it, you can create very high quality videos with just this software.

9.NHK Creative Library

This is a tool that allows you to edit videos online using video materials provided by NHK. You can use video and sound materials such as “creatures,” “natural scenery,” and “world scenery.” However, there are conditions such as prohibiting commercial use and requiring the author’s name to be displayed, so please be careful when using them.

How to choose the best video editing tool?

Many people feel that editing a video is a difficult task, but by using the tools introduced this time, you can edit high-quality videos for free.

There are many options available, ranging from those that are difficult to operate to those that can be easily operated even by beginners, so we recommend that you choose the one that best suits your skills and goals.



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