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[2023 version] 9 recommended text mining tools! Detailed comparison points

There must be more than a few people in charge who think about what a text mining tool can do and how it can be useful for their company. A text mining tool is a tool that extracts and analyzes necessary items from text data. It is useful for a wide range of purposes, from large amounts of data to grasping customer needs and improving internal work efficiency.

In this article, we will explain in detail the 9 recommended text mining tools, what you can do, the types, and the comparison points. Please take advantage of it when considering the introduction of a text mining tool.

Table of contents

What is a text mining tool

Text mining tools are tools for extracting and analyzing meaning from huge amounts of text data. Using natural language processing technology, desired keywords, topics, human emotions and evaluations can be extracted from text data, and the analysis results can be visualized.

The text mining tool analyzes the text using natural language processing technology and extracts important keywords, topics, emotions, etc. By analyzing the extracted results from the frequency of occurrence and degree of relevance, and visualizing them in graphs and charts, it is possible to identify problems and areas for improvement.

Text mining tools are used for marketing research, social media information gathering, news article analysis and translation.

What you can do with text mining tools

Here are four things you can do with text mining tools.

  • Understanding customer needs
  • Accelerate issue discovery
  • Analysis from a new angle
  • work efficiency

I will explain each.

Understanding customer needs

The first is understanding customer needs.

A text mining tool can classify text data such as customer feedback and inquiries to understand what the most requested or dissatisfied customers are and to which category they belong. In addition, by extracting specific words and phrases from text data, it is also possible to identify what requests, needs, and dissatisfaction customers have. If you know your customers are unhappy, you’ll be able to spot improvements quickly.

By understanding customer needs, it is possible to identify which products and services are popular and whether there is room for improvement.

Accelerate issue discovery

The second is speeding up problem discovery.

You can quickly identify hidden problems and issues by extracting specific keywords and phrases from a large amount of text data. By classifying related keywords and phrases contained in the text as themes, you will be able to find common issues from multiple documents. You can also understand customer emotions and reactions to gauge the severity of issues.

By using text mining technology, companies will be able to take measures against problems seen from text data. Since it is faster than manual analysis by humans, it is possible to respond quickly to complaints and troubles and to prepare for potential risks.

Analysis from a new angle

The third is analysis from a new angle.

Text mining tools are classified and analyzed by segments such as time, period, gender, and age. Analysis definitions can be set according to your company, so you will be able to capture customer needs from multiple angles. Documents and sentences related to the same topic can also be classified together, so it is possible to analyze data from a new angle based on the accumulated analysis data of the company.

Using text mining technology gives companies new analytical perspectives. It can also be expected to lead to improved business performance, such as discovering new business ideas and improving business processes, by noticing information that was overlooked by conventional analysis methods.

work efficiency

The fourth is work efficiency.

Using text mining tools, you can automatically collect, extract, and classify huge amounts of text data. As a result, the conventional effort of manually entering, checking, and summarizing data using Excel and other tools will be eliminated, and work efficiency will be greatly improved. In addition, long sentences can be automatically summarized and displayed visually on dashboards and other places in an easy-to-understand manner, increasing the speed of comprehension when reading.

By using a text mining tool, free-form questionnaire results, which could not be analyzed due to lack of manpower, can be converted into data and used effectively. Work efficiency will be greatly improved as more data can be analyzed in less time.

Types of text mining tools

The main types of text mining tools are:

  • for text extraction
  • For SNS analysis
  • For call center business

I will explain each.

for text extraction

The first is for sentence extraction.

As a text mining tool for document extraction, it has the following features.

  • Extract specific keywords
  • Dealing with non-standard expressions and grammatically complex sentences
  • Supports named entities such as person names, place names, and organization names
  • Classify a large number of documents according to certain rules
  • Extracting important information from large amounts of documents

Text mining tools for extracting documents can efficiently and systematically classify and analyze complex sentences such as newspaper articles and research papers, and are useful in many companies and research institutions.

For SNS analysis

The second is for SNS analysis.

A large amount of text data is posted on SNS every day. Text mining tools can analyze these data and grasp customer preferences, opinions, trends, etc. Key features of text mining tools for social media analysis include:

  • Designed to efficiently collect text data from multiple SNS sites
  • Supports non-standard expressions such as colloquialisms, abbreviations, and slang
  • Automatically extract and analyze hashtags
  • Understanding awareness of specific companies and brands

Text mining tools for SNS analysis are mainly used in marketing, public relations, customer support, etc.

For call center business

The third is for call center operations.

Tools specialized for call center operations can analyze large amounts of voice data and text data held by call centers to analyze customer problems, requests, and complaints. By using text mining technology on data that converts customer remarks into text, you will be able to extract what the customer wants and what kind of problems are hidden, and decide what to do. .

In addition, call centers often communicate by voice, so there are tools that can also mine VOCs based on conversations and customer interactions. Using speech recognition technology, recorded voice data is converted into text data and analyzed. This will allow other employees to effectively understand the content of interactions between call center operators and customers, and will be able to take appropriate measures to address any issues that arise.

Comparison points of text mining tools

When comparing text mining tools, it is important to be aware of the following three points.

Range of analysis

I will explain each.


The first is operability.

It is necessary to check whether the person in charge who handles the text mining tool can easily perform analysis even if they do not have specialized knowledge, and whether it is easy to utilize the output results. For example, ease of use of the GUI, easy-to-understand operation procedures, and intuitive operation. If the tool is easy to operate even for beginners, even if the person in charge of operation changes during operation, it will be easy to take over and stable results will be obtained.


The second is customizability.

After implementing a text mining tool, you may need to customize it according to your company’s specific needs and challenges. For example, if you want to analyze text that contains technical terms or keywords in a specific field, you will need to register the specialized language. Therefore, check whether it is possible to register company-specific terms and product names in the dictionary, whether it is possible to add company-specific analysis items and indicators, and whether the format and format of the data to be analyzed can be set by the tool. let’s go.

If you choose a highly customizable text mining tool, it will be easier for your company to use, and the decision-making speed of management and others may increase.

Scope of analysis

The third is the scope of analysis.

The scope of analysis refers to the type, amount, language, etc. of text data that the tool can handle. For example, one text mining tool may not be compatible with the data formats your company works with. Therefore, check whether the tool can be analyzed according to the scene you want to use, such as document extraction, SNS, call center, questionnaire, and chat.

Also, some tools are better suited for small-scale data analysis, while others are better suited for large amounts of textual data. If you choose a tool that is not suitable for your processing volume, processing may take a long time, so be careful.

The scope of analysis is an important point when selecting a text mining tool. Choose a tool that matches the data your company handles.

9 recommended text mining tools

Here are nine recommendations for text mining tools.

for document extraction

  • visualization engine
  • VextMiner
  • Magic Insight for WEX AC Service
  • Text Voice

For SNS analysis

  • Tofu Analytics
  • NetBase

For call center business

  • TRAINA text mining
  • Text Mining Studio
  • VOiC Finder

I will explain each.

for document extraction

Below are four tools for extracting documents from text mining tools.

  • visualization engine
  • VextMiner
  • Magic Insight for WEX AC Service
  • Text Voice

visualization engine

A visualization engine is a text mining tool that can utilize a wide range of data such as SNS, inquiry logs, questionnaires, internal documents, and daily reports. It is possible to extract and analyze trends such as young people’s words by evolving language analysis on a daily basis. Because of the intuitive UI, even those who have never used a text mining tool can use it without hesitation. There is also an introduction support service where a full-time consultant can visit and support you when you are in trouble.

Features of visualization engine

  • Acquired No. 1 share for 11 consecutive years (Fuji Chimera Research Institute 2022 survey)
  • Specialized analysis of a wide range of data such as SNS and call logs
  • Support for utilizing Twitter data as a Twitter-certified service


VextMiner is a text mining tool that can discover the information you are looking for from a large amount of document information. It is equipped with functions that are useful when you don’t have time to analyze a large amount of data, when you don’t know how to analyze various opinions, or when the classification analysis changes due to a change in the person in charge. Categorization and predictive monitoring functions are standard functions, and there are optional functions such as knowledge generation and batch processing, so you can select the necessary functions according to the situation you want to use.

Features of VextMiner

  • Strengths in sentence-by-sentence analysis through automatic learning
  • Extracting Minority Opinions Hidden in Big Data
  • We offer a one-day training course that is safe even for beginners

Magic Insight for WEX AC Service

Magic Insight for WEX is a service that enables you to use IBM Watson Explorer-equipped tools as an ASP/SaaS type. There are three services, one of which is the AC service that can perform high-performance text mining. Unstructured data with no defined columns or rows can be aggregated using natural language interpretation and visualized using various analysis methods, making it possible to uncover new findings and patterns.

Features of Magic Insight for WEX AC Service

  • Supports both structured and unstructured data
  • Equipped with 7 advanced analysis functions such as trend analysis and connection analysis
  • Selectable from on-premises and ASP/SaaS

Text Voice

TextVoice is an easy-to-use auto-dictionary tool. Since similar words are automatically converted into a dictionary, efficiency will increase surprisingly. It supports various data, including questionnaires and inquiries, and can be used for corporate business, such as discovering new customer needs and deriving solutions. Equipped with a total of six functions, such as visualizing connections between words and matching latent patterns.

Features of TextVoice

  • Intuitive operation that anyone can understand
  • Analyze up to 15MB of data at once
  • Free trial for 2 weeks

For SNS analysis

We will introduce the following two tools for SNS analysis of text mining tools.

  • Tofu Analytics
  • NetBase

Tofu Analytics

Tofu Analytics is a cutting-edge tool that can analyze SNS. Equipped with our own analysis technology, we will automate marketing, attracting customers, and social listening on SNS. AI can automatically identify influencers and approach those who have already been analyzed. If you use the image analysis function by AI, you can output the data that the customer is looking for, and it is also possible to link with MA tools and BI tools.

Features of Tofu Analytics

  • Monitor changes in posts, total reach, etc.
  • Proven track record of managing over 1000 SNS accounts
  • Free trial available (with certain conditions)


NetBase is an SNS analysis tool with a world-class track record. It is possible to analyze data sources of web pages such as news sites, blogs, EC sites, as well as major SNS such as Twitter and YouTube. Data owned by the company can also be uploaded to NetBase and accumulated in the database for analysis. Supports 49 languages ​​including Japanese and English.

Features of NetBase

  • Can be analyzed from various perspectives such as emotions, behavior, and gender
  • Can be shared with members when needed
  • Demo request available for companies

For call center business

Below are three text mining tools for call center operations.

  • TRAINA text mining
  • Text Mining Studio
  • VOiC Finder

TRAINA text mining

TRAINA text mining is primarily a tool for call centers. It is possible to analyze a huge amount of data such as customer calls and questionnaires, and use it to develop new products and improve services. Nomura Research Institute has developed it by utilizing the experience it has cultivated in consulting business, and by making it useful, it is easy to use in actual business and can solve customer problems.

Features of TRAINA Text Mining

  • Developing original sensitivity and emotion dictionaries for each industry and product
  • Equipped with a hotspot function that allows you to know where to focus
  • Text mining can be used in as little as 1-2 weeks after installation

Text Mining Studio

Text Mining Studio is a tool that allows you to easily analyze text. With a single mouse, you can read data, analyze it, and output a report. Natural language processing is also possible for things such as “semantic connections between dependent words and words” and “attitude expressions (nuances),” which goes one step further than “words.” See the results of your analysis and instantly see the original text to generate compelling output.

Features of Text Mining Studio

  • Full-fledged use of the text mining function with simple operations
  • Convenient add-on products such as English and similarity extraction are also provided
  • Free for 1 month as a trial

VOiC Finder

VOiC Finder is a text mining tool with strengths in “spoken language” VOC analysis. Jointly developed by Nissan and SCSK. It is useful when there is voice data, but it is difficult to analyze spoken words and VOC analysis cannot be performed. It is possible to read the relationship between multiple sentences, and it is possible to appropriately extract and analyze the relationship with the other party and what they are looking for from the conversation.

Features of VOiC Finder

  • In addition to the standard dictionary of over 100,000 words, equipped with an AI automatic dictionary creation function
  • Supports various analyzes such as CX analysis and pain point analysis
  • Estimates are required each time upon request


In this article, we have discussed text mining tools. Text mining tools are broadly divided into three types, including those for document extraction, those for SNS, and those for call center operations. When considering the introduction, clarify the purpose of what your company wants to achieve using the tool, what kind of results you want to obtain, and then select the appropriate tool.



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