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10 recommended products by type of AI home robot | Detailed introduction to how to choose!

Table of Contents

  • What is an AI home robot?
    • pet robot
    • communication robot
  • How to choose an AI robot for home use
    • price
    • type
    • size
    • quality of interaction
  • 10 recommended AI home robots
    • 5 pet robots
    • 5 selections of communication type robots
  • Who are AI home robots recommended for?
    • Pet robots are recommended for these people
    • Communication robots are recommended for these people
  • in conclusion

What is an AI home robot?

What kinds of AI robots are used at home? First, I will introduce the types of AI home robots.

pet robot

Pet robots, as the name suggests, are robots that look like pets such as dogs and cats. It’s amazing how they behave and react just like animals.

For example, when you touch a dog-shaped robot, it makes sounds when you touch it, and it behaves like you’re lying on your back, so you can’t help but feel attached to it.

Pet-type robots are sometimes placed in electronics retail stores and coffee shops, so I’m sure some of you have seen them before.

communication robot

A communication robot is a robot that can converse with humans. The communication robot responds with words and gestures according to the contents of the conversation.

It has been said that it is difficult for robots to recognize human voices, because the words spoken by people to robots often have poor fluency or are surrounded by noise.

Today, with the improvement of AI voice recognition technology, it is now possible to enjoy conversations with robots. Many affordable products can only have simple conversations, but more expensive products allow conversations to be very natural.

How to choose an AI robot for home use

There are four factors to consider when choosing a home AI robot:

  1. price
  2. type
  3. size
  4. quality of interaction

I will explain each.


AI robots can be purchased at relatively affordable prices.

The price range for home robots ranges from 30,000 yen to over 100,000 yen. Entry-level AI robots are available for around 30,000 yen.


There are two types of AI robots: pet type and communication type. The type you purchase depends on your purpose.

The pet type is for people who can’t buy a pet at home or who want comfort. On the other hand, the communication type is for people who use it as a caregiver or as a playmate for children.

Make sure you know what you want to buy before you buy.


Many AI robots are small in size.

Most pet-type and communication-type robots are less than 30 centimeters tall. Even if you live alone, you won’t have trouble finding a place to put it, and you can carry it around.

quality of interaction

If you buy a robot that doesn’t respond or doesn’t move as expected, you’ll regret it after you buy it.

How much the robot responds is a point that should be emphasized when purchasing. It would be a good idea to check the place where it is actually moving at a home appliance mass retailer.

Some products post videos of the robots actually moving on YouTube so that you can easily check their movements.

Make sure to check what functions and behaviors the robot has before you buy it.

10 recommended AI home robots

Next, we will divide the recommended AI robots for home use into pet types and communication types, and introduce five recommended products for each.

5 pet robots

The following five AI home pet robots are recommended.

  1. Mofurin
  2. LOVOT
  3. Cozmo
  4. Aibo
  5. Yume Neko Premium

I will explain each.

① Mofurin

AI pet robot `` Mofurin '' with fluffy cuteness Starts cloud funding from Japan to the world with `` kickstarter '' | Robostar

Mofurin makes adorable sounds and gestures just like real creatures. The AI ​​installed in Mofurin is based on emotions.

It is possible to understand the environment you are in and behave like a real animal. This robot can also express “negative emotions”. If you don’t take good care of them, they won’t miss you.


Source: LOVOT official websiteLOVOT is a highly functional robot. It has the following 3 functions:

  • home mapping
  • I can answer the phone
  • Welcome

The home mapping function is updated each time the LOVOT moves, so the accuracy of the movement improves over time. The MAP is updated by moving the furniture, so it is possible to change the layout of the room.

In addition, the answering machine function sends a photo of a suspicious person to the user when the sensor detects a suspicious person. It also has an anti-theft function. As a pet-type robot-like function, there is a pick-up function, and it will greet the user when he/she returns home.


Cozmo is a small AI robot. Although it is a small robot, its performance is quite high. It can recognize people and express facial expressions. It is very surprising to be able to experience the latest AI in the palm size.

Cozmo can do three things:

  • play
  • Explore with Cozmo’s Perspective
  • programming experience

A small robot with all these functions would be perfect for children! You can also create simple programming, so isn’t it good for children’s programming education?



Aibo is a dog-shaped robot. When touched, it reacts like a dog. Aibo not only behaves like a dog, but also changes its personality depending on how its owner raises it.

Depending on how you touch it, it can become spoiled or wild. It’s funny how attitudes change depending on how you are raised.

⑤Dream Cat Premium

Yume Neko Premium | Sega Toys

Yume Neko Premium is a robot that looks just like a real cat.

In addition, parts such as eyes and ears move, so it behaves like a real cat. Brushing is also possible using special equipment. I’m looking for a sense of realism.

5 selections of communication type robots

The following five AI home communication robots are recommended.

  1. unibo
  2. Romi
  3. Qoobo
  4. Hello! Zoomer
  5. Communication robot AT

I will explain each.

⑥ Unibo

Unibo (for home use) sales start | Unibo

Unibo learns hobbies, preferences and lifestyle habits through conversations with users. Gradually, you will acquire communication that is optimized for you.

Unibo has a lot of other functions besides voice recognition function. The main functions are as follows.

  • family steward
  • communication
  • Suggestions and purchases for lifestyle and meals
  • Photo/video shooting
  • Cooperation with various sensors
  • Cooperation with a dedicated EC site
  • home appliance control

A robot that not only enables highly accurate conversation, but also makes life so much more convenient is amazing! It is a little expensive product, but the performance is very good, so please check the official page .


Since Romi is an autonomous conversational robot, it thinks and answers the questions asked by itself. It is convenient when you want to talk for a while.

Romi has not only a conversation function, but also the following useful functions.

  • timer
  • alarm clock
  • English conversation
  • weather forecast

It’s very convenient because the robot will take care of setting the alarm clock that you tend to forget every day and checking the weather forecast, which is troublesome to check.


Like a living thing?  Introducing a petite size robot that shakes its tail when stroked!  Respond to sound!  - CAMPFIRE

This robot does not respond by conversation, but returns a characteristic action. When you stroke or touch it, it reacts by wagging its tail. If you stroke it hard, it will wag its tail hard.

It feels soft to the touch, and you should be soothed by the sight of its tail wagging. It actually has the effect of reducing stress and is perfect for those who are looking for healing!

The selling price is 13,200 yen (tax included).

⑨Hello! Zoomer

Zoomer is a robot that can understand words and act. It can only respond to predefined words, but you can operate it by speaking to it.

There are more than 20 behavior patterns that you want to respond to when tickled, run, walk, and cry. The price is reasonable and isn’t it good for children’s playmates?

(10) Communication robot AT

AT is a fairly small robot with a height of 13 cm. Using the sensor on the head, you can take communication such as conversation and parrot return.

If you talk to it with preset words, it will move as you say, so you can enjoy playing. In addition to conversation functions, it also has message recording and music functions.

The price is also reasonable, so if you are interested in AI robots, you should definitely check it out.

Who are AI home robots recommended for?

I’ve seen a lot of AI robots for home use. That said, people who buy AI robots have different needs.

Therefore, from here, we will introduce “What kind of people are AI robots recommended for?”

Pet robots are recommended for these people

People who can’t buy pets at home

If you live in a house where pets are prohibited, such as an apartment building, we recommend purchasing a pet-type robot. Many people may be worried that they cannot keep pets due to the rules of where they live.

If it is a pet-type robot, it will not bark loudly and there is no need to worry about damaging furniture and fixtures. Therefore, it is especially recommended for those who cannot keep pets because they are worried about disturbing their neighbors.

people with animal allergies

Some people want to keep pets, but they can’t keep them because they have animal allergies. It’s such a shame that I can’t have pets because of my allergies.

Robots don’t cause allergic reactions, and their movements are just like pets, so it feels like having a real animal. You can touch it like a real pet without suffering from allergies.

Communication robots are recommended for these people

People who want to use it as a playmate for children

By buying a robot for a playful child, you can spend less time interacting with the child. It’s physically demanding to keep a child playing all the time.

There are also robots that can be played in conjunction with game consoles, expanding the range of children’s play.

Lonely person living alone

If you live alone, there are many people who basically feel lonely because they spend a lot of time alone. If the robot has someone to talk to, it will be healed.

A robot with excellent speech recognition function will respond to simple conversations. Some models can control home appliances, so robots make life more convenient.

People who need nursing care and elderly people

Communication robots are also active in nursing care situations. There are three main types:

  • State detection type
  • Environment/operation responsive type
  • Caregiver replacement program implementation type

The status detection type robot automatically speaks to the elderly when they are in bed, and the environment/operation response type robot responds when they perform some action.

The caregiver replacement program implementation type has the function of implementing an exercise program that moves the body.

in conclusion

So far, I have explained AI-equipped robots. How was it?

I would appreciate it if you could deepen your understanding of robots that use AI. AI robots are expected to continue to evolve. There is a dream that robots that have become more convenient can be used at home.


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