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[2023 edition] Thorough comparison of 4 recommended influencer marketing! Explain the advantages, disadvantages and tips for success

In recent years, a wide range of users, from the young to the elderly, are using SNS, and SNS marketing is gaining momentum. Some companies may want to use influencers who have great influence on SNS to help raise awareness of their products. When conducting social media marketing, it is necessary to understand influencer marketing.

In this article, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of influencer marketing, tips for success, and recommended influencer marketing support companies.

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What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is marketing that uses the influence of influencers. A person with a large number of followers on social media is called an influencer. Influencers with a large number of followers are popular with users, so you can expect a large advertising effect by having them promote your products and services. Influencer marketing can be said to be more cost-effective than advertising such as general commercials.

Benefits of influencer marketing

The main benefits of influencer marketing are:

  • There are many marketing strategies
  • Fine targeting is possible
  • Advertisement is easily accepted by consumers

I will explain each.

There are many marketing strategies

Influencer marketing is attractive because there are plenty of marketing measures. For example, there are local reports by inviting influencers to the store, and dissemination of content in collaboration with the company’s products. You will be able to achieve more effective marketing by implementing marketing measures that match your business format and objectives.

Fine targeting is possible

Another advantage of influencer marketing is that it allows for detailed targeting according to tastes and hobbies. You can clarify the target you want to promote your products and services, and ask influencers who have influence on the most suitable demographics to advertise. It will be possible to reach more efficiently than marketing to a vaguely wide range of people.

Advertisement is easily accepted by consumers

Although influencer marketing is a type of advertising, it has the advantage of not making consumers feel “advertising”. Many consumers find advertising on the web to be disgusting. Influencer marketing can be said to be an advertising method that is easily accepted by consumers. The advantage is that even consumers who block ads can be promoted through influencers.

Disadvantages of influencer marketing

The disadvantages of influencer marketing are:

  • Choosing influencers takes time
  • There is a risk of stemming and burning
  • Communication requires human resources

I will explain each.

Choosing influencers takes time

The success of influencer marketing depends heavily on the influencers you hire. The greater the number of followers, the more effective it is, and it is necessary to consider the details, such as whether the content of the company’s products and services and the content of the influencer’s message match, and whether the attributes of the followers are similar. Therefore, it often takes time to select influencers.

There is a risk of stemming and burning

Also be aware that influencer marketing has the risk of stigma and flames. Stemmer refers to sales promotion activities that are performed while hiding the fact that it is an advertisement from consumers. It is not uncommon for a promotion to be misunderstood as a stemmer, even though the promotion was formally requested. Basically, make sure to make appropriate promotional displays, such as clearly stating that the post is a tie-up post or stating, “We received a product from XX company.”

Communication requires human resources

For influencer marketing to be successful, it is necessary to communicate well with influencers in advance so that there is no difference in direction. If you ask multiple influencers, you will have to talk with each influencer, so it will take more human resources.

Characteristics of social media used in influencer marketing

The four most popular social media platforms for influencer marketing are:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of each SNS.


YouTube is a video sharing site that is popular all over the world. Influencers called “YouTubers” are particularly well-known and influential compared to other SNS. The wide age range of users makes it possible to approach a wide range of people, which is also attractive.


Instagram is a social networking site that mainly posts photos and videos. Because it is suitable for appealing with visual effects, it will be easy to appeal the appeal of your company, especially in fashion and interior related fields. The user base is relatively young, and many influencers called “Instagrammers” are also active. Another advantage is that it is easy to connect to the purchase of products from your own account.


Twitter is an SNS that mainly posts in text. You can post videos and images as well as text. It is characterized by high diffusivity through “retweet”, and if you do not fail to select influencers, you can expect a high advertising effect. Since there are many young users, it is a recommended SNS for targeting young people.


TikTok is an SNS that mainly posts short videos. You can easily create videos with standard video processing tools on social media with a casual atmosphere. It is recommended for companies considering marketing to young people because it has many users in the younger age group and is especially popular among teenagers.

Tips for successful influencer marketing

Here are three tips for successful influencer marketing:

  • fine-tune the target
  • Choose SNS and influencers that match the product
  • Get influencers to understand the appeal of your product

I will explain each.

fine-tune the target

Be very specific with your influencer marketing. Sending a post in a market where there is no target will not be effective. The measures differ depending on which layer and how you want to approach it. Understand the characteristics of the product, such as the price range, usage scene, replacement frequency, etc., and develop a promotion plan.

Choose SNS and influencers that match the product

Choosing the right social media and influencers for your product is very important for influencer marketing. Depending on the SNS, the tendency of posted content differs. Knowing the characteristics of each SNS and choosing a medium that suits the product can be expected to have a large advertising effect. Also, influencers should not be selected solely on the basis of the number of followers. Of course, the number of followers is important, but it is important whether the content posted by the influencer matches the company’s products.

Get influencers to understand the appeal of your product

Communicating the attractiveness of the product to influencers is also important for successful marketing. By getting influencers to understand the appealing points of the product, it is possible to promote it in a way that is easier for consumers to understand. However, if you specify the expression and posting method in detail, the appeal of the influencer will be halved. Basically, it’s better to leave it up to influencers who know what posts consumers like.

4 influencer marketing support companies

In influencer marketing, there are companies that help with marketing. This time, we will introduce four recommended support companies for companies that are considering using an influencer marketing support company.

  • UUUM
  • 3 minutes


UUUM is a marketing support company that provides marketing services by YouTubers. We recommend using planning that is close to the context and story in your marketing. Since many popular YouTubers belong to it, you will be able to select influencers that match your company’s products and services.

Features of UUUM

  • Provide marketing by Youtuber
  • Planning with context and story
  • Many popular Youtubers are enrolled


GROVE is a marketing support company with many creators of major SNS. You can request the casting of appropriate influencers that match your company or product. In addition, it is also possible to measure the effectiveness of the promotion because it conducts quantitative numerical analysis after the promotion. We also provide SNS operation agency, so if you do not know how to operate it yourself, you can receive support.

Features of #GROVE

  • Many creators of major SNS are enrolled
  • Appropriate casting and branding tailored to the company
  • Support marketing with SNS consulting


INFLUENCER CLOUD is a marketing support company that enables low-budget casting. Since we have partnered with a wide variety of influencers, there is a high possibility that we can appoint people who match the image of our products. It is suitable for companies that are new to influencer marketing and companies that want to keep their budget down.


  • low budget casting
  • Partnering with a wide variety of influencers
  • Effective measures based on account analysis



3 minutes

3 Minutes is a marketing support company that provides end-to-end support from SNS marketing strategy planning to analysis improvement. It has a track record of being introduced by many companies, enabling influencer marketing to increase brand value. We are especially good at marketing for women in their 20s and 30s, so we recommend this support company if your target matches.

Features of 3 Minutes

  • End-to-end support for SNS marketing
  • Marketing to increase brand value
  • Specializing in marketing for women in their 20s and 30s


In this article, we explained the advantages and disadvantages of influencer marketing, tips for success, and recommended influencer marketing support companies. Influencer marketing is an advertising method that allows you to choose a method that suits your company from among a wide range of measures. After clarifying your target, consider requesting an influencer marketing support company that suits your company.



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