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No minutes required! I tried to transcribe the interview with the automatic transcription service “Notta”

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), the number of online conferences has increased rapidly in recent years, and various online conference tools have been developed.

Among them, the field of “transcription” has become a particularly fierce battlefield. Using speech recognition technology, the contents of meetings can be converted to text without human intervention, and by combining automatic translation functions, it is possible to communicate smoothly between different languages, and the functions are evolving day by day. increase.

So, this time, I would like to actually use the transcription service “Notta”, which is attracting attention, and review it!

Table of Contents

  • What is Notta
  • What Notta will do this time
    • Instructions for use
    • I actually used it
  • result
    • merit
    • Demerit
  • Recommended for such scenes!
  • Lastly

What is Notta

Notta is a service that automatically converts voice to text using AI and supports 104 languages ​​such as Japanese and English. It can be used in a variety of situations, such as creating meeting minutes and recording interviews and coverage, leading to improved work efficiency.

What Notta will do this time

This time, I actually tried to transcribe the interview with Notta.

When writing an interview article, the process of listening back to the recording of the interview and converting it into text is inevitable. If the transcription can be done automatically, it will lead to a significant reduction in work.

Instructions for use

1. Create an account

First, create an account. There are two types of account plans, and you can choose according to your purpose. What you can do with the plan is as shown in the image below.

This time, I’m going to do “Zoom meeting transcription”, so I tried the paid version!

2.Issue and input of Zoom meeting URL

Next, issue the Zoom meeting URL, and after the meeting has started, select “Zoom meeting transcription” from “Zoom meeting” on the left side of the screen after logging in, and paste the invitation URL.

You are now ready to go!

I actually used it

This time, I tried using Notta when interviewing a medical company!

When the interview starts and you enter the URL as mentioned above, a bot with the name “User Name Notta Bot ” will participate and the transcription will start automatically as shown in the image.

When you actually start speaking, transcription will be performed in real time on Notta’s home. This time we are doing it in Japanese, but we are able to support 104 languages! Real-time transcription can also be translated, so it can be used in multilingual meetings etc. ◎


After finishing the interview, the transcription accuracy was about 60%, and it was enough to create an article with a little correction!

The advantages and disadvantages of Notta are summarized below.


  • Man-hours can be reduced
  • Reduce transcription costs


  • Weak at technical terms
  • Recognition is sometimes difficult due to noise/volume

Words used in the medical field were often mistranslated, like this time, and correction was necessary, but overall the accuracy was at a practical level, and it was a very convenient tool!

Recommended for such scenes!

As a result of actually using the automatic transcription tool, it is recommended for the following scenes besides online interviews.

  • When you want to share the contents of an online meeting
  • Online meetings in multiple languages ​​that require interpretation
  • When you want to get information from overseas videos, but there are no subtitles

I think it can be used in various other scenes, so please try using it!


This time I tried using the automatic transcription service “Notta”! Impact of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) With the increase in online interviews, the demand for automatic transcription services is increasing.

I tried using the paid version this time, but you can experience real-time transcription for 120 minutes with a 3-day free trial.

If you are manually writing the minutes or outsourcing the transcription, why not give it a try?

There are still issues such as noise and volume, but we are paying attention to the evolution of automatic transcription tools that will become more and more necessary in the future!


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