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Introducing the merits and services of the automatic minutes creation tool by AI!

With the increase in telework and online meetings due to the effects of the new coronavirus, the demand for “AI automatic meeting minutes creation service” that allows easy creation and sharing of meeting minutes online is increasing.

If you introduce AI meeting minutes, you can get more benefits than people creating minutes by handwriting or typing.

However, if you have never used AI-based meeting minutes before, you may be worried because you don’t know what service or tool to use, or how to use it.

Therefore, this time, we will explain in detail from “how to choose” to “recommended services” and “how to use them well” of AI meeting minutes services and tools.

Table of Contents 

  • What is AI Minutes Service/Tool?
  • Advantages of introducing AI meeting minutes service/tool 
    • Efficiency of work and reduction of mistakes
    • Simplify information sharing
    • Available in multiple languages
  • How to choose an AI meeting minutes service/tool
    • Point ① Cost
    • Point ② Use limit
    • Point 3 Accuracy of voice recognition
    • Point ④ Multilingual support
    • Point ⑤ Security measures
  • 8 recommended AI meeting minutes services and tools
    • Paid and high-quality AI meeting minutes tool
    • Free AI meeting minutes tool
  • How to use AI Proceedings Service/Tool well?
    • Prepare the recording environment
    • Adjust dictionary function
    • Let your attendees know that you are using an AI minutes service
  • summary

What is AI Minutes Service/Tool?

Minutes are an important record for clarifying what was decided and discussed at the meeting and sharing it with many people. But transcribing the meeting and summarizing the key points is not an easy task.

Therefore, in recent years, attempts have been made to make this work more efficient, and many companies have developed tools that automatically create meeting minutes using AI.

Advantages of introducing AI meeting minutes service/tool 

You can get the following three benefits by introducing an AI-based automatic minutes creation tool to your meetings.

Efficiency of work and reduction of mistakes

It takes a lot of time and effort to transcribe the contents of a meeting by handwriting or typing. However, if you use the automatic minutes creation tool, you can transcribe the remarks of the meeting in real time.

Various tools have been developed, such as those that can extract speakers and to-do lists from the content of meetings, and those that have dictionary functions adjusted for each type of business/industry.

In addition, mistakes are inevitable in the work done by humans, but by introducing a tool for creating minutes, we can expect to reduce mistakes.

Simplify information sharing

Minutes created by the auto-creation tool can be easily shared online. If you want to share the minutes with people not attending the meeting, just send the document file via chat or email.

By managing meeting minutes online, such as in the cloud, anyone can edit and view the minutes.

Available in multiple languages

Even for meetings held in multiple languages, tools can be used to create translated minutes and translate conversations in real time. As a result, you can expect smooth meeting communication regardless of the language spoken by the attendees.

How to choose an AI meeting minutes service/tool

Next, we will introduce how to choose an AI meeting minutes service/tool.

Currently, many AI meeting minutes services are being deployed in the world, each with different features and functions. Therefore, when choosing an AI meeting minutes service, you should clarify your purpose of using the service and choose a service that matches it.

So, from here, we will introduce five items to check when choosing an AI meeting minutes service.

Point ① Cost

The first point is “cost”.

The first advantage of introducing the AI ​​meeting minutes service is operational efficiency, but it is necessary to determine whether the costs incurred by introducing the tool are worth the reduced labor.

In order to keep introduction costs and running costs as low as possible, it is a good idea to compare the initial costs and monthly fees of the services you are considering.

There are also free tools available for basic functions such as transcription. In the next chapter, we will introduce recommended free tools, so please refer to them.

Point ② Use limit

The second point is the usage limit.

Many AI minutes services have usage limits. In the case of a service with a usage limit of 200 hours per month, if you use the minutes service for more hours, additional charges will be incurred based on the pay-as-you-go system.

In order to keep costs down, it is a good idea to figure out how long and how often you use the minutes service, and then choose the best service.

Point 3 Accuracy of voice recognition

The third point is “accuracy of speech recognition”.

Let’s check whether the voice that is a certain distance from the microphone can be properly transcribed, and whether words with the same sound can be converted into the correct kanji according to the context.

As a result, if the minutes are created with poor speech recognition accuracy, the work of correcting typos and incorrect expressions later becomes difficult, and the significance of introducing the tool diminishes.

Regarding this point, it is a matter of the user’s feeling of use, and there are many things that can not be understood until actually using the service, so if possible, try to use the free version first, or refer to online reviews. You should carefully consider not doing so.

Point ④ Multilingual support

The fourth point is “multilingual support”.

A multilingual conference can benefit from the assistance of a translation tool. Smooth communication is possible by choosing a service that can translate the content of conversations in real time.

In addition, some AI meeting minutes services support not only English and Chinese, but also a wide variety of languages.

Point ⑤ Security measures

The fifth point is “security measures”.

When using the minutes service, there are several security risks such as unauthorized access to the content of the conference and information leakage.

If you are concerned about security measures, we recommend using a “standalone” minutes service tool.

Standalone is a term that means disconnected from the network. A stand-alone minutes service can be used without connecting to the network, so it is possible to prevent unauthorized intrusion from the outside.

However, since there are similar risks when sending and receiving files and conducting web conferences, we recommend that you check whether the security measures for the service you are considering are thorough.

8 Recommended AI Minutes Services/Toolsselection

Next, we will introduce recommended AI meeting minutes services and tools.

Paid and high-quality AI meeting minutes tool

First, let’s talk about paid tools. Many paid tools have more features and unique features than their free counterparts.

This time, we will introduce 5 particularly recommended tools among such paid tools.


Service name AI GIJIROKU
cost 1,500 yen per month (individual), 29,800 yen per month (corporation)
usage limit 10 hours/month (individual), 100 hours/month (corporation) 
translation Yes, supports about 30 languages
feature Industry-specific speech recognition, Zoom compatible

“AI GIJIROKU” is equipped with an industry-specific speech recognition function.

In industry-specific speech recognition, the AI ​​learns words and phrases that are commonly used in various industries such as “finance,” “medical care,” and “insurance,” thereby improving the accuracy of speech recognition in specified fields. is possible.

AI GIJIROKU can also be used on Zoom, the mainstream tool for web conferencing, and AI GIJIROKU’s real-time speech recognition can be displayed as subtitles in Zoom meetings.

AI GIJIROKU costs a low 1,500 yen per month (individual) or 29,800 yen per month (corporation).

The usage limit is 10 hours/month (individual), 100 hours/month (corporation), and the pay-as-you-go charge for excess hours is 2 yen/minute.

The continuous recording time is 120 minutes for the personal plan and 180 minutes for the corporate plan.

smart scribe

Service name smart scribe
cost 100,000 yen per month (corporation)
usage limit 200 hours/month
translation Yes, supports about 90 languages
feature Have a security plan

“Smart Record” is a meeting minutes service that allows you to record from your PC or smartphone for each account. Therefore, each participant in the conference can use their own terminal as a microphone.

In addition, Smart Shoki is focusing on security countermeasure plans, and the developer, Epic Base Co., Ltd., has acquired international standard certification for information security management systems (ISMS).

The cost of smart writing is 100,000 yen per month for the corporate plan, the usage limit is 200 hours / month, and the excess pay-as-you-go charge is 500 yen / hour.

The monthly fee for the security plan is 120,000 yen, and there is also a plan that can handle access logs and audit logs separately.

COTOHA Meeting Assist


Service name COTOHA Meeting Assist
cost 50,000 yen per month (reference)
usage limit 50 hours/month (reference)
translation can be
feature No initial cost

“COTOHA Meeting Assist” provided by NTT Communications is recommended if you want to keep costs down.

COTOHA Meeting Assist offers various price plans depending on the usage and required functions. For details on the fee structure, please see the official website.

AmiVoice® Minutes Writer

Service name AmiVoice Minutes Writer
cost 2,300,000 yen~
usage limit Inquiry required
translation Inquiry required
feature Proprietary speech recognition system, stand-alone type

“AmiVoice MinutesWriter” is a meeting minutes service that focuses on the development of dedicated software, and achieves high accuracy of speech recognition with the proprietary AI speech recognition engine “AmiVoice”.

In fact, Advanced Media Co., Ltd., which developed AmiVoice MinutesWriter, has been certified as having the number one voice recognition market share for several years.

In addition, AmiVoice MinutesWriter has a full range of peripheral software such as editing software and data management software, so one of the attractions is that you can easily edit and manage minutes.


Service name GIJI
cost 300 yen per month per user
usage limit Inquiry required
translation Inquiry required
feature Easy management of meeting minutes

“GIJI” is a meeting minutes service that can eliminate three wastes from meetings.

The first is “waste of confirming and approving minutes”, the second is “waste of derailing discussions”, and the third is “waste of clean copy and sharing”.

GIJI has a full range of functions for overall management (visualization) of meetings held within the company, which can shorten meeting times and reduce unnecessary meetings.

GIJI’s cost is determined by the number of users.

In the case of the cloud plan, the monthly fee is 300 yen per user, and when operating on our own server or private cloud, the monthly fee is 500 yen per user. Volume discounts apply for groups of 100 or more.

Free AI meeting minutes tool

Next, I would like to introduce a free AI meeting minutes tool.

Google Docs

Many people are already using “Google Docs”, but if you use the “voice input function”, which is one of the functions of the tool, you can convert the voice input through the microphone into text and create minutes. I can.

In addition, Google Docs can be used not only on PCs but also on many devices such as smartphones and iPads regardless of the environment, and there is no limit on capacity or number of times of use.

You who can take the AI ​​meeting minutes β


“AI Meeting Minutes Toreru-kun β” is free software developed by AIdeaLab Co., Ltd. for creating meeting minutes, and can be used easily online without installation.

The feature is that the summary function of the minutes is installed. AI organizes remarks and manages tasks. Collaborative editing in a team is also possible.


“Texter” is an app (for iOS) that can transcribe text in real time. In addition to voice input into the microphone, you can also extract characters from images and PDFs.

The feature of Texter is that it has a real-time translation function. All languages ​​supported by iOS are supported.

How to use AI Proceedings Service/Tool well?

From here, we will introduce three points to consider when actually using the AI ​​meeting minutes service.

Prepare the recording environment

The first point is to prepare the recording environment.

First of all, check whether the microphone of the microphone device or terminal properly picks up the sound before the meeting starts. The position and orientation of the microphone also affect the accuracy of the recording.

After confirming this point, let’s check whether the tool can convert speech to text correctly. Reducing environmental sounds and ambient noise as much as possible will improve the accuracy of the recording. .

Adjust dictionary function

After preparing the recording environment, you can further improve the accuracy of speech recognition by adjusting the dictionary function in advance.

Many AI meeting minutes services allow you to adjust the character conversion dictionary function yourself. It is recommended that you register words, phrases, product names, etc. that are likely to be frequently used in meetings in the dictionary in advance.

Let your attendees know that you are using an AI minutes service

At the start of the meeting, it is also effective to let the meeting attendees know that you are using the AI ​​minutes service.

It is recommended to ask for the cooperation of the attendees, such as encouraging each person to speak individually and speaking clearly through the microphone as much as possible.


In this article, we introduced recommended AI meeting minutes services and tools and their points.

Eliminating unnecessary work, streamlining work, and increasing productivity lead to a virtuous circle. We hope that this article will help you in choosing an AI meeting minutes service/tool.


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