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HEROZ develops building plan automatic generation AI, in collaboration with Tasuki

Tasuki Co., Ltd., which plans and develops IoT residences for new investment using real estate tech, and HEROZ Co., Ltd., which supports the use of practical AI technology, have agreed to collaborate on service development to accelerate DX in the real estate industry. TASUKI TECH, a SaaS-type multi-platform for developers, announced that it will connect AI functions and enhance functions.

Tasuki develops a SaaS-type multi-platform “TASUKI TECH” for real estate developers and operates a land utilization simulator “TASUKI TECH TOUCH & PLAN”.* 

SaaS : A service that uses an application on a server via the Internet.The automatic creation of architectural plans by “TASUKI TECH TOUCH & PLAN” learns the land information of the planned site based on Tasuki’s experience in real estate development, knowledge of real estate tech, and HEROZ’s AI utilization development capabilities. Volume checks are performed by AI, and building plans and optimal floor plans are created.*Volume check・・・To check how much building can be built on the land

Creating construction plans and business balance sheets requires understanding of land information and knowledge unique to the industry.

In order to solve these problems, Tasuki’s know-how cultivated in the real estate tech field and HEROZ’s proven AI technology are combined to strengthen functions, thereby speedily creating services that promote DX in the real estate industry. I am going to work on it.

[Comment from Mr. Tomohiro Takahashi, Representative Director and Co-CEO of HEROZ Co., Ltd. and Mr. Yu Kashimura, President and Representative Director of Tasuki Co., Ltd.]

Co-CEO Tomohiro Takahashi Co., Ltd.: With the vision of “initiating the AI ​​revolution and creating the future,” our company aims to realize DX in society by providing AI services that solve the problems of each industry. We are promoting. This time, we will contribute to the creation of a new society by promoting DX in the real estate industry through collaboration with Tasuki’s expertise and abundant planning and development capabilities in the real estate industry, as well as our AI technology and development and operation capabilities. increase.

Mr. Takeshi Kashiwamura, President and CEO of Tasuki Co., Ltd.: We are developing and deploying the SaaS-type multi-platform “TASUKI TECH” for real estate developers under the “Tasuki DX concept” to promote the DX transformation of the real estate industry. .

In addition, in creating new services, we would like to create new innovations not only within our company and the real estate industry, but also by co-creating with other industries and sharing knowledge and know-how.

Since the real estate industry requires a grasp of specific expertise and regulations, it has been considered difficult to depersonalize and digitize. We believe that the development and operation of the land utilization simulator “TASUKI TECH TOUCH & PLAN” together with HEROZ, which has a rich track record of AI utilization, will further accelerate the promotion of DX in the industry.

“TASUKI TECH TOUCH & PLAN” aims to provide services that can contribute to many real estate companies.

In the future, Tasuki and HEROZ plan to strengthen the following service functions with the aim of promoting DX in the real estate industry over the medium to long term.



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