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AI Diagnosis|Introducing examples of personality diagnosis and medical diagnosis that can be done with apps and sites!

Table of Contents 

  • Diagnosis by AI
    • Diagnose individuals with images
    • psychology test
  • Examples of AI utilization in medical diagnosis
    • Diagnosis of disease by image analysis
    • Diagnose disease by answering questions
    • AI that predicts disease
  • Summary

Diagnosis by AI

There are several types of AI diagnostics. One diagnoses an individual by image, and the other is in the form of a psychological test. We will introduce each of these two below.

If there is a diagnosis that interests you, please play around with it.

Diagnose individuals with images

First of all, we will introduce what can diagnose an individual with an image. These are based on AI image recognition technology.

In order to use the AI ​​face diagnosis function, you need to upload a photo of your face, so be careful when handling personal information.

face type diagnosis

First, face type diagnosis. This is to diagnose which type your face belongs to by analyzing your face photo with AI.

The site “Who AI” aims to find “suitable” from the face type and get closer to “you want to be”. In addition to this site, there are many sites that can diagnose faces, so if you are interested, please look for them.

Currently, personal color diagnosis and bone structure diagnosis are becoming common. From now on, in addition to these, face diagnosis may become important in knowing how to present yourself. Combining color, body shape, and face will expand the enjoyment of fashion and makeup, and will make it possible to bring out more of your charm.

Diagnose personality from recommended illustrations

Next, we will introduce an AI diagnosis that allows you to understand your personality from the illustration of “Push”. On this site, you can upload your favorite illustrations or draw them yourself. Then, AI diagnoses personality based on the illustration.

Which of the following is your personality: “romantic, fantasy, emotional”, “active, active, extroverted”, “independent, avant-garde, dislikes restraint”, “analytical ability, leader, confidence”, “self-reflection, sensitive, thinker” AI diagnoses whether it applies to

Diagnose personality from handwriting

Finally, we will introduce AI diagnosis that can understand personality from handwriting.

On this site, AI identifies which of the long-headed type, fuzzy handwriting type, strong spring type, and rolled round type, which fits your handwriting best, and diagnoses your personality accordingly. increase.

psychology test

Next, we will introduce an AI diagnosis that allows you to understand your personality and type in the form of a psychological test in which you answer questions from AI.

University character diagnosis

On this site, you can diagnose which character (Mr. Daigaku) ​​in “Anthropomorphic Manga Daigaku Aruaru Collection” resembles you by answering multiple questions. In addition, there is a “manual diagnosis mode” that answers 5 questions and a “careful diagnosis mode” that answers 25 questions.

After answering the question, you can find out your university-like probability and answer whether the AI ​​thinks is true or not.

It also describes a diagnostic mechanism, the “Bayesian network”.

16Personalities personality test

This diagnostic test allows you to diagnose your personality by answering several questions. Here, based on the answers to the questions, it is determined whether the consciousness is extroverted or introverted, whether the energy is intuitive or realistic, whether the temperament is logical or logical, whether the tactics are planning or thinking, and whether the identity is self-assertive. AI judges whether it is a cautious type or not.

Based on the diagnostic results, it can be divided into the following 16 types. architect, logician, commander, debater, advocate, mediator, protagonist, campaigner, administrator, advocate, officer, consul, maestro, adventurer, entrepreneur, entertainer. Which type are you?

Examples of AI utilization in medical diagnosis

With the evolution of various AI technologies, AI has come to be used in medical settings where accuracy is emphasized.

Diagnosis of disease by image analysis

In recent years, AI has become able to extract notable features contained in images by itself through deep learning, which has dramatically improved the accuracy of grouping.

With this technological improvement, AI can now be used in image analysis, such as distinguishing images of tissue consisting of normal cells from images of tissue containing cancer cells.

Based on the retinal fundus image of the blood vessels in the eye, gender, age, smoking status, blood pressure, heart attack history, etc. can be analyzed, and signs of cerebral hemorrhage can be detected from head CT images. , AI analyzes endoscopic images of the large intestine and detects lesion candidates such as polyps and cancer in real time during endoscopy, AI analyzes MRI images of the brain and Devices for detecting aneurysms are currently on the market.

Diagnose disease by answering questions

You can also diagnose which disease you have by answering questions presented by AI. This technology enables automatic medical examination.

With questionnaires digitized on smartphones, tablets, etc., patients can answer questions at any time and place, leading to reduced waiting times at hospitals.

There are also sites that can use this technology to diagnose diseases. With Ubi AI consultation, you can find out about related diseases, coping methods, appropriate departments, and nearby hospitals and clinics simply by answering a few questions.

AI that predicts disease

AI is being used for predictive and preventive medicine using technology that makes predictions from large amounts of past AI data.

For example, AI is also used to predict heart disease. AI that has learned the lifestyle habits of heart disease patients analyzes the risk of seizures, diagnoses the patient’s health status from interviews, and diagnoses lifestyle-related diseases including heart disease. can predict the risk of contracting the disease.

Another area where AI is being used is in the field of dementia. A diagnostic model of dementia is created from MRI image data of the brain, and an attempt is made to detect mild dementia and to treat it early to suppress its progression.

Efforts are also being made to analyze health insurance claims data to understand health conditions, leading to early detection of illness. Receipt data provides all information related to patient treatment, and AI can be expected to learn from this information to predict the risk of developing a disease and prevent it from occurring through preventive measures.


In this article, we learned that AI diagnosis technology is being used in medicine, reducing the burden not only on patients but also on medical professionals.

We have also introduced various AI diagnostics. Was there a diagnosis you would like to try? There are many other diagnoses, so if you’re interested, do your own research.


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