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The 2nd Reader Survey Rules! 2022

This agreement applies to all persons (hereinafter referred to as “respondents”) who respond to the “AINOW Reader Survey” (hereinafter referred to as “this survey”) conducted by DIP Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “DIP”). ) shall apply to

Article 1 (Answer)
1. Respondents to this questionnaire shall answer this questionnaire voluntarily and shall be deemed to have approved all of the contents of this agreement.
2. Responses to this questionnaire are limited to one response per person by filling out the necessary information in the prescribed form.
3. If duplicate answers are confirmed, only the first answer will be valid and the other answers will be invalid.

Article 2 (Selection and Announcement of Winners)
1. After the response period ends, DIP will select a winner by lottery from among those who have responded.
2. Winners will be contacted or sent prizes to the contact information provided when answering this survey.
3. Winners of this questionnaire will be announced when the contact or prizes are shipped as described in the preceding paragraph.
4. If the contact, etc. stipulated in paragraph 2 of this article is unsuccessful, the winner will be deemed to have declined to receive the prize.

Article 3 (Delivery of prizes)
1. DIP will not be held responsible for any damages caused by respondents due to reasons not attributable to DIP.
2. Prizes will be sent only once, and will not be sent again unless there is a reason attributable to DIP. DIP will not be held responsible for any errors in shipping address information (including delays in notification of changes specified in the next article), shipping accidents, or failure to receive prizes.
3. Delivery of prizes is limited to Japan.
4. DIP will not be responsible for any loss or damage (including loss of data, etc.) after the prize arrives.

Article 4 (Notification of Change)
Respondents must promptly notify DIP of any change in the content of their notification to this questionnaire or the content of their answers. Any damage caused by delaying this notification shall be borne by the respondent.

Article 5 (Prohibitions)
Respondents are prohibited from doing the following:
1. Registering or providing false information2
. Any act that interferes with the operation of this questionnaire
3. Acts contrary to public order and morals
5. Any act that violates laws and regulations . Any other actions that DIP deems inappropriate

Article 6 (Use of personal information and response content)
1. DIP may make secondary use of the information provided in this survey, excluding information that identifies individuals such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers, in works, etc., edited and published by DIP. In this case, the copyright of the secondary work belongs to DIP.
2. Responses to this questionnaire may be processed so that individuals cannot be identified and posted on websites operated by DIP.

Article 7 (Disclaimer)
1. DIP will only contact the winners of the lottery results of this questionnaire or ship the prizes, but will not make any other guarantees.
2. DIP does not take any responsibility for any damages caused to respondents by answering this questionnaire.

Article 8 (Changes to Terms)
DIP may change these terms at any time without obtaining the consent of the respondent.

Article 9 (Court of Jurisdiction)
The Tokyo District Court shall be the court of first instance for disputes concerning these Terms.

[Handling of personal information]
DIP Co., Ltd. handles personal information acquired on this website as follows.

a) Business operator that acquires personal information
DIP Co. , Ltd.

b) Job title, affiliation and contact information of personal information protection manager Job
title and affiliation: DIP Corporation Director CIO (Chief Information Officer) (Privacy Secretariat)

Contact (inquiry form):
c) Purpose of use of personal information
Acquired personal information is used only within the scope of the purposes listed below. use.
(1) Personal authentication
(2) Implementation of this questionnaire
(3) Prize drawing for
this questionnaire (4) Shipping and communication of prizes for this questionnaire
(5) Improvement of service operation, etc.
(6) Guidance or proposal of dip service
(7) Implementation of monitor interviews

d) Provision
to third parties We will not provide the acquired personal information to third parties.

e) Outsourcing of handling of
personal information We may outsource all or part of the handling of personal information. In this case, we will conclude a contract regarding the handling of personal information and conduct necessary and appropriate supervision of the contractor.

f) Request for disclosure from the person,
etc. If it is necessary for the person to (1) notify the purpose of use, (2) disclose, (3) correct, add or delete, (4) stop using, erase, or stop providing to a third party, the following Please inquire from the inquiry window.

g) Optionality
All entries in this inquiry form are mandatory.
If you do not fill in the required items, we will not be able to provide services from DIP Corporation.

h) Statistical Data
DIP Corporation may create usage status and statistical data processed so that individuals cannot be identified, and use such information without any restrictions. The copyright in this case belongs to DIP Corporation.



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