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NEC, building a data platform in Yamaguchi Prefecture, supporting corporate co-creation activities!

On February 4, 2022, NEC announced that it had built a data platform that supports the activities of Y-BASE, a DX promotion base in Yamaguchi Prefecture, jointly with NTT West.

Y-BASE is a facility that aims to support the promotion of DX by local users.

NEC has built the Yamaguchi Prefecture Data Platform to support co-creation activities of companies in Yamaguchi Prefecture and promote data distribution.

Yamaguchi Data Platform is built on the basis of “Data Connect Service”, one of the services of “NEC Smart Connectivity”.NEC Smart Connectivity: A general term for network services that make use of NEC’s cultivated knowledge and experience in network technology and related solutions.Data Connect Service: One of NEC Smart Connectivity services. It has a data adapter function that can efficiently import data, a data catalog function that allows you to view and manage data, and an event matching function that realizes event-driven data distribution.

This data connect service has various functions necessary for data utilization. By utilizing the Yamaguchi Prefecture Data Platform, local users will be able to quickly refer to and acquire data, and it will be easier to develop applications.

Going forward, in order to support the acceleration of Yamaguchi Prefecture’s DX strategy “Yamaguchi Digital Reform Basic Policy”, NEC will support co-creation activities using data at Y-BASE and contribute to the promotion of DX for local users. , Yamaguchi Prefecture Through the provision of the data platform, we will flexibly utilize networks and intelligently connect data generated by people and things beyond the boundaries of industry. I’m going



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