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What is DX EXPO-Introducing the benefits of participating and upcoming DX EXPOs

Many people do not know what kind of service to select in promoting DX, or do not know the best service for their company.

If you have time to introduce the service in promoting DX, the promotion of DX will be delayed. Also, if the appropriate service cannot be selected for promoting DX, DX cannot be promoted smoothly.

If you use DX EXPO (exhibition), you can match companies that are considering promoting DX with companies that provide DX services, so you can save time comparing services. In addition, since you can communicate directly with the person in charge of the company that provides the DX service on the spot, you will be deeply familiar with the service.

In this article, we will explain the DX EXPO and introduce the upcoming DX EXPO.

Table of Contents

  • What is DX?
  • What is DX EXPO?
    • What is EXPO
  • DX EXPO Advantages and Disadvantages
    • Exhibitor|Benefits
    • Exhibitor | Disadvantages
    • Participants | Benefits
  • DX EXPO in 2021
    • Digital Transformation EXPO
    • Digital Shift EXPO 2021
  • Upcoming DX EXPO
    • Back Office DXPO (Summer 2022 Tokyo)
    • DX EXPO (Autumn 2022 Tokyo Distribution Center)
    • Construction DX Exhibition (2022 Fall Osaka/Winter Tokyo)
    • NexTech Week [Spring] (Spring 2023, Tokyo)
    • Sales DX EXPO (Spring 2023, Tokyo)
  • DX EXPO on the web
    • Yokogawa DX Expo
    • Location information DX EXPO EVERYDAY
  • Join DX EXPO and find the right tools for your company

What is DX?

DX stands for “Digital Transformation,” a concept that became known in the “ DX Report ” released by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The goal is to use digital technology to reform business models and operations, and ultimately to transform the organization itself.

What is DX EXPO?

DX EXPO is an exhibition about DX. Companies that provide services related to DX will exhibit their services, and those who are interested in DX will browse the services and communicate with the exhibitors.

What is EXPO

EXPO is an abbreviation of “EXPOsition” and is a word that expresses expositions and exhibitions in English . This word is used as a place where multiple groups and companies gather according to a specific theme, set up booths, and introduce their products and services.

The main purpose of EXPO is to match participants and exhibitors .

DX EXPO Advantages and Disadvantages

This time, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of exhibitors and participants.

  1. Exhibitor|Benefits
  2. Exhibitor | Disadvantages
  3. Participants | Benefits


Exhibiting at DX EXPO has various benefits for companies that provide DX services.

DX EXPO participants are representatives of companies that are considering promoting DX. Since only clients interested in DX participate, efficient sales can be conducted. You can set up your own booth, so you can effectively advertise your services .

In addition, it is possible to create connections in various fields related to DX , such as people in charge of other companies that provide DX services and companies that have introduced DX .

Exhibitor | Disadvantages

Since EXPO is sponsored by multiple organizations and companies, the quality and effects of exhibiting differ depending on the event.

Depending on the event, the organizer may gather completely unrelated participants to expand the scale of the EXPO, which may not lead to customer acquisition . Since EXPO usually requires an exhibition fee , an event that does not lead to customer acquisition will have poor cost performance.

In addition, since multiple companies participate in the EXPO, it is compared with competitors . Therefore, it is necessary to analyze your strengths and conduct effective sales.

Participants | Benefits

Currently, as interest in DX increases in society, the number of companies providing DX-related services is increasing.

Which DX service to adopt has a big impact on the company, so you have to think carefully. However, examining these services one by one is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. At DX EXPO, you can see these DX services at a glance, so you can compare services .

In addition, since you can communicate directly with the person in charge of the company that provides the DX service on the spot, you will be deeply familiar with the service, which is very useful when considering it. In addition, by looking at the exhibitors participating in DX EXPO, you can meet services that you never thought of .

DX EXPO in 2021

We will introduce “Digital Transformation EXPO ” and ” Digital Shift EXPO 2021 ” held in 2021 .

Digital Transformation EXPO

The “Digital Transformation EXPO” hosted by DXIA Co., Ltd. was held for the first time in February 2021 and the second time in April of the same year. As a new BtoB online exhibition for the corona wreck, it will be held on Zoom, and participants can participate without showing their faces, and can enter and exit at any time, so you can feel free to participate.

The participants were mainly business executives who are interested in DX, and ranged from major companies to venture companies. The main content was a service explanation of 3 minutes per company by 50 domestic and foreign companies that provide DX related services .

In addition, a lecture on DX will be held, and participants will not only be able to view a list of services, but also learn what is necessary to promote DX at their company.

It is an EXPO that makes it easy for participants and businesses to conclude contracts, such as making it possible to match with exhibitors through questionnaires , and creating opportunities for the organizers and speakers to gather at the Clubhouse at a later date and communicate directly.

Participation is free of charge and anyone can participate by making a reservation in advance. Since the event has already been held twice, it is expected that it will be held in the future.

Quote: PR TIMES Co., Ltd. | [Digital Transformation EXPO 2nd] Schedule decided! Online exhibition by over 50 domestic and overseas leading DX companies

Digital Shift EXPO 2021

“Digital Shift EXPO 2021” held by Kitami City IoT Acceleration Lab in May 2021 was held online as in 2020 . Digital Shift EXPO is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises who want to collect information about DX and digital shift in order to take on the challenge of DX .

Therefore, in a seminar format by companies that have successfully promoted DX and companies that provide DX services, you can not only collect information about services but also learn how to shift to digital.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA), and Kitami City, the seminar introduces not only companies, but also the efforts of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry officials and local governments.

Participation is free with pre-registration .

Quote: Ienter Co., Ltd. |“Digital Shift EXPO2021” Two days to gather the necessary information for DX

Upcoming DX EXPO

Here are five upcoming DX EXPOs.

Back Office DXPO (Summer 2022 Tokyo)

Introducing an EXPO specializing in back office DX such as general affairs and human resources.


240 companies are scheduled to exhibit at the exhibition to accelerate DX in the management department.

We will exhibit various solutions that support the efficiency and automation of various routine work unique to back offices and operations for general affairs, accounting, and human resources departments, from services that support corporate DX and office environment DX.

exhibition period

August 23 (Tue) 9:30-17:00
August 24 (Wed) 9:30-16:00
(Reception opens at 9:00)


Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 7


Boutiques Co., Ltd.

Reference: Back Office DXPO Back Office DXPO Secretariat

DX EXPO (Autumn 2022 Tokyo Distribution Center)

Introducing EXPO that comprehensively promotes DX for companies and stores.


The Digital Agency and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications are sponsoring an exhibition that promotes the conversion of companies and stores to DX. It is divided into three specialized zones: back office DX zone, marketing/sales DX zone, and store/facility DX zone.

exhibition period

September 28 (Wednesday) to September 30 (Friday), 2022 10:00 to 17:00 each day


Tokyo distribution center


DX -Digital Transformation- EXPO [Autumn] Executive Committee

Reference: DX -Digital Transformation- EXPO [Autumn] DX -Digital Transformation- EXPO Executive Committee

Construction DX Exhibition (2022 Fall Osaka/Winter Tokyo)

Introducing EXPO specializing in DX in the construction industry.


This is a specialized exhibition where general contractors, subcontractors, construction companies, etc. visit for the purpose of introducing products and technologies.
You can expect to win orders and expand sales channels.


Kansai Exhibition: September 28th (Wednesday) to 30th (Friday),
2022 Intex Osaka Tokyo Exhibition: December 5th (Monday) to 7th (Wednesday), 2022 Tokyo Big Sight


RX Japan Co., Ltd.

Reference: Construction DX Exhibition RX Japan Co., Ltd.

NexTech Week [Spring] (Spring 2023, Tokyo)

We will introduce an exhibition where solutions for promoting DX are gathered under one roof.


A total of four exhibitions: three exhibitions on the latest technologies of “AI”, “blockchain” and ” quantum computer
“, and exhibitions of products and services that “support the development of digital human resources” indispensable for promoting DX. It consists of exhibitions.

Many companies from various industries such as manufacturing, social infrastructure, retail, logistics, medical care, finance, and government offices will visit.

exhibition period

Wednesday, May 10, 2023-Friday, May 12, 2023 10:00-18:00


Tokyo Big Sight (South Exhibition Hall)


RX Japan Co., Ltd.

Reference: NexTech Week 2023 [Spring] RX Japan Co., Ltd.

Sales DX EXPO (Spring 2023, Tokyo)

Introducing the EXPO related to sales tech used in sales activities.


This is an EXPO where products and services that streamline sales, such as SFA, customer management, and online business negotiations, are exhibited.

A large number of people from the sales planning/promotion, sales, management/management planning, and marketing departments of companies/organizations visit the show to introduce their products/services, and engage in lively business negotiations with exhibiting companies.

In addition to being able to efficiently compare and consider the best products/services for your company, it is also possible to have specific business negotiations, such as meetings for quotations and introduction timing.

exhibition period

April 5th (Wed)-7th (Fri), 2023
10:00-18:00 (Ends at 17:00 on the last day)


Tokyo Big Site


RX Japan Co., Ltd.

Reference: Sales DX EXPO [Spring] RX Japan Co., Ltd.

DX EXPO on the web

While many DX EXPOs are held as events for several days, there are some that are held on the WEB . While you can participate anytime you like, there are also disadvantages, such as not being able to interact directly with the business operator on the spot.

We will introduce ” YOKOGAWA DX Expo ” and ” Location Information DX EXPO EVERYDAY ” which are held on the web .

Yokogawa DX Expo

Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation is a permanent DX EXPO on the web.

Industry-specific solutions are broken down by industry and analyzed in detail for each industry. It introduces the problems faced by each industry and the solutions to solve them, as well as solutions tailored to the business stage.

Also, if there is something you are interested in, you can make an estimate consultation or make an interview reservation by filling out the form on the site. In addition, web seminars and limited- time events are held from time to time, and the contents are enriched by permanent exhibitions and limited-time exhibitions.

Reference: Yokogawa Electric Corporation | Yokogawa DX Expo A virtual exhibition where you can access Yokogawa’s solutions and products anytime, anywhere.

Location information DX EXPO EVERYDAY

“Location information DX EXPO EVERYDAY” sponsored by ACCESS Co., Ltd. is a permanent exhibition on DX/IoT related to location information .

With the evolution of IoT and location information technology and the change in people’s behavior due to the spread of infectious diseases, DX centered on location information is spreading, and we are introducing the latest services to companies promoting DX.

Since seminars, services, case studies, and explanations can be viewed at any time, it targets a wide range of people, from beginners to those considering introduction. In addition to the permanent exhibition, we also hold online events for a limited time.

Reference: ACCESS Co., Ltd. | Location information DX EXPO EVERYDAY

Join DX EXPO and find the right tools for your company

What did you think.

There are various DX-related events such as DX EXPO, and some of them have permanent exhibitions on the web. In addition, each event has its own characteristics, such as the companies exhibiting, the services introduced, and the seminars.


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