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The time has come for AI to write novels? Introducing the novel actually written by AI and its mechanism!

Table of contents 

  • What is a novel written by AI?
  • Introducing three novels written by AI!
    • “Werewolf intelligent novel generation system”
    • “The Day Computers Write Novels”
    • “My job is”
  • How AI creates novels
    • cut and paste text
    • Create by applying words
  • Challenges in AI writing novels
  • AI software that can write novels
    • Furukoto
    • Dramatica
    • AI slip
  • Introducing 3 patterns of how to use AI sliding
    • ① AI Random
    • (2) Generate option
    • ③ Trial prompt
  • AI project to write novels
    • Harry potter
    • Kimagure Artificial Intelligence Project I’m a writer
  • What kind of novels will AI write in the future?
  • summary

What is a novel written by AI?

It is said that AI cannot “create” in the way humans do, so humans need to give it some theme. AI learns using huge amounts of data and derives answers from it, so it is a field that is very difficult to create from scratch.

As I will explain in detail later, there are works created by AI that have won awards, but not all of them were created by AI.

It is AI’s job to create sentences mechanically along with the creation of the outline such as story and composition by human hands. Novels are not completely created by AI.

Introducing three novels written by AI!

From here, I will introduce the novels actually written by AI. The following three novels are introduced here.

  1. Werewolf intelligent novel generation system
  2. The day computers write novels
  3. my job is

I will introduce each of them.

“Werewolf intelligent novel generation system”

The Werewolf Intelligent Novel System has already been written up to the prologue, and the content of the main story is created according to the number you specify.

Since the story differs depending on the number, you can see that you can make the main part firmly. Anyone can see it, so if you are interested, please read it once.

“The Day Computers Write Novels”

The Day a Computer Writes a Novel is an entry for the 3rd Shinichi Hoshi Prize. The title “The day when computers write novels” is realized as it is.

You can actually run the system used to create the work submitted for the 3rd Shinichi Hoshi Award. There are about three settings to create a story, and it is possible to output with the same settings as the submitted work.

Two settings will output a narrative consisting of three episodes and a conclusion, and the remaining one will output a single episode.

Anyone can use this system, so it would be a good idea to see what kind of novel AI actually wrote and passed the first round of the Shinichi Hoshi Award.

“My job is”

“Watashi no shigowa” is also a work submitted for the Shinichi Hoshi Award. There are articles in PDF. If you read it, you will understand that it is written as if it were written by a human being.

Isn’t there a lot of people who are surprised that you can make sentences so far using artificial intelligence?

How AI creates novels

There are several types of mechanisms for AI to create novels. This chapter introduces two representative methods.

cut and paste text

The first technique is to take the text and modify it so that it is not copied and pasted. However, this method is just cutting and pasting, and it is difficult to connect sentences to sentences.

It is said that there is a limit to creating a novel by dividing sentences into sections.

Create by applying words

The second method is to have people come up with themes and stories in advance and have them output the sentences.

We don’t let the AI ​​come up with stories. AI is not good at making one from scratch, so it is necessary to think about the theme and story.

Challenges in AI writing novels

One of the challenges when AI writes novels is that it is difficult to create 100% novels.

AI takes large amounts of data and derives answers. Therefore, even if a sentence generation tool or scenario writing tool is released, AI cannot write the entire novel.

The story-making tool also inputs questions asked by the software, and creates a story based on the answers. Even creating a story requires some data in advance.

For this reason, it is currently not possible to create a novel that is 100% AI-made by thinking about the composition and creating sentences. In this sense, AI does not have the “will” of humans.

AI software that can write novels

So, what kinds of software are there that can actually create novels? This time, we will introduce two typical AI software.


Furukoto is an AI that has learned the method of creating a scriptwriter’s story. He taught the AI ​​the concept of kishotenketsu, a framework for creating Japanese screenplays.

By utilizing that data and sublimating it into AI, it is now possible to automatically generate stories. By the time we released the prototype, it was ready to write a script for a short film.


Dramatica does not support Japanese, but it has enough functions to be used for movie scripts. It seems that it is also used in Hollywood scenarios.

It is also a helper in creating scenarios. It’s a pity that it doesn’t support Japanese, but if it becomes usable, it might become famous in Japan.

AI slip

wards and torin

AI no Belisu is a sentence creation AI tool that automatically generates the expansion after entering a few lines of sentences at the beginning. A novel created using some of this function has been selected for the 2022 Shinichi Hoshi Award sponsored by Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

It is possible to change the writing style depending on the settings, and you can also include many conversational sentences.

In addition, you can leave the character settings to AI, so you can incorporate ideas that you would not have thought of on your own.

Introducing 3 patterns of how to use AI sliding

Below, we will introduce how to actually use the AI ​​slide.

  1. AI Random
  2. generation options
  3. trial prompt

Please use it as a reference.

① AI Random

When you click “Start from the beginning” on the top page, a text box will appear. And when you enter a few lines of text in the text box, AI will think about the subsequent development.

This time, I tried to make a continuation of “I am a cat” that was originally entered. Select “Default”, which is a feature that lets AI write whatever it wants. Then, the following expansion was completed.

I am a cat. there is no name yet.Such a person is now facing a certain person. The place is not my house… but the roof of the school.”Hey! Black cat-chan!”I heard a voice from afar. When I looked up, there was a male student there.yes. It was Kirino who was talking to me.“…………”As I ignored him and read the book, Kirino laughed, “Fufufufu.””Ah, you just made a happy face, didn’t you? Look at this.”he said and pulled out his cell phone . There was a picture of me that I had taken the other day.”Uwaaaaaah!?”I panic and grab my phone. Is this guy waiting for a picture like this!?”What is it, I just showed you.

It’s become quite modern “I am a cat”.

This continuation can be increased by clicking “Write a continuation sentence”.

It is also possible to draw by prioritizing the dialogue or the background sentence, creating a wide range of scenarios.

(2) Generate option

At the bottom of the previous page are generation options that allow you to change the writing style and story settings. Click the gear button to see options.

AINOW Editorial Department

For example, if you set the writing style at the top of the image to “Creative”, the degree of randomness will increase. Next, when I chose “Slow Pace” where the story is less likely to be distracted, the degree of randomness decreased.

You can also adjust the position of the bar yourself, and you can make detailed settings.

You can also specify prohibited words and let AI recognize the attributes and information of characters and stage settings, and you can control the development that AI writes to some extent.

③ Trial prompt

(Source: AINOW editorial department)

Trial prompts provide usage and various situations other than novels.

In “10 recommended movies recommended by AI”, we introduced movies that actually exist as follows.

Finally announced! The top 10 recommended movies that Torin-sama thinks!1. “Theatrical version Gintama final version Yorozuya yo forever”2. “What is your name?” 』3. “I want to eat your pancreas”4. “Shin Godzilla”5. “In This Corner of the World”6. “This world was waiting for us”7. “Shoplifters”8. Sound! Euphonium 2”9. “Bohemian Rhapsody”10. “Mirai of the Future”about it.And what is the ranking from 1st to 5th place?

There are many works that I know, and it seems that I can use it to search for the movie I want to see from among them.

A scenario like a girls’ manga was created for “Girls’ Novel Princess Romance”.

Chelsea is the princess of the Rune Kingdom. One day, she falls in love with Marco, the son of a legendary wizard, at first sight, but Leonard, the person who looks after her, is angry and says, “It’s impossible.” Still, her thoughts do not stop. Because he… he’s so cool.”I’m going to marry Marco!”Chelsea cried out. But Leonard and Chelsea’s father can’t stop being angry at this remark. It’s too early to get married, Marco is too dangerous! When.”What is it…why do you say that?Chelsea screams and leaves the room.

You can read it without any sense of incongruity so that you can not think that AI is drawing.

Furthermore, if you add your favorite items such as name and gender in “Profile”, AI will create a profile. It takes time to think about character settings, but if you use this function, you can complete it in an instant. Also, it seems that an interesting profile will be completed depending on the combination.

AI project to write novels

Next, I would like to introduce two of the projects that use AI to create novels that have become particularly popular.

Harry potter

A group called Botnik Studios made a new work of Harry Potter by learning all seven Harry Potter books. The content is not the content that takes over the main part, but the story development has a fairly strong impact.

When I announced the new work of Harry Potter on Twitter, the number of likes recorded 80,000, and it was attracting a lot of attention.

Kimagure Artificial Intelligence Project I’m a writer

The capricious artificial intelligence project “I’m a writer” is a project started in September 2012 by a team led by Professor Hitoshi Matsubara of Future University Hakodate.

The content of the project is to analyze the entire short story of Shinichi Hoshi and refer to the idea generation method written in essays, etc., and aim to have artificial intelligence create a story. Specifically, I created a novel using “GhostWriter” and a surface sentence generation tool “Haori”.

Of the completed novels, one that was submitted for the Shinichi Hoshi Award was able to pass the first screening. Even though it is difficult to pass the screening even for novels made by humans, it is epoch-making that a novel made by artificial intelligence passes the screening.

What kind of novels will AI write in the future?

With current technology, AI cannot create 1 from scratch, so it cannot write 100% novels.

However, if artificial intelligence can eventually compose sentences on its own, compose sentences and create original novels, the way novels should be, how we enjoy novels, and the perception of AI will change further.

In the future, it will become common to write novels with AI, and I am excited to think that the future will come when we can enjoy the differences between novels that are unique to humans and novels that are unique to AI.


So far, we have introduced novels created using AI and projects to realize them. How was it?

It is difficult at this stage to write a novel with 100% artificial intelligence, but I do not know what will happen in the future. It is interesting to imagine what the future will bring.

If you haven’t read a novel written by an AI yet, once you read it, you’ll be surprised at how well it looks like it was written by a human being. It may be interesting to discover something new by reading novels written by AI.


What is an AI algorithm?


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