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Released an app that allows you to understand everything from the basics of AI to project promotion methods in a chat format |

Growth X Co., Ltd., which operates a learning app for digital human resource development, has released a learning app “Growth X AI Edition (with co-learning app)” that trains AI human resources with the aim of revitalizing the use and promotion of AI in companies. We have started selling.

According to the company, many companies still face the following issues:

  • There is no AI education curriculum in the company
  • Can’t create AI plans
  • Insufficient team power to promote AI

In this service, the following learning content has the following three characteristics, and solves the problems of these AI “personnel training, planning, and team building” that companies have.

  • Learn the basics of AI with a systematic curriculum
  • AI planning is completed naturally while learning
  • Learning together increases the team’s ability to drive AI

In addition, the content is designed to be used in practice, and we have prepared a wide and comprehensive curriculum that covers not only basic knowledge, but also planning and connoisseurs of AI, know-how to proceed with AI projects, and case studies. I’m here. As a result, the curriculum aims to become a “human resource who can master AI”.

The learning method is equipped with a function that allows you to learn in a chat format, so that you can learn and take root in your free time. In addition, it is equipped with a function that allows team members to learn at the same time, allowing all team members to create plans and create a collection of AI case studies.

Ryuji Noguchi of the Japan Deep Learning Association was in charge of “Growth X AI”. He is also the author of “Become a humanities AI human resource” (Toyo Keizai Inc.) and also serves as the company’s AI strategy advisor.

▼Comment from Mr. Noguchi

Just as all members of society learn business etiquette, I feel that we are entering an era in which all employees learn AI. As part of the promotion of DX, I think that there are quite a few companies that have begun to make efforts to significantly improve operational efficiency by utilizing data and AI, and to become more competitive by renovating customer service. I think most companies say that they do not have enough internal human resources to promote AI and AI. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of AI technological development, it is necessary to secure a large number of “human resources who can use AI.” However, the number of DX and AI human resources in the human resource market is insufficient. I think that what companies can take is to enhance their in-house education system and mass-produce human resources who can master AI.



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