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What is the strength of “FRONTEO”, an AI development company that conducts global business development?

FRONTEO is an AI development company founded in August 2003 under the philosophy of “Risks and Opportunities”.

The company is engaged in businesses such as life sciences, legal tech, and business intelligence using its own AI technology.

In addition, it is a company that is attracting particular attention among domestic AI development companies, such as being listed in Japan and the United States.

This time, while introducing the outline and business contents of such FRONTEO, we will consider how the company was able to acquire its current position.


  • What is FRONTEO
    • company overview
    • vision
    • History
    • Stock price
  • Business content
    • product
    • AI solution
  • Features of FRONTEO
    • Thorough security environment
    • Global business development
    • Proprietary development of the latest AI technology
  • The future of FRONTEO
  • Recruitment information of FRONTEO
    • Recruitment type
    • Application overview
  • summary



company overview

company name FRONTEO Co., Ltd.
Established August 8, 2003
location Akesan Takahama Building, 2-12-23 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
CEO Masahiro Morimoto
board member Executive Vice President Naritomo Ikegami Chief
Technology Officer/Director, Research Institute for Behavior Informatics Hideki Takeda General Manager,
Administrative Headquarters CFO Tomohiro Uesugi
Director Mari Yamamoto
number of employees 181 (as of March 31, 2020)
amount of sales 10,470,690,000 yen (as of March 31, 2020)
capital  2,568.65 million yen (as of March 31, 2020)


“Identify Risks and Opportunities”

Utilizing the knowledge, experience and judgment of our experts, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide optimal solutions to prevent overlooked risks and opportunities in the legal, medical, financial, intellectual property, education, and human resources fields. It is the value brought about by the realization of a fair world where you can find necessary and appropriate information in such fields.

Source: FRONTEO official website

FRONTEO’s vision “Identify Risks and Opportunities” literally means “identify risks and opportunities”.

You can learn more about how this vision is being realized by looking at the company’s business and features, which will be introduced later.

In addition, the company name FRONTEO is taken from “Front (UK) cutting edge + eo (La) moving forward”, and also has the meaning of Frontier Technology Organization (progressive and cutting-edge value creation group).

From the company name and vision, you can see that FRONTEO is a company
that tries to seize opportunities by incorporating cutting-edge technology.


2003 August Established Universal Business Incubators Co., Ltd. with a capital of 1 million yen for the purpose of importing and selling US-made forensic tools.
2004 August Changed company name to UBIC Inc. and became a company specializing in computer forensics.
2007 June Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers
  December Established UBIC North America, Inc.
2009 December Released “Lit i View”, the world’s first e-discovery software for Asian languages
2011 October Established UBIC Taiwan, Inc.
  December Established UBIC Korea, Inc.
year 2012 March Released in-house developed AI
2013 May Listed on the US NASDAQ market (Delisted in February 2020)
2015 November  Announced AI “KIBIT” based on proprietary natural language processing
2016 July  Changed company name to FRONTEO Co., Ltd.
2018 July  Started providing FAQ system “KIBIT Find Answer” based on AI product “KIBIT”
  August  FRONTEO Healthcare launches AI application “Concept Encoder Articles”
  November  Launched “Patent Explorer 19”, an advanced version of AI-based patent search and analysis system
  November  Evolution of proprietary AI engine Start of provision of next-generation version “KIBIT G2”
  November  FRONTEO Healthcare Develops New Drug Candidate Exploration Technology Utilizing AI “Concept Encoder”
2019 March AI review tool “KIBIT Automator” released
2020 February  Delisted from the US NASDAQ market
  April  Started research on drug repositioning against the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) using AI
  June  Started providing AI-based solutions for early detection of signs of child abuse
  July  Began providing “Amanogawa”, an AI system for searching papers
  August  Started research on OSINT (open source intelligence)

Stock price

The stock price of FRONTEO is as follows.

For about a year from May 2019 to May 2020, FRONTEO’s stock price was below 400 yen.

However, with the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the stock price has risen. At one point, the stock price was over 920 yen.

For the past few months, FRONTEO’s stock price has been stable between 600 yen and 850 yen.

Business content

FRONTEO is working on the development of various AI products and AI solutions using its own developed AI.


FRONTEO independently develops “KIBIT”, which helps people make decisions in all corporate situations and contributes to operational efficiency, and “ConceptEncoder”, which specializes in the healthcare field and contributes to the development of medical care and research.



“KIBIT” is an AI engine independently developed by FRONTEO by combining the AI-related technology Landscaping and behavioral information science, and is the product that is attracting the most attention in FRONTEO’s business.

Combining the “subtleties” of the human mind (KIBI) and the unit of information “bit” (BIT), it means “AI that can learn the subtleties of humans”.

KIBIT has the following three features.

・ KIBIT, which can learn human tacit knowledge, can
reproduce the “tacit knowledge” possessed by experts and people with excellent intuition in text analysis without relying only on keywords.

By using a unique machine learning algorithm that is distinct from conventional text mining and search technology, it is possible to analyze in a short time with small computational resources and a small amount of training data.

In addition, it has been highly evaluated for its high level of natural language processing technology and practical results, such as being able to capture similarities and contexts even in different expressions and extract feature values ​​of sentences.

・ KIBIT, which can be used in various fields,
was originally developed for the purpose of finding evidence data from a large amount of text data in international litigation.

Today, however, it is used in a variety of digital communication fields, including business intelligence fields such as finance, intellectual property, and human resources, healthcare fields such as medicine and pharmaceuticals, and robotics.

・ KIBIT, which can learn with a small amount of teacher data,
implements a unique algorithm “Weight Refinement” that optimizes the importance of words.

Weight Refinement can capture data characteristics that cannot be captured by calculations based on the amount of transmitted information, and can demonstrate sufficient performance even with a small amount of data, making it possible to learn without building a large-scale server environment. have the characteristics.

KIBIT, which has these features, can read the meaning of sentences from texts and learn people’s tacit knowledge and senses, making it possible to reproduce judgments and information selection on behalf of people.

concept encoder


“Concept Encoder” is an AI that realizes the utilization of medical data.

By treating language as a vector, we can introduce “statistical methods”, which are essential for EBM, to natural language analysis. Co-analysis with non-linguistic data such as gene expression information is also possible.

Concept Encoder has the following three features.

・Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is realized
. must be carefully selected

Therefore, Concept Encoder emphasizes EBM (evidence-based medicine) and realizes “objectivity”, “transparency” and “reproducibility” in order not to make the process of producing results a black box.

・By learning the co-occurrence of words in a document, the vectorized
Concept Encoder uses “words and We use a technique called “vectorization of documents” to quantify the features of the text.

When a certain word appears in a sentence, a limited number of other words frequently appear in that sentence, which is called “co-occurrence.” Vectorization expresses this co-occurrence relationship in a matrix for numerical analysis to hold.

In other words, by expressing and clarifying co-occurrence relationships numerically, we can find differences in relevance and importance without defining the meaning of words.

・Consolidate analysis of word co-occurrence, composition, and morpheme composition
Concept Encoder starts by learning the co-occurrence of words in a document and vectorizing it.

In normal vector analysis, a technique is sometimes used in which sentences and words are obtained separately and then their relationships are obtained. can be analyzed using

FRONTEO has also obtained a patent for this technology.

Concept Encoder, which has such features, has started operation in a wide range of areas of the life science industry, such as “diagnosis support”, “life science business support”, and “pharmaceutical industry support”.

AI solution

FRONTEO is working on the development of AI solutions in the fields of “Legal Tech AI”, “Business Solutions”, “Life Science AI” and “OSINT”.

Legal Tech AI

legal tech

“LegalTech” is a coined word that combines “Legal” and “Technology”.

FRONTEO focuses on the development of legal tech AI and mainly provides four solutions.

・International litigation e-discovery support
As a pioneer in e-discovery support companies in Asia, we provide one-stop services ranging from data identification and preservation to data processing, document review, and submission data creation.

・Fraud Detection Forensic
Investigation As a leading company in forensic investigations, we understand the problems that customers face and conduct the most effective and cost-effective investigations. We can handle a wide range of surveys, including log files in various devices and systems such as PCs and smartphones, and big data analysis.

・Solutions for government agencies and law enforcement agencies
As a pioneer in the field of digital forensics in Japan, we have provided not only forensic investigations but also software manufacturing, sales, support and training since our founding.

We have an extensive track record of over 10,000 international lawsuits and fraud investigations, and we also introduce and train digital forensic tools for police and other law enforcement agencies.

・Normaltime solution
In order to prevent development into an emergency, we use our proprietary AI product KIBIT to make proposals to prevent fraudulent acts in an environment without human resources or know-how.

In addition to providing solutions that support data management, monitoring, and storage during normal times, we provide support from the discovery of fraudulent activity to closing the case, as well as after-the-fact consulting.

business intelligence

business intelligence

FRONTEO utilizes the AI ​​technology cultivated in its founding business, the legal tech business, to provide solutions that help improve work efficiency in various business fields such as human resources, intellectual property, legal affairs, and labor affairs.

In addition, it is useful in various fields, such as auditing emails and chats, patent research and analysis, business data analysis, and detecting signs of dissatisfaction from VoC (voice of the customer) to improve customer satisfaction.

Life science AI

health care

Source: FRONTEO official website

In the life science AI business, we conduct cross-sectional analysis of various structured and unstructured data that exist in medical and nursing care settings.

With the AI ​​product “Concept Encoder” introduced above, it is possible to discover phenomena that could not be seen by conventional structured data analysis alone, and various possibilities are born.



OSINT is an abbreviation of “open source intelligence”, and refers to a method of collecting confidential information based on publicly available information.

FRONTEO utilizes “KIBIT” and “Concept Encoder” to develop solutions that extract meaningful information for users from huge amounts of data.

Applying the natural language processing technology and proprietary AI technology cultivated there, we are working on OSINT research and developing solutions that can contribute to economic security and strategic decision-making for organizations and groups.

During analysis, AI narrows down various public data such as securities reports, newspapers/magazines, and SNS to discover relationships.

As a result, we offer the following services:

  • Company monitoring
    Trends of companies in major countries, influence analysis by holdings
  • Personnel
    monitoring Personnel monitoring in organizations/organizations, analysis of networks of important people and relationships with companies
  • SNS data analysis
    Public opinion watch (detect signs of changes in public opinion)
  • Supply chain analysis
    Detecting supply chain choke points to identify problem companies in the supply chain

Features of FRONTEO

So far, I have introduced the outline and circumstances of FRONTEO.

From here, while introducing the features of FRONTEO, I will consider what is specifically amazing about the company and how they reached their current position.

Thorough security environment

FRONTEO thoroughly builds and maintains a security environment so that customers can store their data with peace of mind.

Specifically, we ensure the safety of data from four points.

  • Confidentiality
    work area and investigation area have the largest processing capacity in Asia, and speedily cooperate with overseas bases such as the United States (East Coast, West Coast, Midwest), South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, etc. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Support your customers. Entry is restricted and access is controlled by a biometric system.
  • Data centers
    in four countries We have data centers in four countries (Japan, the United States, South Korea, and Taiwan) and can store data within our own country. You can avoid the risk of information leakage.
  • Formulation of Business Continuity PlanEven in the event of an emergency such as a natural disaster or fire , formulate a business continuity plan
    to minimize damage and enable the continuation and early restoration of business. We are building a system to return to work.
  • Acquisition of ISO27001 (ISMS)
    FRONTEO has acquired ISO27001 certification. ISO27001 is an international standard for information security management systems (ISMS).

Because of such a thorough security environment, FRONTEO is able to collaborate with many companies, including large companies such as “Microsoft Japan”.

In addition, due to its high reliability and extensive track record, it has customers such as government agencies, law enforcement agencies, and many large companies.

Global business development

FRONTEO has 11 overseas bases in the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, and other countries, and is expanding its business globally.

Therefore, it is possible to take advantage of the diverse human network and take necessary cooperation for project investigation.

In terms of language, the AI ​​engine “KIBIT” can support Japanese, English, Korean, and we also have an environment where native staff can respond according to the language of each project.

FRONTEO was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in June 2007, and was listed on the US market NASDAQ in May 2013 (NASDAQ was delisted in February 2020).

Among Japanese companies, the number of companies listed in both Japan and the United States is very small, which shows how large the company is and how it operates globally.

Proprietary development of the latest AI technology

The AI ​​application developed by FRONTEO releases a new version once a quarter, and continues to evolve at a tremendous speed as a service for business.

FRONTEO, which develops state-of-the-art AI technology in-house at such a speed, is a very good environment for employees to challenge and grow.

In addition, the company’s AI development technology is high, supported by technology backed by behavioral informatics.

At the Research Institute for Behavior Informatics, which produces FRONTEO’s technology, we are developing in-house software “Lit i View” and artificial intelligence “KIBIT” products every day.

The future of FRONTEO

In conclusion, it can be said that FRONTEO has enough future potential.

FRONTEO has created a business scheme that is almost non-existent in Japan, so there is little competition, and there is a certain amount of demand for business content such as legal tech.

In addition, the AI ​​product “KIBIT”, which FRONTEO puts the most effort into development, can be introduced to a wide range of industries, and also has high mobility by operating with a small amount of training data.

Therefore, it is expected that KIBIT will continue to be applied to various fields in the future.

In addition, the fact that the company is focusing on healthcare is also a big point in measuring the future potential.

Currently, FRONTEO has signed a license agreement with Takeda Pharmaceutical for a drug discovery support AI system in the field of life science AI, and has also entered into a business alliance with Kyowa Pharmaceutical regarding a dementia diagnosis support system.

Considering that people’s awareness of health has increased in recent years due to the aging population and the spread of the new coronavirus, it can be said that the healthcare field is a field where demand is increasing.

In fact, in the “Health Questionnaire Survey” announced by Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance in September 2020, about 54% of people answered that they had “increased health awareness” due to the stay-at-home corona disaster.

If the public’s health consciousness continues to be high in the future, FRONTEO’s healthcare business may attract even more attention.

Recruitment information of FRONTEO

Recruitment type

Currently, FRONTEO is hiring mid-career and new graduates in the following industries and occupations.

  • Sales/Consultant
  • engineer
  • data scientist
  • Business Development
  • Other (internal audit, fraud investigator, etc.)

Application overview

【test period】

Three months


Determined by company policy

  • Bonus Twice a year (June and December)
  • Salary revision Once a year (June)


  • Commuting allowance: Paid up to 50,000 yen/month
  • Full social insurance
  • retirement plan
  • Employee Stock Ownership System

(The following allowances are provided for non-managers)

  • Overtime allowance
  • housing allowance

*Commuting allowance and social insurance for contract employees


  • Working hours: 9:00-18:00
  • Two days off per week (Saturdays and Sundays) and public holidays
  • Seasonal (summer) paid leave
  • New year holiday season
  • Congratulatory or condolence leave
  • Paid vacation: 10 days granted at the time of joining the company (maximum 20 days/year)

◇ 127 days off per year

[Recruitment flow]

  • Document screening *There is an aptitude test for new graduates
  • 2-3 interviews


This time, we introduced the AI ​​development company “FRONTEO” .

How was that.

FRONTEO is a wonderful company that has developed its own AI and achieved sales of 10 billion yen .

The company, which has many large companies as customers and has business alliances, is expected to continue to build up its track record and trust in the future.

In particular, I am concerned about how the healthcare and legal tech fields, which we are focusing on, will evolve in the future.

Keep an eye on FRONTEO, where expectations are rising, including global business development.

In ThePlayers series, I write articles focusing on AI companies . By comparing various AI companies, we may be able to see the laws of successful AI companies.


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