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Comparison introduction of 5 recommended selections with selection points, features, and fees!

This time, we will introduce five recommended web push notification services.

By using this service, you can send notifications to your customers about updates on your company’s website or applications, which will improve customer satisfaction.

This is a convenient service that allows customers to receive notifications about the timing of updates to the latest information and campaign information.

Please read this article and use it as a reference when introducing the service.

Table of contents

  • What is push notification service?
  • Advantages of introducing a push notification service
    • Leads to improved website usage rate and revisit rate
    • First-time visitors can be notified
    • Reach a wider range of people
  • Disadvantages of introducing a push notification service
    • How to use leads to customer churn
    • Security aspect
  • Push notification service selection points
    • function
    • Supported browsers/platforms
    • price
  • Push notification service introduction
    • Repro
    • Push7
    • Growth Push
    • Push Tracker
    • b→dash
  • summary

What is push notification service?

Push notification service is a service that provides a function to automatically notify by display or sound from the application side when notifying with a smartphone application or PC software.

Recently, it has also been displayed on web browsers. If you usually use a smartphone or PC, you may have seen it.

Advantages of introducing a push notification service

Leads to improved website usage rate and revisit rate

If you continue to analyze and improve it as a sales tool, it will be effective in increasing sales.

If you can provide attractive content through the web push notification service, it will lead to repeat visitors for the first time.

In addition, we can develop content that better matches the tastes of users for repeat visitors and purchasing users.

First-time visitors can be notified

The web push notification service enables pop-up notifications from the moment the company site is opened.

Therefore, it is possible to develop advertisements to people who did not know the company’s products and services until now, such as users who happened to find it on a search site.

The push notification service can be said to be an effective service system when you want to spread advertisements quickly and widely.

Reach a wider range of people

Users are more likely to see ads because they are notified when the website or app launches.

It can be said that there is a high possibility that more people will see it compared to billboards that cannot be seen unless you are there, or newspaper and magazine advertisements that cannot be seen unless you purchase media.

When using a corporate site, we can prepare a wide variety of site visit routes, such as links from SNS and related sites.

Disadvantages of introducing a push notification service

How to use leads to customer churn

Excessive advertising, such as ads every time you open the site, ads every time you open the app, etc., may lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction.

In addition, they may shy away from such notifications, resulting in fewer visitors to your site.

Your browser settings also have the ability to block notifications. Notifications need to be set appropriately in terms of content and frequency after carefully considering the target audience.

Security aspect

While attaching a link in the notification and aiming to access the limited page, there have been cases of fraud in which this notification is forged by a malicious third party and the link destination is redirected to the fake page.

If security measures for the entire corporate site are not treated as an important matter, the trust of the entire company may be damaged.

Push notification service selection points


Each company offers a variety of functions, and you may not know which one is better after all.
In such a case, let’s look back on what we want to achieve through this service.

For example, if you want to widely announce by push notification according to the regular implementation of the campaign, “Determined date and time delivery” that can be set to send notifications for each campaign is convenient.

Even if there are many functions and services, it is meaningless if you do not use them.
For what, when and where does your company need to use a push notification service?
And what kind of functions are necessary to realize it?
Let’s start by clarifying these things.

Supported browsers/platforms

There are various places where you want to send push notifications, such as when you want to send a notification when a user visits a website or when you open a smartphone app.

The browsers and platforms that can be supported by each company’s service differ, so make sure to check whether it supports the location you want to notify before selecting the service.


Prices vary depending on which service you choose.
It is a good idea to create a marketing strategy and select services that match that plan.

Be careful as some have set initial costs.

You can also take advantage of the free trial to check and consider whether it meets your needs.

Push notification service introduction



  • Web push notification service popular with many companies regardless of industry
  • Enter internet information from the attached information via app/web, and provide app notifications, email notifications, and web pop-ups as notification methods.
  • More than 7,300 installations in 66 countries around the world


  • Please contact us for details.



  • Easy installation by pasting a few lines of JavaScript
  • With WordPress plugin
  • It has been introduced to more than 5,000 sites such as Softbank, Macromill GMO, etc.


  • Individual: Free
  • Please contact us for details such as the number of distributions and the Enterprise version.

Growth Push


  • Abundant settings such as A/B test distribution, scheduled distribution, custom fields, etc.
  • Abundant services to acquire more users, such as effect measurement and distribution by user attribute
  • It’s free to start, and can be operated at a higher price after the service grows.


  • Free trial available (up to 1,000,000 requests)
  • Only delivery analytics, segment delivery, custom fields and emoji delivery available

Push Tracker


  • Since segments can be extracted, it is possible to set targets by narrowing down age, area of ​​residence, gender, etc.
  • You can save the selected target once, so you don’t need to search every time.
  • You can also check the opening status and CV, and check how conversion occurred.


    • Initial cost 0 yen
    • Monthly basic charge from 49,800 yen (varies depending on the number of users allowed to notify)



  • Operability that anyone can use with simple screen operations
  • Collective management function called data palette for data handled in marketing activities
  • Data palette function that can collectively manage accumulated data without specialized knowledge
  • 2019 Good Design Award winning operation screen with excellent design
  • Data can be freely processed, processed, and utilized without programming knowledge


This time, I introduced a push notification tool.

Read on to find out if your company needs a push notification tool and which one is the best fit.



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