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[Complete version] Thorough explanation of the web ordering system! Recommended system introduction!

For retail stores and the apparel industry, receiving and placing orders for products is an essential task.
However, most of the work involved in receiving and placing orders is detailed and time-consuming, such as managing orders and issuing invoices.

The web order system is a system that streamlines the order work that tends to be like this.
This time, we will introduce the overview of the web ordering system, the necessary background, the benefits of introducing it, and even the recommended system.


  • What is a web ordering system?
  • Why you need a web ordering system
  • Advantages of introducing a web ordering system
    • Business efficiency
    • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Web ordering system selection point
    • Does it fit your company’s business content and system?
    • Do you have a support system?
  • Recommended web ordering system tool introduction
    • MOS
    • Rakuukeru
    • FORSEE
    • board
    • eOrdering
  • summary

What is a web ordering system?

A web order system is a system that converts a series of operations in order into a web.

In the past, order management at companies was done by receiving orders by fax or telephone, creating an order form, contacting the warehouse, checking inventory, and arranging shipping.

The web ordering system streamlines this series of flows using the web.

In recent years, there are many web ordering systems provided in the cloud.
With a cloud-based web ordering system, you can focus on your original order-taking operations without having to deal with server problems that can be time-consuming when upgrading, and you can introduce it at a lower cost.

Why you need a web ordering system

An increasing number of companies are systematizing and automatically managing orders and receiving orders, which used to be done manually by people.
Behind this is a reduction in human error and a reduction in labor costs through improved operational efficiency.

In this day and age where various operations are automated, there are many companies that manage orders manually using paper or Excel.

Conventional order-receiving operations are always side by side with mistakes, and it is necessary to hire many people during the busy season.

Advantages of introducing a web ordering system

Business efficiency

By introducing a web ordering system, you can eliminate the hassle of confirmation inquiries, human error, inventory confirmation and document preparation, leading to improved work efficiency.

If orders are placed on paper, a huge amount of documents such as delivery notes must be created manually.

However, if you use the web ordering system, you can automatically create documents and grasp inventory information in real time, so you can save the trouble of checking inventory every time.

In addition, by introducing a web ordering system, human errors caused by “misreading” and “misreading” can be eliminated.

In the case of the conventional method of receiving orders, there is a possibility that mistakes may occur due to typos when entering order information manually, or mistakes due to misunderstandings or misreading when ordering by fax or telephone.

With online ordering, there is no need to manually enter orders into the system or receive orders by fax or telephone, so even people who are unfamiliar with order handling can manage orders without making mistakes.

Improve customer satisfaction

Receiving orders online makes it easier for business partners to place orders, increasing convenience and increasing customer satisfaction.

Compared to ordering by fax or telephone, ordering through the Web allows you to check product information anytime, anywhere, and place orders in real time by entering the number of products.

Therefore, if you introduce a web order system, it will be easier for your business partners to place orders, which will lead to improved customer satisfaction.

Web ordering system selection point

Does it fit your company’s business content and system?

Let’s check whether the function that matches the organizational structure such as the business content and the number of employees of the company is installed.

There are many web ordering systems, but their functionality varies, from simple and easy-to-use systems to systems with abundant functions such as sales management functions and inventory management functions.

Even if you choose something with a lot of functionality, if it doesn’t lead to solving your company’s problems, it will be a waste of treasure.

Before introducing it, make sure that it is suitable for your business and the number of people who will use it.

Do you have a support system?

Web ordering systems that can be easily introduced are increasing, but there are cases where companies with a small number of employees do not have engineers with knowledge and skills related to IT.

Some web ordering systems have services that accept support at any time, and some support is provided free of charge.

It is also important to check the support system so that there is no hindrance to business.

Recommended web ordering system tool introduction



A cloud-based BtoB ordering system that boasts a track record of implementation in over 220 companies.
It can be customized according to the user’s business operation.

With an operation screen that puts the orderer first, even first-time users can easily place orders.

In addition, since it can be linked with various core systems, it is possible to further improve operational efficiency.


  • Orders: You can check the list and details of orders received from the ordering party. You can confirm the order and download the order CSV data.
  • Order history: You can check all order history. CSV data for which orders have been confirmed can be re-downloaded at any time.
  • Download history: You can check all download history. Past order CSV data can be re-downloaded at any time.
  • Product category: You can match the category (classification) code between MOS and the sales management system.
  • In addition, abundant functions such as product allocation are installed


  • Inquiry required



It is a cloud-based ordering system that can be used immediately if there is an Internet environment.
We offer state-of-the-art systems for a low monthly fee.

You can use web orders and fax orders according to your business partners.

Since it can flexibly link with existing systems, you can easily link data with various sales management systems.


  • For ordering perishables
    Creation of arrival information (proposal)
    Proposal of products
    Order entry
    Confirmation of orders, additions/modifications
    Printing of picking lists/system linkage
  • For non-perishable product orders
    Create a quotation Present
    a quotation Register
    imprint of quotation and select form format
    Order entry (customer screen)
    Order entry (order confirmation entry based on quotation)
    data CSV export


  • Basic fee: Monthly unit price 20,000 yen
  • Person in charge ID fee: Monthly unit price 2,000 yen/ID
  • Customer/store ID
    Up to 99 IDs
    Monthly unit price: 600 yen/ID
    ID×100 or more
    Monthly unit price: 100 yen/ID
  • Original login screen: Monthly unit price 10,000 yen
  • Original URL: Monthly unit price 20,000 yen



A free exhibition order system for fashion brands that digitizes conventional exhibition operations and supports real and online exhibition management.

Time-consuming line sheet creation can be output with one click.
It also enables online ordering at the buyer’s convenience anytime, anywhere.

Exhibition invitation emails can be sent all at once from the system, allowing customers to be invited smoothly.
At the exhibition venue, buyers can log in simply by reading the QR code, and support the overall exhibition holding.


  • Batch management of order status
  • exhibition invitation
  • Develop new functions from time to time


  • FREE: 0 yen
  • PLUS: Inquiry required



It is a service that can centrally manage and improve the efficiency of business and management of small and medium-sized enterprises, such as sales management, payment management, understanding of sales forecast, cash flow forecast, as well as quotation and invoice creation.

It is characterized by its easy-to-use and simple operability, and when outputting quotations and invoices, you can automatically generate cover sheets and output them as a set.

Task notifications are sent to email, Slack, and chatwork to prevent business omissions by notifying non-billing, non-payment, expiration of billing period, etc.


  • Billing management/Payment management
  • Order management/Payment management
  • E-mail transmission / mailing agency
  • Profit and loss management for each project
  • Compatible with envelopes with windows
  • total invoice
  • Accounting system linkage
  • In addition, abundant functions such as electronic contract service linkage


  • Personal: 980 yen (excluding tax)/month
  • Basic: 1,980 yen (excluding tax)/month
  • Standard: 3,980 yen (excluding tax)/month
  • Premium: 5,980 yen (excluding tax)/month



It is compatible with iPad and Android terminals, barcode search, etc., and can be automatically linked with the core system, making it an easy-to-customize ordering system.

Since it is based on the package software developed in-house, the standard functions are substantial.
Even if you add the necessary customizations, it can be implemented at low cost and in a short period of time.

If you register frequently ordered items as standard items, the standard items will be displayed first from the next time onwards, greatly reducing the time and effort required to place an order.


  • Order data management
  • Shipping process
  • Placement of orders
  • Shipment status confirmation
  • Order data processing
  • Equipped with abundant functions such as inventory and delivery confirmation


  • Inquiry required


This time, I introduced the web ordering system.

Taking orders online has many advantages, such as convenience, reduced human error, and improved operational efficiency.

Please consider introducing a web ordering system.



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