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The 2nd AI / Artificial Intelligence EXPO [Autumn], where 150 companies gather, will be held from today!

The 2nd AI/Artificial Intelligence EXPO [Autumn] will be held at Makuhari Messe from October 27th (Wednesday) to 29th (Friday), 2021 . This AI / Artificial Intelligence EXPO will be the largest artificial intelligence exhibition in the second half of 2021, with about 150 exhibitors .

At the AI/ Artificial Intelligence EXPO, AI-related services such as deep learning, machine learning, edge AI, natural language processing , image/ speech recognition , and dialogue AI will be exhibited. Every year, visitors from all industries, including manufacturing, finance, retail distribution, medical care, and communications/infrastructure industries, visit and hold many business negotiations.

The most notable projects this time are the “ AI Human Resource Development Support Zone ” and the “ Edge AI Zone ”.

In the AI ​​human resource development support zone , a special booth was set up focusing on supporting the development of AI human resources, which is the key to introducing AI into the company.

In the Edge AI zone , a special booth was set up to bring together products and services related to edge AI, which is becoming increasingly important in autonomous driving technology and manufacturing sites.

In addition to corporate exhibitors, the event also features speeches by industry-leading celebrities.


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