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What is the mechanism for optimizing facility management work with AI and IoT?

By utilizing AI and IoT for facility management , it is possible to streamline operations. Specifically, what kind of mechanism should be adopted? We will explain the mechanism for optimizing facility management in the future by utilizing AI and IoT.

What is the mechanism for optimizing facility management work with AI and IoT?


  1. What is the work content of facility management?
  2. What is the world’s most famous IWMS system “Archibus”?
  3. BACloud-GA, a system that monitors and controls building management in the cloud
  4. summary

What is the work content of facility management?

Facility management is the job of checking and maintaining the condition of the building. In addition to commercial facilities and business-related buildings, hotels and universities may also be the place of work for the person in charge. I will explain in detail about the job content of facility management.

Patrol inspection

The main job of facility management is to patrol the building and check if there are any problems. Check for broken or outdated parts.

For example, if a light bulb is out or the packing has deteriorated, it is the job of facility management to replace it with a new one. In addition, we will check whether the cleaning is done properly and regularly measure whether the air in the room is dirty.

Equipment inspection/maintenance

There are various facilities in the building, and checking whether they are operating normally is one of the important tasks of facility management.

For example, in large buildings, high-voltage electric current is used to turn on the lights in each room and to operate many elevators. Check the voltmeter and ammeter to ensure that they work properly so that there is no leakage or short circuit.

Since the boiler is the power source for the equipment in the building, we also manage the boiler. Boilers are huge and hot, so it’s important to take great care to keep them in good working order.

We also inspect machines such as automatic doors and elevators for failure or damage. For items that require regular maintenance, there are cases where we ask the manufacturer.

In addition, facility management also manages the ventilation and air conditioning equipment that controls the air conditioning inside the building. Air conditioning is set appropriately according to the season, and we are devising ways to improve the operating efficiency of ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Frequent filter cleaning is also an important job.

Large buildings also have extensive facilities for water supply and discharge. Inspection and maintenance are required for each facility such as water tanks and pipes.

Drafting a repair plan

As time passes, the building deteriorates little by little no matter how carefully it is handled. In the case of a large building, repairing everything at once can be extremely costly and time consuming. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a repair plan so that the building can be repaired on an appropriate schedule.

Developing this repair plan is also an important task entrusted to the facility management. Since the progress of deterioration varies depending on the facility and location, it is necessary to create an appropriate schedule that matches each situation.

What is the world’s most famous IWMS system “Archibus”?

One of the most well-known systems in the world for facility management is the Ar chibus. Archibus was founded in Boston in 1983 and was the first company to create I WMS software. “IWMS” means “integrated workplace management system” in Japanese, and it exerts great power to streamline facility management.

The latest version of Archibus V25.1 dramatically improves the user experience. For example, visualization of project management status, streamlining of lease management, simplification of complex maintenance, centralization of system data, etc. have evolved to be easier and more convenient than ever before.

Provides business functions required for Smart Building in combination with Azure

Combining Azure , Microsoft’s cloud platform , with Archibus offers a wide range of benefits for solving facility management challenges.

Even when using Archibus at the site of facility management, there are many cases where efficient management is difficult because the information obtained from BAS and IoT is separate. However, if you introduce Azure, you can collectively manage the data obtained from Archibus and the data obtained from BAS and IoT. It will be easier to verify with data, and it will be easier to identify the cause of the issue more quickly.

Combining Azure and Archibus in this way will give you the environment you need to realize Smart Buildings.

BACloud-GA, a system that monitors and controls building management in the cloud

As a system useful for facility management, there is also “BACloud-GA” provided by Unitech Co., Ltd. By connecting the communication standard BACnet and Microsoft’s Azure, you can monitor the equipment of the entire facility via the cloud. It is also possible to control each facility from the cloud.

If such a system is introduced, it will become easier to realize efficient facility management, and it will be possible to collectively manage many facilities with a small number of personnel.

BACloud-GA utilization case

BACloud-GA is already being used in various places. For example, there is a case of optimizing a system that monitors and controls equipment on the cloud by using it with Azure and IoT. Using Azure allows for step-by-step construction. Therefore, it is possible to build an optimal cloud system for your company over a long period of time.

In addition, by linking with a PC or smartphone, you can check alarms and measuring instruments issued from the building. Therefore, it is possible to reduce personnel costs by optimizing personnel allocation, such as reducing the number of patrols and monitoring by using IoT. There are also examples of efficient building management achieved by integrating multiple building management data and using it as big data.

By incorporating mechanisms that utilize AI and IoT in this way, it is possible to perform real-time remote monitoring and control without changing the configuration or operation methods of existing systems.


Incorporating AI and IoT into the work of facility management, which performs various management, will make the work dramatically smoother. There are many convenient systems and tools, but it is important to incorporate the most suitable one for your company. Let’s optimize your work by introducing useful systems and tools according to the work content of facility management.



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