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Human resources for DX promotion can be developed! What are the necessary conditions for in-house training that creates immediate fighting potential?

Many companies that have begun to seriously engage in DX (digital transformation) have a common problem of a shortage of human resources. It can be said that the first challenge in DX is how to secure human resources who can work immediately. DX human resources can be developed through in-house training, but not all training is effective. Therefore, in this article, we will explain the points of effective in-house training for DX human resource development.

There are two types of DX human resources

If you want to develop DX ready-to-work force, it is a prerequisite to clarify the image of a person who can be called “DX human resource”. Here, we will explain the two types of human resources required to promote and realize DX.

Engineers supporting the DX scene

In order to realize the corporate transformation of DX, the existence of an IT system that serves as its foundation is indispensable. IT systems for DX require flexibility and scalability to keep adapting to changes in the market. Therefore, engineers who can build systems that are easy to modify are essential at the DX site.

However, the skill set required of DX engineers is different from that centered on conventional system development and infrastructure. It is necessary to have knowledge of the latest digital technologies such as AI, data analysis, RPA and 5G communication, and practical skills to apply them to business.

Managers and executives who promote DX projects

In many cases, DX will form and promote a dedicated project team. For that reason, the presence of a manager who can lead the DX project is essential.

Just like DX engineers, DX managers have a unique skill set. Basic knowledge of digital technologies such as AI, which is often used in DX, and analytical methods for utilizing data in business are required. In addition to conventional management methods in IT system development, it is also necessary to have the skills to handle projects in a way that fits the latest digital technology.

Conditions required for training to develop DX human resources

If you want to develop human resources through in-house training for the promotion and realization of DX, I would like to expect results that are commensurate with the cost of training. I will explain what kind of training is possible to develop human resources who are active in DX, and the conditions that are the key points.

Ability to choose courses according to duties

There are two types of human resources required for DX, engineers and managers, and the skills to be acquired are different for each. It would be desirable to be able to choose the training course according to the job of the trainee and the image of the desired personality.

If the goal is to develop engineers, training is necessary to acquire the knowledge to apply the latest digital technology to system development. If you want to develop a manager, you need to make it a training content that you can learn about management suitable for the DX project.

Being able to use time effectively

If it is part of new employee training, it may be possible to secure a large amount of time and make it a seminar-style group training. However, DX is a company-wide transformation, and it is important to approach it systematically. We should devise ways to implement training so that engineers and managers who have their own jobs can also be involved.

For that reason, it is recommended to use an online course (e-learning) format that allows students to proceed at their own pace. Since you can take the course on demand, you are less likely to be restricted by time and place, making it easier to make effective use of your work free time.

Being able to support learning progress

Considering the volume of learning content, it is normal to set a certain period of time for DX training. During the period, I would like to check the understanding of the students at any time and support their learning as necessary.

Especially when adopting online courses, it may be difficult to see the status of each student. Therefore, it is also necessary to think in advance about how to make sure that learning is progressing smoothly. During the training period, it is ideal to keep track of the progress of the training and to establish a system and mechanism that allows the trainees to ask questions about any unclear points.

To acquire knowledge of the latest digital technology

In DX, there are relatively many scenes where new digital technology is used. There are various digital technologies, but what is important in DX is how to utilize various data owned by companies in business.

If you can learn cutting-edge analysis methods such as AI through training, you can increase the possibility of acquiring powerful tools for data utilization. Also, if you understand “what you can do” and “what you can’t do” by combining data and digital technology, you will be able to give reality to the subsequent promotion of DX.

What you can learn systematically and comprehensively from the basics

He has a wide range of knowledge about the latest digital technologies, including AI, and how to use them. Therefore, training that systematically teaches related knowledge from the basics is necessary. Even if there is some variation in the prerequisite knowledge of the trainees, it would be ideal if consideration was given so that the level of knowledge could be raised to the same level through the training.

For the purpose of cultivating engineers, it is necessary to have learning content that not only outlines such as theory, but also covers the specific content required in practice. It would be a good idea to include knowledge for using technology, such as how to operate various methods and tools, in the curriculum.

Acquiring skills that can be applied in the field

After the training is over, if you can’t practice what you’ve learned, it’s no different than “mochi in a picture”. It can be said that training based on the acquisition of skills is desirable so that each person can bring back what they have learned and apply it in the field.

To that end, it is necessary to incorporate into the curriculum the process of making the knowledge of digital technology firmly established in the trainees and making it usable. Especially for digital technologies such as AI, where “way of thinking” is important, it would be good to include training to apply the learned methods to real problems.

Introducing online courses recommended for DX human resource development

We offer various courses aimed at developing DX human resources . For the development of engineers and managers who are essential for promoting DX using AI, please use the two courses that are most suitable for each. All of them are online-style courses that are easy to take using the gap time. In addition to regular confirmation of progress, the support system is perfect, such as answering questions and correcting issues with mentors.

AI engineering course

The “AI Engineering Course” is a course for developing human resources who can be ready to work on-site regarding AI, which plays an important role in data utilization in DX. In addition to systematically learning AI knowledge, the curriculum allows you to acquire practical skills through exercises that assume problem solving in practice. There is also a tutorial that summarizes the prerequisite knowledge such as Python, mathematics and statistics necessary for learning AI, so even beginners can take it with confidence.

You can also aim to acquire an “E qualification” in the optional “E qualification course”. The E qualification is a qualification that certifies that you have knowledge and skills about deep learning, which is attracting attention in the field of AI.

AI management course

The “AI Management Course” is a course for developing core personnel who plan and promote DX projects using AI. Through video explanations and practical work, you can efficiently grasp the differences from conventional IT system development and acquire the concept of project management that fits AI more.

In this course, in addition to the basics of AI itself, you can also acquire useful knowledge when applying AI to business. Understanding that AI is not necessarily a panacea will enable real business decision-making.

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In order to promote and realize DX, two types of human resources are indispensable: engineers who are ready to work on site and managers who lead the project. If you hold down the points firmly, both human resources can be developed through in-house training.




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