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[Even beginners can understand] Introducing the ordering system! From benefits to recommended systems!

Some people may feel that there is a limit to the efficiency of their work because it takes time and effort to place and receive orders by fax or telephone.

The system recommended for such people is the ordering system.

This time, we will introduce the benefits of introduction, selection points, and recommended ordering systems from the overview of the ordering system.


  • What is an ordering system?
  • Why you need an ordering system
  • Advantages of introducing an ordering system
    • Efficiency of ordering work
    • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Ordering system selection points
    • Ease of introduction and operation
    • support
  • Ordering system introduction
    • MOS
    • Rakuukeru
    • BtoB platform order placement
    • raku raku sales
    • cross order
  • summary

What is an ordering system?

An ordering system is a system that streamlines operations by performing order-receiving and ordering operations on the Internet.

Functions for ordering companies are mainly

  • Order management
  • order entry
  • Business partner management
  • slip output

There are functions such as

Functions for order-receiving companies include:

  • Order management
  • Inventory control
  • slip output
  • Business partner management

There are functions such as

Both the receiving side and the ordering side can make their work more efficient by conducting their work on the Internet.

With the spread of cloud services, the number of ordering systems that can be introduced at low cost is increasing, so not only large companies but also many small and medium-sized companies have introduced them.

Why you need an ordering system

If you introduce an ordering system, you can keep your company’s sales even if the decline in the working population becomes serious.

Japan is currently facing a declining birthrate and an aging population, which is expected to lead to a declining population.
According to government estimates, Japan’s working population could decline by as much as 12 million by 2040, leading to serious labor shortages at companies.

Ordering operations are characterized by a large amount of work per person.
In particular, when dealing with orders by telephone or fax, it is necessary to secure personnel to handle orders.

However, if the labor shortage becomes serious, it will become impossible to allocate manpower to order work, which will have a major impact on sales.

The issue here is whether it is possible to increase the number of orders without increasing the number of orders.

The ordering system solves this problem.

By introducing an ordering system and automating the ordering process, there is no need to spare manpower for the ordering process, so you can respond to the labor shortage.

Advantages of introducing an ordering system

Efficiency of ordering work

The biggest advantage of the ordering system is that it streamlines the time-consuming ordering process.

Streamlining order processing

Orders placed by phone or fax must be manually posted to the sales management system.
In addition, there is a risk of personal mistakes such as mishearing and transcription errors.

By introducing an ordering system and automatically linking it with the sales management system, posting work can be eliminated and human error can be reduced.

In addition, if the shipment contact from the sales management system to the warehouse is automated, the work from receiving an order to shipping can be almost automated.

Efficiency of ordering work

If you introduce an ordering system, you will be able to place orders at any time, so you can improve your work efficiency.

In the case of ordering by phone or fax, we have to contact each time to check the inventory.

However, if you use the ordering system, you can check the inventory of the supplier at any time, so you can easily place an order without having to contact them.

Also, if you set up a system that can automatically order according to the number of stocks in your company, you can automate most of the ordering work.

Improve customer satisfaction

The introduction of an ordering system will lead to an increase in customer satisfaction.

If the order is placed on the system, the work speed of the order receiving side will be greatly increased, so the time to delivery can be shortened.

In addition, the ordering system makes it easier for ordering companies to place orders because there are no restrictions on when orders can be placed.

If you introduce an ordering system, the speed of delivery will increase and it will be easier for ordering companies to place orders, so you can improve customer satisfaction on the receiving side.

Ordering system selection points

Ease of introduction and operation

One of the characteristics of the ordering system is that the order receiving side and the ordering side are introduced together.

Since it is necessary to introduce not only your company but also your business partners, it is important whether it is easy for both parties to introduce and operate.

If you choose a system that takes time to introduce, your business will be hindered because orders will be delayed.

In addition, if the ordering screen is difficult to understand or a fee is charged when placing an order using the introduced system, it will be a burden on the business partner and customer satisfaction will decrease.

Choose an ordering system that can be introduced without any burden and that is intuitive to use even for beginners.


It is also important that the manufacturer’s support system is in place when the system is introduced.

The ordering system plays an important role that is directly linked to sales.
As a result, the damage caused when a problem occurs on the system is also large.

Choose a system that responds quickly to system failures to limit lost sales.

We have a lot of experience in responding to emergencies with systems that have been introduced many times.
As a result, we have a wealth of know-how and are able to provide accurate advice when problems arise.

Ordering system introduction


A cloud-based BtoB ordering system that boasts a track record of implementation in over 220 companies.
It can be customized according to the user’s business operation.

With an operation screen that puts the orderer first, even first-time users can easily place orders.

In addition, since it can be linked with various core systems, it is possible to further improve operational efficiency.


  • Orders: You can check the list and details of orders received from the ordering party. You can confirm orders and download order CSV data.
  • Order history: You can check all order history and re-download CSV data of confirmed orders at any time.
  • Download history: You can check all download history and re-download past order CSV data at any time.
  • Product category: You can match the category (classification) code between MOS and the sales management system.
    In addition, abundant functions such as product allocation are installed


  • Inquiry required


It is a cloud-based ordering system that can be used immediately if there is an Internet environment.
We offer state-of-the-art systems for a low monthly fee.

You can use web orders and fax orders according to your business partners.

Since it can flexibly link with existing systems, you can easily link data with various sales management systems.


  • For perishable orders
  • Creation of arrival information (proposal)
  • Product proposal
  • order entry
  • Order confirmation, additions/modifications
  • Picking list printing and system linkage
  • For non-perishable orders
  • Create a quote
  • Presentation of quotation
  • Quotation imprint registration and report format selection
  • Order entry (customer screen)
  • Order entry (order confirmation entry based on quotation)
  • CSV export of data


  • Basic fee: Monthly unit price 20,000 yen
  • Person in charge ID fee: Monthly unit price 2,000 yen / ID
  • Customer / store ID (up to ID x 99)
    Monthly unit price: 600 yen/ID
    ID x 100 or more
    Monthly unit price: 100 yen/ID
  • Original login screen: Monthly unit price 10,000 yen
  • Original URL: Monthly unit price 20,000 yen

BtoB platform order placement

This is an ordering system that allows you to place and receive orders online.
You can centrally manage billing data generated by transactions.
It is also useful for restaurant management because it improves the efficiency of daily orders and ordering, and the monthly settlement of accounts is decided quickly.

It is also compatible with smartphones and tablets, so you can place an order anytime and anywhere.

By linking data with in-house systems and sales management systems, we can further improve operational efficiency and reduce working hours.


For ordering companies
  • Operation analysis function: Data analysis can be performed based on transaction performance data. It can be used as material for management decisions.
  • Inventory ordering function: From a smartphone / tablet, you can place an order while checking the inventory for each shelf set with the inventory function.
  • Payment management function: Request approval from the business partner for the aggregated transaction amount for the current month, and if the business partner approves, the payment amount will be confirmed.
  • Menu management: By automatically capturing purchase and inventory information, you can always manage the latest menu information and costs.
  • FC management function (optional): Realizes one-stop purchasing and payment management with business partners in franchise chain management.
  • Transfer slip function (optional): You can manage the lending and borrowing of products that occur between stores and departments on the “BtoB platform order placement”.
For contracting companies
  • Transaction download function: Order data can be downloaded in CSV format and automatically reflected in your core system.
  • Product master upload function: You will be able to register to the product master and change unit prices and units all at once.
  • Non-trading day setting function: You can set days when trading is not possible due to company holidays, etc. It is also possible to set individual trading partners.
  • Lead time setting function: You can set the lead time for each product and business partner and notify the business partner of the possible delivery date.
  • Order lot limit function (optional): You can set the minimum order quantity and minimum lot quantity for each order master.
  • Shipping upload function (optional): By uploading shipping confirmation/sales confirmation information, you can automate the shipping process.


  • Inquiry required

raku raku sales

This is a web database that can systemize all internal operations, including sales management and project management.

Since the system can be built without programming according to the business flow, it improves business efficiency with flexibility not found in package systems.

We have prepared a support system that we are proud of, including a polite and kind support window and a fulfilling community site.
We also have a full range of optional services to ensure smooth and reliable installation.


  • Automatic import from Excel: Database items and record data can be imported into an Excel sheet to easily create a database containing data.
  • Item setting: You can freely add/delete/restrict input of items.
  • Automatic processing button creation: Complex processing can be done automatically.
  • Nighttime timer start processing: Automatic processing can be started at the timing of confirmation on the record input screen.
    Other functions such as access control and input form creation are installed.


  • Inquiry required

cross order

Cross Order is an ordering service that focuses on ease of use for restaurants.
In order to make it easier for ordering companies and ordering companies to introduce it, we were particular about the method of converting orders from LINE and FAX into data.

It is simple and easy for anyone to use, and the support is substantial, so the introduction rate is different compared to other companies.

For restaurants where it is difficult to switch to online, cross-orders can be digitized with FAX-OCR while ordering by FAX.
Our original OCR technology instantly sums up handwritten characters from faxes.
The work time can be reduced to 1/10 because it is only necessary to visually check the received data.


  • Inquiry required


This time, we introduced the ordering system.

By all means, please introduce an ordering system to improve operational efficiency and eliminate labor shortages.



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