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Automatically create illustrations with AI! Introducing Kami-e AI such as midjourney, dream

Table of Contents 

  • What is AI illustration?
    • How AI makes illustrations
    • Famous paintings created by AI
  • Introducing illustrations by AI
    • Illustration by midjourney
    • illustration by dream
  • 6 sites where AI creates illustrations
    • ①Aya-chan
    • ②Aya-chan+
    • ③Wife Labs
    • ④Crypko
    • ⑤Auto Draw
    • ⑥inkscape
  • What will happen to the work of illustrators by AI in the future?
    • Illustrator’s work will not be completely taken away
    • AI illustration copyright
  • summary

What is AI illustration?

Have you ever heard the term AI illustration?

AI illustration is an illustration automatically generated by AI following human instructions and predicting what the person wants to draw.

How AI makes illustrations

So how does AI create illustrations? Among the mechanisms of AI, there is a technology called deep learning.

This deep learning is also used when automatically creating illustrations.

From the various pictures they have learned, they select patterns that suit their tastes and imitate them to generate illustrations.

Famous paintings created by AI

“Edmond de Bellamy” and “Rembrandt style painting” are famous as paintings actually drawn by AI.
Both of these are explained in detail in the following articles.

Introducing illustrations by AI

Recently, even beginners can easily create illustrations using AI.

  1. midjourney
  2. dreams

“midjourney” and “dream” are illustration creation sites using AI. I actually created illustrations with those AIs, so I will introduce them.

Illustration by midjourney


The above illustration was actually drawn by AI using midjourney.

Midjourney is a site where AI draws illustrations based on specified keywords.

In the illustration above, I specified the keywords “city” and “night”.

Up to 25 items can be used for free, and there is an advantage that a high-quality picture can be completed just by specifying a keyword.

Also, since it generates about 4 patterns of illustrations at once, you can choose your favorite illustration from among them.

illustration by dream

Next, I asked AI to draw an illustration for a site called dream.

Like midjourney, dream will draw an illustration when you enter a keyword.

It’s basically free to use, and you can choose your art style.

The keywords for the illustration above are “city” and “night”, and the art style is “realistic”.

There is no limit to the number of times you can draw pictures in dream, so you can create illustrations as many times as you like until you get the picture you like.

6 sites where AI creates illustrations

In addition to “midjourney” and “dream”, there are several sites where you can experience creating illustrations with AI.

This article introduces the following six sites.

  1. Aya-chan
  2. Aya +
  3. Wife Labs
  4. Crypko
  5. Auto Draw
  6. inkscape

I will explain each. By all means, please try to actually touch the mechanism and see what kind of illustration you can create.


On this site, you can select multiple pictures that you like from among the suggested pictures, and Aya-chan, an AI, will generate an illustration based on the data.

What you can create on this site is the part of the face.


You can create a full-body illustration here.

It is a service that allows anyone to easily obtain their own illustrations through collaboration between AI and artists. The characteristics of AI and the characteristics of humans are utilized.

Based on the illustration drawn by Aya-chan, the artist will create a creative illustration based on your request.

First, Aya draws an illustration of her face, and then the artist imagines Aya’s face and creates the whole body. You can choose the taste from the order screen.

③Wife Labs

Next, let me introduce you to Wife Labs. On this site, just like Aya-chan, AI automatically creates illustrations by selecting your favorite picture from multiple pictures.

Also, by paying a fee, you can get pillows and posters printed with the pictures you created.


With Crypko, you can create your own illustration by changing the hair color, eye color, hairstyle, mouth state, and accessories from the original image.

You can also add smooth movement to the generated illustration and edit it.

⑤Auto Draw

On this site, you can create beautiful illustrations by AI correcting your own drawings.

However, the background color cannot be changed from white, and the color of the illustration cannot be changed in detail, so it is recommended to use it when you want a simple illustration.


Inkscape is software that can be downloaded for free. You can draw pictures yourself using various tools such as pencils and pens.

It is suitable for creating logos, brochures, posters, banners, web design mockups, data for laser cutters, etc.

What will happen to the work of illustrators by AI in the future?

Illustrator’s work will not be completely taken away

So far, I have introduced illustrations and paintings that AI automatically created. Therefore, I think that some people were worried that AI would take over their illustrator jobs in the future.

Certainly, with the development of AI technology, there will be times when there will be tasks that humans do not need to do, such as simple coloring. In the future, most of the illustrator subcontracting work may flow to AI.

But there are some things that only humans can do. It’s about reading people’s emotions and creating something new out of nothing.

Creative illustrations are something only humans can create. Therefore, the work of illustrators will not be completely taken over by AI.

AI illustration copyright

Although the work of illustrators will not be completely taken away, opportunities to use illustrations drawn by AI will increase.

At that time, isn’t the copyright of the AI ​​illustration worrisome?

Currently, midjourney’s terms basically state that the rights to the generated illustrations belong to the user.

Also, in the United States, applications for copyright of illustrations created by AI have been rejected twice, so it is unlikely that the AI ​​illustration itself will be copyrighted.

However, if a person uses AI as a tool to creatively express ‘thoughts’ and ‘feelings’, copyright is recognized.

So the existence of copyrights for illustrations created by AI depends on how AI is used.


So far, I have introduced illustrations created by AI. I understand that you can experience creating illustrations using AI on various sites. If you are interested, please take advantage of it.

In addition, AI can automatically generate by learning ready-made illustrations. Therefore, it can be said that creating completely original illustrations from scratch will be the job of illustrators and artists in the future.


What is an AI algorithm?


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