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CaoPeas, which develops image recognition AI models, will exhibit at the 5th AI / Business Automation Exhibition [Autumn]

Khao Peas Co., Ltd. will exhibit at the “5th AI / Business Automation Exhibition [Autumn]” to be held from October 27th (Wednesday) to 29th (Friday), 2021 .

Khao Peas is a Vietnamese offshore development company that has extensive experience in various IT fields such as AI research and development, and uses deep learning, reinforcement learning, and AI-OCR to research and develop image recognition AI models.

Click here for more information on Kaopies’ AI research and development .

The company will exhibit the following three services at the AI/Business Automation Expo.

AI-OCR “Yomokka”
Yomokka can automatically recognize handwritten sentences with high accuracy regardless of fixed or atypical forms. On the day of the event, if you bring in the texts and materials you want to read, you can have them read on the spot .

Document Scan App
The document scan app automatically trims the background paper when you take a picture of a paper document with your smartphone, and outputs a clear scan quickly.

AI Posture Estimation (Human Posture/Action Recognition) AI
reads body movements and determines whether yoga is done in the correct posture. The standard posture of yoga is displayed on the monitor, and if the posture is not correct, the AI ​​gives instructions to correct it.

On the day of the event, you can consult about the shortage of engineers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of offshore development in Vietnam.

*An invitation ticket is required to enter this exhibition.



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