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What is DX Literacy? |Introducing the difference from IT literacy, necessity, and educational methods

As DX is promoted, companies and organizations are required to make various changes. In such a situation, “DX literacy” is important . Simply put, DX literacy can be rephrased as “the attitude towards DX” .

Many people may think of IT literacy when they hear DX literacy.

In this article, we will introduce what DX literacy is, how it differs from IT literacy, its overview, necessity, and educational methods!

Table of Contents

  • What is DX?
  • What is “literacy” anyway?
  • What is DX literacy | Skills necessary to promote DX
    • What is IT literacy
  • Difference between DX literacy and IT literacy | Means or purpose?
  • Need for DX Literacy
  • Two teaching methods for DX literacy
    • DX test
    • DX Literacy Course / DX Literacy Training
  • Strengthen your DX literacy to promote DX

What is DX?

DX (Digital Transformation) has become widely known in Japan, triggered by the “DX Report: Overcoming the IT System ‘2025 Cliff’ and Full-scale Deployment of DX” issued by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2018. It is a concept that has become.

According to the definition by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, it is defined as follows.

Companies respond to drastic changes in the business environment, utilize data and digital technology, and transform their products, services, and business models based on the needs of customers and society.・Change the corporate culture and establish a competitive advantage.

In other words, it can be rephrased as “using digital technology to transform business models, operations, and even organizational culture, to create an organization that can win out in the midst of competition .”

Quote: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry ” DX Report September 7, 2018 Study Group for Digital Transformation ” Ministry of
Economy, Trade and Industry ” Guidelines for Promoting Digital Transformation (DX Promotion Guidelines) Ver.1.0 ”

What is “literacy” anyway?

“Literacy” has become a familiar word.

High literacy is required in various fields such as media literacy, information literacy, computer literacy, internet literacy, and financial literacy.

Literacy is a word that refers to the ability to read and write in English.

In other words, it can be said that literacy is the ability to understand the mechanism in each field, have sufficient knowledge, and correctly understand and use information .

What is DX literacy | Skills necessary to promote DX

DX literacy is a skill necessary to promote DX within an organization. You need to have knowledge of DX, understand the necessity, and have the mind and skills to put it into action.

The purpose of DX is to make a big change, from the business form to the culture of the organization. Therefore, it can be said that it is a project involving the entire organization.
Also, to achieve DX, you need a long-term plan.

From this, DX literacy is not only the ability to acquire knowledge, but also the ability to involve others and spread it as a common understanding.

What is IT literacy

IT literacy refers to the state of having knowledge of IT and being able to master it .

In 2017, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced a research report on the IT literacy acquisition curriculum in 2017, which defines basic IT literacy as follows.

Skills that form the foundation necessary to make full use of currently available and usable IT to improve the productivity of companies and operations and to create and expand business opportunities.

It is expected that not only those who work at so-called IT companies but also those who work at companies that utilize IT (IT user companies) will be equipped as standard equipment in the future.


  1.  Understanding of what kind of IT exists in the world, what functions and mechanisms each has, and in what situations it is used.
  2. Ability to select useful IT for problem-solving situations in companies and operations, operate that IT, acquire, analyze, and express information that meets the purpose, and connect it to problem-solving.
  3. Knowledge of information security and compliance to use IT safely.

Quote: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “ 2017 Research Report on IT Literacy Acquisition Curriculum ”

Difference between DX literacy and IT literacy | Means or purpose?

When you hear DX literacy, some people may wonder what is different from IT literacy .

To put it simply, DX literacy is the mindset for promoting DX, and IT literacy is the mindset for promoting IT.

So, what is the difference between DX and IT?

The purpose of IT is to introduce digital technology to improve the productivity of an organization .
In other words, IT literacy can be said to be the skill to understand and master these digital technologies when introducing them.

On the other hand, DX aims to transform the organization through processes such as the introduction of digital technology (= IT) .

In other words, IT can be said to be one of the means in DX.

Need for DX Literacy

DX literacy is very important in promoting DX. One of the reasons why organizations do not promote DX is a lack of understanding of DX.

By raising DX literacy throughout the organization, the importance of understanding and promoting DX will be shared, and DX promotion will make significant progress .

This will help you work more efficiently, improve the services you provide, and transform your organization.

In addition, by increasing DX literacy throughout the organization, it is possible to promote the development of DX human resources .

DX requires long-term planning, so we need human resources who can continuously support it.

By sharing DX literacy within the organization, it becomes possible to develop DX human resources and achieve continuous DX promotion. In addition, it also leads to individual skills improvement of such employees.

Two teaching methods for DX literacy

So what can we do to actually improve our DX literacy?

Due to the recent increase in understanding of DX, various systems for DX literacy education have been constructed.

This time, we will introduce ” DX Test ” and ” DX Literacy Course / DX Literacy Training “, which are part of it.

DX test

The DX test is one of the private qualifications certified by the Japan Innovation Fusion Society. The purpose is to measure the degree of understanding of DX, and knowledge of DX is required.

The certification level differs according to the acquired score, and the knowledge level regarding DX can be visualized.

Both individuals and corporations can take the exam, and the names of more than 120 companies that have taken the exam have been published.

It will serve as an opportunity for employees to deepen their interest in and understanding of DX, leading to improved DX literacy.

Quote: Next Education Sync Co., Ltd. “ What is DX Test ™ | DX Test ™ (Japan Innovation Fusion Society * ITBT (R) Test) ”

DX Literacy Course / DX Literacy Training

As a result of the widespread emphasis on DX literacy, services that provide courses and training to cultivate DX literacy have also been created.

Many of them are in e-learning format, and you learn about DX step by step. The main steps are as follows.

  1. What is DX (overview and benefits)
  2. Main digital technologies
  3. How to proceed with the DX promotion project
  4. relevance to your own work
  5. practice

Some companies, mainly managers, take group courses, which can be directly linked to improving their own DX literacy and developing DX human resources.

Quote: STANDARD Co., Ltd. “ DX Literacy Course ”
Hitachi Academy Co., Ltd. “ DX Literacy Training ”

Strengthen your DX literacy to promote DX

What did you think.

DX literacy is a key skill in promoting DX that must be shared across the organization.

Interest in DX has increased in recent years, and various services have been created. Use these tools to increase your DX literacy.



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