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Thorough comparison of 10 recommended payment agency services! Find a service that suits your organization!

Even if you want to introduce a payment agency service, are you worried about what kind of payment agency service is available and which payment agency service suits your organization?

Currently, there are many payment agency services. Each has its own characteristics, such as mobile compatibility and pricing.

This time, we will compare and introduce 10 carefully selected payment agency services based on their features and prices.

Use this article as a guide to finding the payment gateway service that’s right for your organization.

Table of contents

  • What is payment agency service?
  • Advantages of introducing a payment agency service
    • Unification of contract work
    • Let us collect and manage your money
  • Points of comparison of payment agency services
    • Confirm the required settlement method
    • Request a quote and consider costs
    • Check security based on implementation results and support system
  • Introduction of payment agency services
    • AirPAY
    • STORES
    • natural payment
    • Paid
    • SB Payment Service
    • PayPal
    • Square
    • NP payment
    • VeriTrans
    • Stripes
  • summary

What is payment agency service?

There are various payment methods such as credit card payment, convenience store payment, and cash on delivery.

The payment agency service is a service that introduces these payment methods and manages deposits.

Advantages of introducing a payment agency service

Unification of contract work

Contract details and procedures differ depending on the payment institution.

Some payment agencies require contracts to be signed in English or multiple documents to be submitted, which can be costly.

If you use a payment agency service, they will take care of the payment and processing for you.

Let us collect and manage your money

If you make a separate contract with a card company, etc., the settlement cycle may differ, and you must manage each.

If you use a settlement agency service, you can entrust the management of sales and settlement collectively.

Also, depending on the customer, it may take some time to complete the payment even if the payment is made in advance or after payment.

In that case, it will also act as a reminder, making it easier to avoid payment leaks.

Day-to-day operations are safe thanks to the operation of the system after the introduction of payment and support in the event of trouble.

Points of comparison of payment agency services

There are so many types of business card management apps that it can be difficult to decide which one to choose.
Here are three points.

Confirm the required settlement method

First, determine what kind of payment method your company needs.

Depending on whether you are billing consumers or billing between businesses, different payment methods are required.

If it’s for general consumers, decide if it’s flexible.

Consumers may decide to purchase not only on the attractiveness of the product, but also on what payment methods are available.

Request a quote and consider costs

Some payment processing services require a quote to confirm the cost of implementation.

Also, the fee is not large for one payment, but it will be expensive as the number of customers increases.

Compare as many payment agency services as possible before making your selection.

Check security based on implementation results and support system

Leakage of customer information must be strictly avoided.

Let’s check whether there is a sufficient track record, such as the number of companies that have introduced it and what kind of companies have introduced it.

In addition, it is also a point of selection whether sufficient countermeasures can be taken in case of leakage.

Introduction of payment agency services

Here are 10 payment services that are especially recommended for corporations.



  • A card reader is required for installation, but it is possible to introduce 0 yen by using the campaign
  • Transfer fee free at all banks
  • Available only for iOS devices


  • No fixed monthly fee
  • Transportation electronic money: 3.24%
  • Other electronic money: 3.74%
  • Credit card: 3.24% or 3.74% depending on type



  • Enhanced additional services such as multiple store management, API linkage, and payment module linkage
  • Confirmation is required because the payment method that can be supported differs depending on the terminal.
  • Peace of mind with international standards of security


  • No initial cost or monthly fixed cost
  • QR code: 3.24%
  • Electronic money: 3.24%
  • Credit card: 3.24% or 3.74% depending on type

natural payment


  • The payment system is easy to understand because the payment fee does not change with sales and the monthly fee is fixed.
  • It is also possible to handle information products that are difficult to introduce credit card payment
  • To use the service, you need to pay a monthly fee for 3 months in addition to the initial cost.


  • Please see the price list below.


  • Please note that the service is only available to corporations and cannot be used by sole proprietors.
  • Credit screening is performed on the company, not on the transaction, so there is no need for a second and subsequent screening
  • Reduce the risk of damage from fraudulent transactions and fraud by making full use of our unique fraud detection system


  • No initial cost/monthly cost
  • Guarantee fee rate ~ 2.9%

SB Payment Service


  • Providing a variety of payment methods in addition to credit card payments and carrier payments
  • High introduction record with 141,212 stores
  • Marketing support, fraud detection and warranty services available


  • inquiry



  • Suitable for overseas expansion as it can handle payments in major countries
  • There is a compensation service for damage caused by illegal transactions, etc.
  • With more than 250 million users worldwide and more than 18 million stores where it can be used, it is highly reliable internationally.


  • Individual: Basic free
  • inquiry



  • Settlement, business management, and online sales can be done with one account
  • It is used in a wide range of industries such as restaurants, beauty salons, retail stores, and accommodation facilities.
  • You can open an online shop and start an EC business without a monthly fee.


  • Installation cost: ¥46,980 (hardware), free (software)
  • Monthly fee: Free
  • Payment fee: Credit card, electronic money: 3.25%
    * QUICPay, iD payment, manual payment, browser payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express only): 3.75%

NP payment


  • Achieving speedy credit screening with minimal information based on 9 years of business operation experience
  • Reliable service with a full guarantee in all cases in the event of non-payment
  • Sole proprietors are also eligible for transactions


  • Initial introduction cost: 0 yen
  • Fee: 1.2%~
  • Issuance of invoice/postage: 190 yen (excluding tax)
  • Monthly Fixed Fee*: From 12,000 yen



  • The scale of services handled is large, from EC sites to actual stores
  • A total of 11 types of payment methods are available
  • A proven and reliable system based on over 20 years of history


  • inquiry



  • High performance with millions of start-ups in 120 countries around the world
  • Rapid introduction is possible because there is no pre-screening
  • Since there is no transition to the payment screen, it is easy to improve the conversion rate


  • Fee: 3.6% for each successful settlement
  • 3D Secure Authentication: Free
  • Automatic card update function: Free


When looking for a payment agency service that suits your organization, decide on the goal, amount, and necessary functions and select them.

By using payment agency services, you can reduce the time required for payment management and easily increase the number of payment methods.

However, services with many functions that do not meet the purpose, or services that cannot be fully used will take a lot of time to work, which is a disadvantage.

Let’s prepare the payment environment by utilizing the payment agency service that suits your organization.



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