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Why is “digital literacy” important for promoting DX? What impact does an individual’s mindset have on an organization?

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, DX has been attracting attention since 2020. Many companies are reviewing their existing business processes and making a digital shift. Furthermore, in September 2021, the Japanese government launched the Digital Agency, and the public and private sectors are working together to “digitalize society.”

In addition, as the DX trend is accelerating, the importance of human resources who “use” digital technology is increasing. The Japan Deep Learning Association (hereinafter referred to as JDLA), which aims to improve Japan’s industrial competitiveness through technology centered on deep learning, aims to develop and socially implement the digital literacy “Di-lite” of modern business people. In April 2021, we established the Digital Literacy Council together with the Data Scientists Association (DSS) and the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA).

JDLA, which carries out various information dissemination and activities aimed at improving the literacy level of society as a whole, held a press conference on November 11th.

Mr. Makoto Koizumi , project advisor of JDLA and secretariat of the Digital Literacy Council, spoke on the main theme of “Why is digital literacy important now? ” report its contents.

Table of contents

  • What is Digital Literacy
  • Characteristics of organizations that have succeeded in DX
    • [The basics of business will change] Part 1. Faster time axis
    • [The basics of business will change] Part 2. The company will become like software
  • To create a successful organization with DX
  • Future activity policy of the Digital Literacy Council

What is Digital Literacy

At the beginning, Mr. Koizumi touched on the diversification of the word “literacy” and defined the word “digital literacy” for this briefing session. (See slide below)
“For example, even if you don’t understand the technical content of deep learning itself, you should understand to what level it has developed, how much it can be used, and where to access it to use the technology. is called digital literacy.”

“I think it will be necessary to organize guidelines and structures for digital literacy in the future. I am starting to make it.”

Characteristics of organizations that have succeeded in DX

In addition, from activities such as interviews with leaders who promote DX conducted by JDLA and IPA and panel discussions held by the Digital Literacy Council, Mr. Koizumi said, ” I can see the characteristics and processes of organizations that have brought about transformation with DX. I’ve been here, ” and explained the changes and necessary things that will be required for business in the future.

[The basics of business will change] Part 1. Faster time axis

“If you think about the compound interest formula, naturally all companies have a fixed amount of time, so the conventional corporate strategic approach is to increase the r (return) based on the annual financial results report. I have been interested. ”

“However, as DX is promoted, I think there will be a world where t (time) can be increased while increasing r . By using a turbo called t, the limitation of human time is removed, and the advantage of digitization is that it becomes possible to move faster. It’s time to work faster, fail faster, improve faster. ”

[The basics of business will change] Part 2. The company will become like software

“Originally, behind the development of computers, there is a history of making machines understand and solve human problems, connecting computers and humans. Digital technology has developed through the accumulation of layers.In other words, we have come to understand that mindsets and organizations will change horizontally as digital utilization progresses.”

Mr. Nishiyama, a special adviser of JDLA, talked about the concept of “horizontal division” in detail. ▼

To create a successful organization with DX

Next, Mr. Koizumi moved on to explain what must be done to create an organization that can respond to these changes in the business environment.

“From interviews with organizations that have succeeded in DX, there are many cases of failure as shown on the left (on the slide below) and cases of expanding DX through bold decision-making and group restructuring as shown on the right. was.”

“Every organization takes two to three years to transform from left to right, but in the process, there are initiatives to improve the organizational capabilities in the middle and grasp the signs of DX. I understand.”

Mr. Koizumi raised and explained three important mindset changes to improve organizational capabilities and accelerate DX based on lessons learned from failure.

  1. Creating a wave of digital acceptance
    • Among the employees, they are certified as “ambassadors” and “influencers”.
    • We will create the power to democratize, and employees will change themselves.
  2. Create a change promotion team
    • By creating the “first successful case”, we are creating opportunities for expectations from those around us, cooperation between departments, and going beyond our existing work.
    • Use human resources who have a strong sense of change (such as those who have experience working overseas).
  3. Create small success stories
    • Don’t go against the culture and values ​​of the existing organization too much.
    • Clarify your definition of success.

“Through the interview, I realized again that we need to improve our organizational capabilities for DX. As an index for evaluating organizational capabilities, it tends to be a goal to see how well the trained people are doing. I think it’s going to be important to gauge how much the sets have changed.”

Future activity policy of the Digital Literacy Council

Finally, Mr. Koizumi touched on future activities of the Digital Literacy Council.

“Currently, we are conducting activities to improve literacy centered on knowledge-based understanding of the basics, such as reading textbooks and taking tests. I think that other learning methods will be necessary for the literacy that will be required in the future.We at the Digital Literacy Council would like to carry out activities that can support such support.”



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