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Digital Literacy Council Launched, JDLA and DS Association Participate | Digital Education for All Business Persons!

The Data Scientists Association, Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA), and Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA) jointly established the Digital Literacy Council on April 20, 2021. Did. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry also participates as an observer.

In the AI ​​field, “AI Strategy 2019” was formulated in 2019, and human resource development and structure construction corresponding to the AI ​​era were set as strategic goals. I have been working on

On the other hand, in the IT field, attention is focused not only on cutting-edge technologies such as AI, but also on DX (Digital Transformation), which utilizes digital technology and data to enhance the competitiveness of companies. In DX, it is required to expand the scale of the company by incorporating cutting-edge technology such as AI while utilizing data and digital technology in the right place.

In promoting DX, it is necessary to develop not only human resources who create digital as in the past, but also human resources who can use digital to expand business. It is required to acquire technical literacy.

Therefore, IPA, which has promoted the use and application of IT, Japan Data Scientists Association , and JDLA have collaborated to improve not only IT but also multifaceted digital literacy, including data science and AI . has been established .

The Digital Literacy Council defines “Di-Lite” as the basic skills, knowledge, and mindset for using IT, data science, and AI . Aiming to develop human resources who will be the source of competitiveness for Japan to compete globally in the industrial world, we will prepare an educational environment for the utilization of “data x AI”, visualize digital literacy, and teach all business people a common language. In order to achieve the state of acquiring digital literacy as a person, we plan to operate a meeting body of public-private partnership to discuss and disseminate information.

In addition, the results of the discussions will be reflected in the syllabuses of tests and tests (IT passport test, data scientist test literacy level, G test) conducted by each organization. -Lite” and other tools to help acquire digital literacy and skills .


  1. Hold the “Digital Literacy Council” (scheduled to be held 1-2 times a year)
    *The first meeting is scheduled for the summer of 2021
  2. Discussions on “Di-Lite” (review and redefinition) -Renewal
    of “Di-Lite” reflecting the voices of industry and users
    -Confirmation of comprehensiveness of the digital literacy area in line with the evolution of digital technology -Consultation of
    each participating organization Coordination of examinations and qualification systems to be implemented
  3. Provision of tools for penetration of
    digital literacy – Provision of digital literacy and skill frameworks
    – Provision of digital skill learning paths
  4. Joint promotion of promotion and enlightenment activities for companies -Implementation
    and enhancement of awareness-raising activities at exhibitions, seminars, etc.
    -Enhancement of information dissemination for business people, such as publication of articles

<Consultation Committee>

  • Takashi Kusano (Representative Director, Association of Data Scientists)
  • Yutaka Matsuo (Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, President, Japan Deep Learning Association)
  • Keita Nishiyama (Visiting Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives, The University of Tokyo, Special Advisor, Japan Deep Learning Association)
  • Mr. Tatsuo Tomita (President, Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan)

In addition, the Digital Literacy Council has released the “Digital Literacy Skill Framework” as a tool for promoting digital literacy. Towards the creation of Society 5.0 promoted by the Cabinet Office, it structurally shows the skills, knowledge, and mindset that business people should acquire in order to indicate the digital literacy area “Di-Lite” that business people should acquire. Through this, we will further enlighten and promote the acquisition of digital literacy by business people in the industrial world.



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