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5 recommended AI-related tests | Explain the benefits and study methods!

Currently, there is a large shortage of AI human resources in the world. Some readers may want to acquire AI-related certifications in order to become highly promising AI human resources who will be in demand in the future.

However, even if you are interested in AI-related certifications, there are probably many people who are worried that they don’t know if they really should get them or how they should study.

Therefore, this time, I would like to introduce the merits of acquiring AI-related tests, the scope of questions, and the learning method in an easy-to-understand manner.

Table of contents

  • Benefits of obtaining an AI-related certification
    • ① Leads to career advancement
    • 2) More job options
    • ③ Acquire knowledge of AI
  • Scope of questions for AI-related exams
    • Machine learning/deep learning
    • database
    • Math
    • history
    • law and ethics
  • 5 AI certifications you want to acquire
    • ①G test
    • ② E qualification
    • ③AI Test®
    • ④AI implementation test
    • ⑤IT passport test
  • How to learn to take AI-related exams
    • Participate in a training course
    • buy and study reference books
  • summary

Benefits of obtaining an AI-related certification

Before going into the specifics of AI-related tests, I will first introduce the benefits of challenging AI-related tests. In order to study for AI-related tests with a clear goal, it is important to understand the benefits.

There are three benefits to obtaining AI-related certifications:

  1. lead to career advancement
  2. Wider choice of jobs
  3. acquire comprehensive knowledge

I will explain each.

① Leads to career advancement

Career advancement means honing work skills and expertise, and accumulating experiences with high social market value.

Even if you want to advance your career, there are many people who are worried about what to do specifically. Therefore, it is important to “acquire AI-related certification”.

Currently, the demand for human resources with knowledge of AI is increasing, and if you obtain a qualification in an AI-related examination, it will be proof of your knowledge, and it may lead to the form of career advancement you are aiming for.

2) More job options

By obtaining qualifications for AI-related certifications, you will be able to engage in work related to artificial intelligence and deep learning, which you could not engage in until then due to lack of knowledge.

For example, if you have a track record of passing AI-related exams when changing jobs, you will be more likely to be hired because your knowledge of AI is guaranteed to some extent. In addition, the knowledge and skills acquired in studying for the test may be used in a side job.

For those who are worried about how to advance their career in the future, obtaining the certification will expand their job options, so when they find what they want to be in the future, they will be able to move smoothly.

In this way, for those who are working in AI-related jobs or who want to work in the future, it is only profitable to take AI-related certifications, so those who are interested should actively challenge the certifications. You should take a look.

③ Acquire knowledge of AI

Even if you want to study AI, there are many things you don’t know what to do and how to proceed. That’s where studying for certification helps.

For example, if you have basic knowledge of deep learning, decide on an appropriate utilization policy, and want to acquire the ability and knowledge to utilize it in your business, you should pay attention to the “G Test” of the Japan Deep Learning Association. will be understood.

The G-test is a test to check whether a person has the knowledge to utilize deep learning in business.

In addition, studying the syllabus of the certification exam and the contents of the book that covers the questions is also the shortest route to grow into a person who is suitable for passing the certification.

This kind of systematic study is much more efficient than haphazard study, and will lead to the acquisition of comprehensive knowledge.

Scope of questions for AI-related exams

The scope of questions for AI-related tests is as follows.

  1. Machine learning/deep learning
  2. database
  3. Math
  4. history
  5. law and ethics

I will explain each.

Machine learning/deep learning

Depending on the qualification, how difficult the content will be is different, but it is essential to understand AI technology and methods in order to obtain an AI qualification.

The G test covers specific machine learning methods, deep learning methods, and an overview, while the E qualification covers the basics of machine learning and practical methodologies.

And in the AI ​​implementation test, the basics of deep learning and the applied implementation ability are tested for A and S grades, respectively.

Machine learning and deep learning have a considerable number of representative methods, so exhaustive learning will be necessary.


Since AI deals with huge groups of data ( big data ), it is unavoidable to study data analysis methods and techniques when studying AI.

In addition to AI methods, it is also necessary to study how to handle data and the field of data science using AI.


Data analysis requires computational power, so mathematics should also be studied.

When understanding AI from a mathematics perspective, mathematics knowledge above high school mathematics is the main focus, but it is an essential element for understanding the applied fields of AI.

Tests that show mathematics as a question range include E qualification, AI implementation test grade A, and AI test ®. Therefore, if you take these exams, you also need to study mathematics.


Currently, it is said that we are in the third AI boom in the history of AI.

Depending on the exam, you may be asked to understand the history of AI, such as the mechanism of old AI, historically important AI, and why the old AI boom came to an end, so study about the history of AI. It is important.

For example, among AI-related tests, the AI ​​Implementation Test Class B and AI Test® also include the history of AI.

law and ethics

Among the exams, there are exams that ask AI-related laws and ethics as knowledge related to AI.

For example, the AI ​​Test® includes examples of its use in society, intellectual property protection such as patent rights, and artificial intelligence ethics indicators.

It’s important to keep your eye on current affairs and controversies, as they may be asked about current topics.

5 AI certifications you want to acquire

From here, I will introduce the AI ​​certification that I want to acquire. The following five AI-related tests are introduced this time.

  1. G test
  2. E-qualification
  3. AI Test®
  4. AI implementation test
  5. IT passport exam

I will explain each.

Let’s look for a test that tests the knowledge you want to acquire, or a test that makes you want to take it!

①G test

The G test is a test that tests whether you have basic knowledge of deep learning, determine appropriate utilization policies, and have the ability and knowledge to utilize it in your business.

The origin of the G in the G test comes from generalists, and rather than engineers who implement deep learning in the field, we develop human resources who understand what the technology can do and who can propose solutions to problems in combination with business. It can be said that it is a test for reading.

In addition, the certification is open to all human resources in all industries, and is also the first step in introducing deep learning.

eligibility None
Exam fee General 13,200 yen
Examination venue online


② E qualification

The E qualification is a qualification for engineers who are asked whether they have the ability and knowledge to understand the theory of deep learning and select and implement appropriate methods.

This qualification is a qualification operated by the Japan Deep Learning Association, and can be said to be a qualification test with a lower degree of difficulty than the G test. It is also a qualification that is attracting attention because the number of applicants is increasing year by year.

eligibility Have completed a JDLA certification program within the last two years
Exam fee General 33,000 yen
Examination venue Preferred venue
Latest implementation schedule February 18 and 19, 2022

③AI Test®

What is AI Test®, artificial intelligence , machine learning , and deep learning? It is a test that covers a wide range of questions, from basic content such as “What AI is already used in daily life and business scenes?”

The certification requires applicants to have basic knowledge of artificial intelligence and learning methods, and to be able to utilize various AI systems in their own work.

Therefore, it can be said that it is a particularly recommended test for those who want to acquire basic knowledge about AI.

eligibility None
Exam fee 4,400 yen
Examination venue online

④AI implementation test

The AI ​​implementation test is a qualification test operated by Study-AI.

We certify mathematics that can express AI and programming skills that can be implemented. In terms of difficulty, it is positioned easier than the G test and E qualification, and is the best test for the first step to study AI.

This test is divided into three levels: B grade (intuitive understanding of AI outline), A grade (neural network structural understanding), and S grade (applied implementation such as deep learning models and natural language processing). divided.

eligibility None
Exam fee Class B ¥9,900
Class A ¥14,850
S class 33,000 yen
Examination venue online

⑤IT passport test

The IT Passport Examination is a “national exam that measures information technology skills” administered by a corporation under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

The test tests not only AI knowledge but also knowledge in various fields such as general management knowledge, IT knowledge, and project management knowledge.

eligibility None
Exam fee 5,700 yen
Examination venue Conducted using the CBT method at examination venues nationwide

How to learn to take AI-related exams

As effective learning methods for taking AI-related exams, we recommend two methods: ” Participating in preparation courses ” and ” Purchasing reference books and studying .”

I will explain each.

Participate in a training course

One way is to attend a training course.

Currently, there are many preparatory courses for passing the AI ​​test in the world. In particular, there are many types of preparation courses for tests such as G tests and E qualifications, which have many students.

One of the benefits of participating in a preparation course is that you can “study effectively and efficiently”.

Specifically, it is recommended for those who do not know where to start, as there is support for asking questions to the instructor, and you can take pre-learning and mock exams.

By the way, AI test preparation courses can be roughly divided into two types.

The first is a course where you can take measures for each test. The second is a course for acquiring knowledge and skills for AI and data utilization, which is not specialized for exam preparation.

When participating in a preparation course, research various preparation courses and find the course that suits you.

buy and study reference books

The second way is to buy reference books and study.

As with preparation courses, there are various types of reference books, and in particular, many preparation books related to G and E qualifications are on sale.

The advantage of studying with reference books is that it costs less than a course and you can study at your own pace.

In addition, the reference books and books are excellent in accuracy and abundance of information, and you can choose the difficulty of the book according to your knowledge.

If you are unsure about whether or not to take the test, it would be a good idea to purchase a reference book and start studying lightly.


This time, we introduced AI-related tests. How was that.

I understand that there are various types of AI-related tests. Did you find the test that’s right for you?

Some of them require qualifications to take the exam, so if you are thinking about taking the exam, you need to be careful.

If you find any of the tests introduced here that you are interested in or that pique your interest, you should definitely try them out.



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