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Three purposes for the real estate industry to promote DX | Introduction of promotion methods and examples!

Table of Contents 

  • Purpose and benefits of promoting DX in the real estate industry
    • (1) Operational efficiency
    • (2) Eliminate labor shortages
    • (3) Improving customer attraction rate
  • Recommended services and tools for DX conversion in the real estate industry
    • main tools
    • Tools that are easy to work with even for the first time
  • Mitsui Fudosan Group’s DX Promotion Policy and Examples
    • DX promotion policy
    • DX promotion example
  • DX promotion method
    • seminar
  • summary

Purpose and benefits of promoting DX in the real estate industry

DX is a term that refers to using digital technology to respond to changes in the environment and transform operations, organizations, and culture . DX is being promoted in the real estate industry as well.

There are three benefits to promoting DX in the real estate industry.

  1. Business efficiency
  2. Eliminate labor shortage
  3. Improvement of customer attraction rate

I will introduce each of them.

(1) Operational efficiency

DX can improve the efficiency of operations .

Since the real estate industry is busy with a large amount of work, overtime work is essential, and this busyness is also a cause of labor shortages . Such problems can be solved by promoting DX.

For example, by digitizing the creation and management of the customer data we handle, we have become able to understand what customers are looking for, making efficient marketing possible.

Digitization increases the efficiency and accuracy of operations . DX tools will be introduced in ” Introduction of DX tools for the real estate industry “.

(2) Eliminate labor shortages

The work in the real estate industry ranges from outside work to tele appointment work. Since property appraisals require advanced skills, the shortage of human resources is becoming more serious .

Another problem is the high turnover rate compared to other industries. One of the reasons for the high turnover rate is the large amount of work due to a shortage of personnel. DX is also necessary to solve the labor shortage, which is a factor in the turnover rate.

By promoting DX, we can expect a significant reduction in work by introducing advanced skills and know-how to AI.

(3) Improving customer attraction rate

Due to the coronavirus, we are spending more time at home. Since then, the attention to home has grown by the day.

Meanwhile, the spread of DX has made it possible to search for properties online . The advantage of searching for properties online is that you can easily view the property.

In addition, we have effectively used chat for inquiries, etc., and now feel closer to our customers. You can expect an improvement in the rate of attracting customers due to its ease.

Recommended services and tools for DX conversion in the real estate industry

There are many DX tools in the real estate industry. We will introduce DX tools currently used in many real estate industries and tools that can be easily started by real estate agents who have not yet promoted DX.

main tools

First of all, I would like to introduce a tool called ” Canary” . Canary is a service that is attracting attention as a smartphone app that promotes DX in real estate brokerage .

The feature of Canary is the digitization of property information and the automation of listing property information through partnerships with management companies . In the past, property information was updated manually by employees, but with the introduction of Canary, property updates and postings are all automated, allowing real estate agents to focus on sales activities such as customer service . .

Realize a smart business form in which you can introduce properties and make reservations for viewings from the app, visit the properties at the local gathering / local dissolution, and contract online.

Tools that are easy to work with even for the first time

Next, I will introduce “ Ureta” .

Ureta is a service that plays an active role in real estate appraisal and brokerage of sales . By registering with the service, those who wish to sell condominiums will be able to calculate both the price at which they want to sell as high as possible and the price at which they can sell quickly and reliably.

Ureta utilizes AI when assessing sales prices. Based on a detailed database, AI calculates the appropriate price, so you can objectively grasp the market value. In addition to the easy appraisal method of simply entering seven items online, the overwhelming speed of being able to appraise the appropriate selling price in as little as one hour is also attractive.

Since there is no need to enter personal information at the time of assessment, there is no need to worry about receiving sales calls or contacts later, so it is a service that can be used easily. You will be able to deal with real estate with confidence because you will be able to consult with a real estate company after grasping the selling price of your own real estate in advance.

If you want to sell it as it is, you can choose to sell it at a high price over time or sell it immediately. If you want to sell the property immediately, the speediness of being able to sell it in as little as two days is also an attractive service.

Mitsui Fudosan Group’s DX Promotion Policy and Examples

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. has the number one sales record in the real estate industry. We will introduce how Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. is working to promote DX.

DX promotion policy

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. is actively working to promote DX in order to realize the “innovation of the real estate industry itself by utilizing technology” stated in the group’s long-term management policy “VISION 2025”.

Mitsui Fudosan believes that DX will progress rapidly in the wake of the corona crisis, and that the way people work and live may change significantly in the coming era. Therefore, we are promoting DX across all businesses, including offices, residences, and commercial facilities, with the aim of improving customer satisfaction and solving social issues.

DX promotion example

  • Promote DX in commercial facilities .

At commercial facilities, we have built an omni-channel platform and are developing various services. An omni-channel platform means a strategy to approach users by linking points of contact between companies and users.

  • Promotion of DX at hotels and resorts

Mitsui Fudosan has created a next-generation hotel called “sequence” that utilizes the latest ICT technology. This is a next-generation lifestyle hotel that offers “free time and ways to spend” to highly sensitive guests.

Based on the concept of “gentle connection”, the three concepts of “SMART”, “OPEN” and “CULTURE” are used, and everything from check-in to entering guest rooms and facilities is possible with just facial recognition.

  • Urban development x healthcare DX promotion example

We have launched the Smart Life Pass Kashiwanoha, a portal site that enriches the lives of people living within a 2-kilometer radius of Kashiwa-no-ha Campus Station. Users can preferentially use each of the affiliated healthcare services, and personal data can be linked safely and securely with other healthcare services.

The use of this data will promote the development of new services, creating a virtuous cycle that further improves services for residents

DX promotion method

The real estate industry has had non-digital businesses for many years. However, the wave of “2025 Cliff” will come eventually.

The 2025 cliff is when system failures occur and problems occur that cause economic losses after 2025. If the real estate industry does not promote DX by the cliff of 2025, it may cause great harm.

There are two ways to promote DX in the real estate industry.

  • The first is to gradually penetrate DX .
    In the real estate industry, it is difficult to convert all operations to DX, so it is important to proceed step by step, starting with operations that can be converted to DX.
  • Another way is to refer to .
    The DX Real Estate Promotion Association was established with the aim of further development of the real estate industry. Here, by using advanced technologies such as IoT and AI, we can expect social contributions from companies that have not done DX.

From the DX Real Estate Promotion Association, finding the best promotion method is the shortcut to DX. Therefore, it is a good idea to refer to the DX Real Estate Promotion Association when promoting DX.


It is necessary to learn about DX to promote DX. Here are three seminars currently being held.

  1. – DX reforms full of sand from Tottori – Real estate industry’s first 3-day weekend, realization of improvement in hiring ability
  2. DMM Online Exhibition
  3. Terra Sky Days 2021 Online

– DX reforms full of sand from Tottori – Real estate industry’s first 3-day weekend, realization of improvement in hiring ability

In this seminar, we will explain “The points of success of DX and the know-how of using external human resources learned from cases” and “Three benefits of using Tech to create a good culture-Culture management mechanism that scores internal appreciation and praise-“. To do.

DMM Online Exhibition

This is an online exhibition where the latest IT services that help improve the efficiency of all operations such as “design, construction, brokerage, sales, management, and renovation” in the real estate industry are gathered.

The latest real estate technology companies that support Japan’s “housing” can become strong not only in “real” but also in “online / IT” will come together.

Terra Sky Days 2021 Online

TerraSkyDays 2021 Online is a two-day event where you can get hints to promote DX and ride the wave of paradigm shift toward value creation in 2030 and beyond.

On the first day, we will introduce the latest DX case studies of customers in various industries. On the second day, we will introduce the next-generation work style using the communication platform “mitoco” provided by Terasukai, including customer case studies.

Talk to the person in charge of the company that promoted DX and changed the system, organization, and culture, and shared with all the participants the process, efforts, and obstacles that have been overcome until success. To do.


This time, we introduced the benefits, tools, and seminars of promoting DX in the real estate industry. The real estate industry has a wide range of tasks, and overtime is inevitable. Also, long working hours were a problem.

However, if the amount of work can be reduced by promoting DX, it will lead to a solution to long working hours and labor shortages. The big change due to the promotion of DX is to reduce the volume of work.



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