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ExaWizards and Persol Technology staff jointly start training DX/AI human resources

ExaWizards, which is working to solve social issues through services that utilize AI, and Persol Technology Staff, a staffing agency, have jointly started training DX/AI human resources in January 2021.

We aim to eliminate the shortage of human resources by educating the engineers of Persol Technology staff using the DX human resource discovery and training support service “exaBase DX Assessment & Learning” provided by ExaWizards.

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The functions and features of exaBase DX Assessment & Learning are as follows.(function)

  • Assessment function
    Visualize how much skills and knowledge required of DX human resources are possessed
  • Learning function
    You can learn about DX/AI technology


  • Diagnosis by combining digital degree and innovator degree
  • Providing personalized training programs
  • Clarification of organizational trends and current location of the company

Currently, according to the Keidanren’s “Questionnaire Survey Results on Human Resource Development” released in January 2020, only 36% of companies are conducting in-house education in the DX area, and DX/AI human resources will increase by 2030. It is expected that there will be a shortage of 124,000 people in 2020. In addition, according to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Survey on IT Human Resource Supply and Demand” in April 2019, about 30% of development engineers are interested in advancing their careers in the DX area, including AI.

Against this background, ExaWizards aims to solve the shortage of DX/AI human resources by providing services that support the discovery and training of in-house digital innovators.


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