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Difference between DX and UX-Must read for beginners | Three mindsets necessary for promoting DX

“I want to know the difference between DX and UX”
“I want to know how to improve UX with DX”

Isn’t there a lot of people who think?

If you can understand the difference between DX and UX,

  • After understanding the concept of UX necessary for DX, you can efficiently promote DX
  • Be able to communicate with stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, etc.)
  • Knowledge can be provided during internal DX human resource development

There are advantages such as So this time, I will explain the difference between DX and UX/CX .

In addition to the difference between DX and UX, we will also explain examples of improving UX with DX and the three mindsets necessary to promote DX .

Table of Contents

  • What is DX?
  • What is the difference between DX and UX/CX?
    • Difference from UX – UX is essential for promoting DX –
    • Difference from CX -DX is a means to realize CX-
  • 2 examples of improved UX by DX
    • 1. Tinder
    • 2.note
  • -Beginners must read-What are the three mindsets necessary for promoting DX?
    • 1. Challenge
    • 2.Problem finding ability
    • 3. Entrainment force
  • summary

What is DX?

DX (Digital Transformation) is ” using digital technology to provide an overwhelmingly superior user experience and grow business and management .”

Many of the DX that are currently a hot topic are mainly DX from a business perspective. Creating is important.

In other words, it means using digitization as a “means” to promote the transformation of products, services, and business models.

What is the difference between DX and UX/CX?

Now that I have a rough idea of ​​what DX is, I will explain the differences between DX and UX/CX.

Difference from UX – UX is essential for promoting DX –

When promoting DX, it is very important to consider UX = user experience . Here is a brief explanation of what UX means.

UX is an abbreviation for “User Experience” and refers to the user experience obtained through a service .

By the way, UI is a term that is often confused with UX, but UI is an abbreviation for “User Interface”, which is the point of contact between users and services (service design and operability) .

At the beginning, I said that “UX is important when promoting DX”, but as you can see from the definition of DX “to provide an overwhelmingly excellent user experience by utilizing digital technology and grow the business” , Improving UX is essential for the success of DX.

For example, let’s say that a service that used to take three weeks to be delivered can now be delivered in one week due to digitization. This is a dramatic improvement in user experience and can be said to have succeeded in DX. In this way, improving UX is an important point for successful DX.

Difference from CX -DX is a means to realize CX-

CX is one of the “purposes” of what you want to achieve with DX . Here, I will briefly explain the meaning of CX.

CX is an abbreviation for “Customer Experience” and is translated as customer experience. Here, many people may be confused with UX, but UX and CX have different meanings.

UX is the direct user experience through a service or product . CX, on the other hand , refers to everything a customer experiences with your product, from pre-service support to post-purchase support .

At the beginning, I said that CX is one of the objectives of DX, but we must not forget that DX itself is not an objective, but a means to achieve some objective. And one of the purposes is to improve CX. For example, UNIQLO, a major apparel company, has introduced UNIQLO IQ, a smartphone app that uses an AI chatbot to serve customers.

This is where AI acts as a user-dedicated assistant, telling us the inventory status of physical stores, and giving advice on coordination. As you can see from the example of UNIQLO, DX can be said to improve the user’s experience of buying clothes (improvement of CX).

2 examples of improved UX by DX

From here, we will introduce examples of “ Tinder ” and “ note ” where DX has improved UX .

1. Tinder

Tinder was founded in the United States in 2012 and operates the world-famous dating app “Tinder”. There are two main measures that Tinder has improved UX.

The first is simple operability and ease of use, where you can swipe to decide whether you like it or not based on your appearance and profile.

The second point is that users can experience happiness and excitement by matching if the other person also thinks they like themselves, and the pop-up display at that time.

As such, it leverages digital technology to improve UX and has generated over 55 billion matches to date.


note is a platform where users can enjoy watching, listening to, and enjoying contents such as texts, images, sounds, and videos sent by creators. There are two main measures that note has improved UX.

The first is the “ article recommendation function (a mechanism that displays recommended articles that are similar to posted articles or viewed articles)”. This has the effect of increasing the chances of having more users read it and increasing the number of followers.

The second is the ” tipping function “. This is a feature that allows you to support your favorite creators by selecting and sending a certain amount of money.

With this function, users can convey their feelings of support to those who want to support them, and creators have the advantage that support will motivate them to continue note. Many other measures are being implemented, but by improving UX through measures that utilize digital technology such as the above two points, the number of monthly active users of note now exceeds 63 million, and many people supported by people.

-Beginners must read-What are the three mindsets necessary for promoting DX?

The following three mindsets are necessary to promote DX.

  1. challenge
  2. problem finding ability
  3. entrainment force

I will explain each.

1. Challenge

The most important mindset in promoting DX is “challenge” .

This is because DX takes a long time (about 3 to 5 years) to succeed, and it is necessary to overcome many failures until it succeeds.

Therefore, even when facing difficult challenges, having a strong desire to “change the status quo” and continuing to take on challenges is the most important mindset for human resources who promote DX.

2.Problem finding ability

In order to promote DX, it is important to first identify the issues to be solved, formulate a hypothesis, and solve it with digital technology .

This is because if the current issues cannot be discovered, the purpose of DX, which is to “transform products, services, and business models,” will not be realized, and nothing will change.

Therefore, it can be said that DX human resources need to think through “what is best for customers” and discover current issues, regardless of past knowledge and experience.

3. Entrainment force

In order to promote DX smoothly, it is also important to listen to the opinions of the other party and involve the surroundings .

This is because the purpose of DX is to transform products, services, and business models, and this can only be achieved through the cooperation of the entire company, not just one department.

Especially when launching a new business, it is necessary to gather new human resources from other departments, so “involvement” is important.


This time, I explained not only the difference between DX and UX, but also examples of improving UX with DX and the three mindsets necessary to promote DX. After understanding the difference between DX and UX in this article, let’s learn how to proceed with DX and the points to promote in order to proceed with DX efficiently .



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