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[Even beginners can understand] What is social listening? Introducing recommended tools!

In recent years, SNS has permeated a wide range of generations, and consumers’ voices regarding services and products have come to be actively transmitted.

Such real consumer voices can be used to improve services and understand needs.

This time, we will introduce social listening that collects and analyzes consumer voices and is useful for business.

Table of Contents

  • What is social listening
    • The need for social listening
  • What social listening reveals
    • customer needs
    • brand image
    • Direction of promotion
  • Recommended social listening tools
    • Insight Intelligence Q
    • BuzzSpreader Powered by Review @ Chief
    • social insight
  • summary

What is social listening

Social listening is collecting and analyzing customer feedback through SNS such as Twitter and word-of-mouth sites, and utilizing it in marketing measures.

Realize consumer-centered marketing by sharing and visualizing evaluations of companies, brands, and services, leading to understanding and improvement.

The need for social listening

This is because researching influential word-of-mouth among consumers may lead to new discoveries about services.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications conducted a survey on “Information assets (reviews (word of mouth), etc.)” in the “White Paper on Information and Communications 2016” to see how much people refer to reviews when shopping online.

As a result, more than 60% of people in their 20s to 60s answered that they “use it to a great extent” or “use it to some extent”.

Word of mouth and reviews, which many customers refer to, have become an indispensable part of marketing.

Social listening is essential for marketing in order to gather honest impressions of customers and quickly develop products and improve services.

What social listening reveals

customer needs

Compared to customer surveys conducted by companies, social listening is more natural and gathers potential needs and opinions.

In questionnaires, companies prepare questions, so the content is limited and the answers are conscious that the customer can see it.

Unlike such surveys, social listening collects honest opinions sent by customers, so it may be possible to discover improvements and attractiveness of services that have not been noticed before.

brand image

Social listening makes it easy to collect the true feelings of customers, so you can get a more accurate image of companies and services.

If you can understand what customers and society value in companies and services, and in what situations they need them, you can put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and formulate a strategy.

Direction of promotion

By introducing social listening, it is possible to understand in real time how customers react to promotions such as advertisements and campaigns developed by companies.

If you can grasp customer reactions in real time, you can quickly build strategies such as PR improvement.

Recommended social listening tools

Insight Intelligence Q


  • A social listening tool born from the voice of marketers who analyze social data on a daily basis
  • A simple UI that allows you to easily and quickly find the analysis results you want to know
  • Post data for the past 13 months can be analyzed through trial and error, making it possible to research and hypothesize, which is essential for marketing.


  • Topic analysis: You can get a bird’s-eye view of when and what content was talked about
  • Diffusion process analysis: You can easily understand what factors caused the topic to spread
  • Pre-/post-analysis: Comparison of word-of-mouth volume/word-of-mouth content before and after the promotion period
  • Brand comparison (feature word comparison): Compare the characteristics of word of mouth between multiple topics such as your own brand/competitor brand
  • User analysis (gender/age/influential users): What kind of users are talking about the topic?
  • You can analyze whether you are a user
  • There are many other functions such as media analysis and engagement trend analysis.


  • Monthly fee: 100,000 yen (excluding tax)

BuzzSpreader Powered by Review @ Chief


  • A social listening tool for collecting and accumulating social big data in real time, and searching and analyzing it from a free angle.
  • The largest amount of word-of-mouth data, boasting a total data volume of 59 billion
  • You can quickly search and analyze 10 keywords at the same time within 7 seconds for a search period of up to 13 months.


  • search
  • Versatile comparison view
  • spam filter
  • Simultaneous search of up to 10 conditions
  • Search up to 13 months
  • Real-time search conditions
  • tuning
  • Overall analysis
  • Cross-media analysis
  • trend analysis
  • attribute analysis
  • Related word analysis
  • reputation analysis
  • text analysis
  • Detailed analysis
  • Diffusion of Influence (Twitter only)
  • Ingredient wordmap analysis
  • Topic classification analysis
  • Twitter detailed analysis
  • data import analysis
  • report
  • Dashboard
  • Easy automatic data output (Excel compatible)
  • alert mail
  • Regular report sending
  • Excel data output


  • Initial cost: 100,000 yen (excluding tax)
  • Basic monthly fee: 130,000 JPY (excl. tax) and up

social insight


  • Quickly analyze word-of-mouth for specific keywords from Japan’s largest word-of-mouth data with a unique text processing engine
  • When there is a sudden increase in remarks, an alert email will be sent that shows why the topic is being talked about, and it is possible to detect flames.
  • Centralized management of posting reservations and comments for multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts managed by the company


  • Word-of-mouth analysis (listening)
  • social listening
  • Comparative research with competitors
  • Understand fan user profile
  • SNS account analysis (fan analysis)
  • The largest number of SNS correspondence in Japan
  • Account & User Analytics
  • Time zone analysis
  • Competitor account research
  • Post management (communication management/reserved posting)
  • Batch management of multiple media
  • Manage posts from users
  • SNS campaign
  • Collection and extraction of applicant data
  • Contacting Winners
  • Effectiveness measurement report


  • Inquiry required


This time, I introduced recommended social listening tools from the overview of social listening.

Adopt social listening for fast and flexible marketing.



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