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[Sole proprietor OK] List of payment agency services | Thorough comparison of costs and features!

The advantage of the payment agency service is that it is not necessary to undergo individual screening for each credit card brand.

If you ask the agency to make all the payments in bulk, you can do all the necessary transactions all at once. In addition, the payment agency service also manages transaction information, so it is a useful service for busy sole proprietors.

This time, we will introduce a payment agency service that can be used by sole proprietors.

Table of contents

  • What payment methods can sole proprietors use?
  • [Sole proprietor OK] 16 payment agency services
    • Another Lane Co., Ltd.
    • Alphanaut Co., Ltd.
    • Sony Payment Service Inc.
    • PayPal
    • Epsilon
    • PAY.JP
    • global payment
    • ASJ Payment
    • telecom credit
    • GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.
    • UNIVA Paycast Co., Ltd.
    • Pageant Inc.
    • max connect
    • SB Payment Service Co., Ltd.
    • Zeus
  • Settlement service comparison points
    • Type of payment method handled
    • cost
    • support system
    • Security system/assurance
  • Introducing a payment agency service reduces the work burden on sole proprietors

What payment methods can sole proprietors use?

If the payment agency company passes the examination, various payment methods such as credit payment, convenience store payment, bank net payment, bank transfer, etc. can be introduced.

All transactions are managed by the payment agency collectively, so if you pass the screening, all transactions are possible.

[Sole proprietor OK] 16 payment agency services

Another Lane Co., Ltd.

  • Another Lane, as a credit payment agency,
    supports the introduction of credit card payments for more than 20,000 companies that support the operation of stores and EC / mail order sites.
  • Supports all payment methods, from the familiar “CAT payment” to “virtual CAT payment” that can be settled with the latest smartphones.
  • You can add “recurring billing” to the payment terminal
  • Enables “next business day installation” in the shortest possible time

Alphanaut Co., Ltd.

  • Programs that protect against buyer claims, chargebacks and chargebacks based on unauthorized transactions or non-receipt of goods, if applicable
  • Prepare a program that compensates for the purchased amount by meeting the applicable conditions
  • Installation cost: 30,000 to 40,000 yen for a stationary CAT terminal, and 60,000 to 70,000 yen for a portable CAT terminal. There is also a plan where the terminal cost is 0 yen.

Sony Payment Service Inc.

  • From a wide range of payment methods such as credit card payment and convenience store payment, it is possible to collectively introduce and centrally manage the optimal payment method that meets the needs of business operators.
  • Multi-payment service of Sony Payment Service, which complies with global security standards and has more than 20 years of experience and reliability since providing payment systems.


  • Introducing partners (EC sites, etc.) that can easily introduce PayPal payments

Case study

Vegetable chef: Izumi Shoji

Before the introduction of PayPal, all lesson fees were collected only by cash on-site, but the number of cancellations was a source of concern.

In addition to general bank transfer, we have introduced PayPal, which allows easy and instant payment, so that the shift to the prepaid system, which we were worried about at first, will not cause students to refrain from taking classes, and advance payment has reduced the number of cancellations. (Reference: PayPal Pte. Ltd.  case study Izumi Shoji and his vegetable cooking studio )


  • Since most payment methods used in Internet shopping, including credit card payments, can be used, there is no need to worry about losing sales opportunities.
  • Initial cost free


  • More than 12,000 payment service introduction results
  • Supports [Subscription payment] (a payment method used when continuous billing occurs, such as monthly or weekly)
  • Contributing to increased sales with thorough payment introduction support


  • Easy introduction of credit card payment with simple API and rich library
  • Flexible fee structure and smooth screening
  • Realization of a mechanism to safely protect credit cards with security that complies with international standards

global payment

  • [Lowest price guarantee service in the industry] available for new installations and joint use with other companies
  • You can start using the payment system in as little as one day after applying.

ASJ Payment

  • Credit card payment fees can be used at the industry’s lowest level of 3.2%
  • Order fees, initial costs, monthly usage fees, etc. that occur for each sale are all 0 yen

telecom credit

  • Telecom Credit contributes to your business strategy with the industry’s leading payment cycle of “payment on the 10th of the following month after closing at the end of the month”
  • Proposing optimal payment services according to the form and conditions of the operating site

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.

  • Thorough support for customers from consultation on EC site / net shop construction to payment introduction
  • In addition to the 5 major international brands (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners), it supports credit cards issued by various credit card companies in Japan.

UNIVA Paycast Co., Ltd.

voice of introduction

As the sales person said, “The best support in the industry”, it was a huge difference from the previous payment agency.

I got a call back immediately, and if the story was a little complicated, I received an email with materials, and even late at night inquiries were handled comfortably.

And above all, I was attracted to the low fees. I am generally satisfied with what I wanted.

Pageant Inc.

  • We can propose the best service for your business model, such as cost-oriented, introduction speed-oriented, multi-functional, etc.
  • You can select a collection method from a variety of usage methods, from sending payment screens by e-mail to incorporating them into the system.

max connect

  • [Bank transfer payment] Payment information can be checked in real time in the same way as credit payments, and payment results are automatically reflected in the system of merchants 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

SB Payment Service Co., Ltd.

  • Providing an advanced payment system that processes large-scale transactions exceeding 3 trillion yen annually
  • Supports international payment, which is essential for cross-border EC sites


  • Certified as a payment service provider that fully complies with the international standard “PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Version 3.2.1” for all payment systems related to the protection, processing and transmission of credit card payments.

Settlement service comparison points

Type of payment method handled

Make sure you have a payment method for transactions.
Although online payments are spreading and payment methods are expanding, there are only a limited number of payment agencies that handle “Apple Pay” and “LINE Pay”.


The payment agency service charges the following fees:

Payment fee : Fee to be paid to the credit card company (occurred according to the payment amount)

Payment service usage fee : Fee paid to the Company (accrued according to the payment amount)

Transaction cost : The cost of payment processing between the merchant server and the payment company server for each sale

In addition to this, there will be an initial fee and a monthly fee. Costs, payment methods, and periods vary depending on the service, so be sure to check.

support system

Check if there is a way to respond to your needs, such as telephone support, email support, chat support, etc.

Especially for sole proprietorships, it is ideal to always have a support system in place.
Also check the hours when support is available.

Security system/assurance

Ideally, you should have a security system that:


An abbreviation for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, it is an international security standard that establishes standards for the safe handling of credit card information.

ISMS conformity assessment system

This is a system for certifying whether the three elements of information security, “confidentiality,” “integrity,” and “availability,” are maintained by the Information Management System Certification Center.

privacy mark

Under this system, the Japan Information Economy and Society Promotion Association evaluates whether or not personal information is handled appropriately, and allows the use of the Privacy Mark if it meets the criteria.

Fraud detection service

This is a service that detects unauthorized use before providing products and services by entering personal information on the management screen.

3D Secure

VISA, Mastercard, JCB, and AMEX recommend this credit card authentication service for safer credit card payments on the Internet.

Chargeback guarantee

This is a guarantee system in which the card company cancels the sales of the usage fee if the cardholder does not agree to the payment of the usage fee due to fraudulent use such as “spoofing” or “card theft”.

Introducing a payment agency service reduces the work burden on sole proprietors

This time, we introduced a payment agency service that specializes in sole proprietorships.

If you outsource the payment procedure, you can save time and effort for the procedure, and reduce the burden on busy sole proprietors.

Compare from more payment gateway services and find the service that suits you.



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