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Galapagos Co., Ltd., which provides creative production tool “AIR Design”, raises 1.1 billion yen | Three policies to expand business!

Galapagos Co., Ltd., which provides AIR Design, a creative production tool for marketing that utilizes AI, has raised approximately 1.1 billion yen in Series A rounds.

In addition to additional investments from existing shareholders Archetype Ventures, Mizuho Capital, and Globe Advisors Ventures, this funding has received new investments from STRIVE, THE FUND, DIMENSION, and THE GUILD.

As a result, a venture capital team with extensive knowledge in SaaS product growth support, business collaboration and strategy planning, and a creative firm with diverse expertise in the design field will join the company’s management as shareholders.

The company promotes DX in the design area, which is highly individualized and lacks reproducibility, and develops tools that can produce creative with excellent cost performance. The system is expensive, and it has been introduced to more than 300 companies in less than two years since the service started.

To accelerate this growth, the company will focus on three directions:

  1. Demand side (customer development)
    • Agency network construction as an introduction partner of AIR Design
  2. Supply side (production capacity)
    • Building a network of designers as employees and outsourcing partners
  3. Product side (system development)
    • Development of SaaS products using AI and data

As a first step, we plan to invest the funds raised this time in ” recruiting the necessary human resources for the above, ” “strengthening customer success and creative teams, ” and ” marketing measures .”

The company plans to employ diverse members in a wide range of positions in order to develop products and expand the business of AIR Design in the future, and to promote the transformation of the design industry.



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