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IPA releases “DX White Paper 2021”, which explains DX trends in Japanese companies, for free

On October 11, 2021, the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA), an independent administrative agency, published “ DX White Paper 2021 DX Strategies, Human Resources, and Technology as Seen in a Japan-U.S. Comparative Survey ”.

IPA has published “IT Human Resources White Paper” since 2009 and “AI White Paper” since 2017 to disseminate trends in IT human resources and new technologies.

In recent years, the number of companies working on DX has increased, and the connection between IT and business has become stronger .

Table of Contents 

  • What is the biggest feature of “DX White Paper”?
    • Strategic comparison
    • Comparison in terms of human resources
    • technical comparison
  • Download DX White Paper 2021 for free

What is the biggest feature of “DX White Paper”?

The biggest feature of the book is that it conducted a comparative survey on the DX trends of Japanese and US companies . We conduct a questionnaire survey on DX strategies, human resources, and technology , and consider the current situation and issues of DX in Japanese companies.

Strategic comparison

As a result of a survey on the strategic aspects of DX, 45.3% of companies in Japan are working on DX based on their strategy. In contrast, in the United States it was 71.6% .

In addition, as a result of a survey on whether management, IT departments, and business departments are coordinating, 39.9% of domestic companies answered that they are “sufficiently done” or “somewhat done,” while 86.2% in the United States. There is a difference of more than twice as much as

DX requires not only digitization within an organization, but also innovation through the use of IT technology, as well as transformation of corporate business processes, organizations, and culture. In order to promote DX, it is extremely important that each department cooperates and implements initiatives for innovation .

Comparison in terms of human resources

Regarding the amount of human resources responsible for DX, 76% of the companies answered that they were “significantly short” or “somewhat short” . However, the United States is still far behind at 43.1% .


In addition, there was a difference from the US in terms of the implementation of in-house training to improve IT and literacy. Japan is 22%, while the United States is 54.5%. In order to develop a large number of human resources who will be responsible for future DX initiatives, it is essential to implement an appropriate in-house training program.technical comparison


Regarding the introduction of AI technology, Japan is 20.5%, and the United States is 44.2%, which is more than double the difference. However, when comparing the domestic usage situation with “AI White Paper 2020”, it has increased about five times. We are lagging behind the United States, but I think it is a big step to have grown five times in one to two years.

The United States also outperforms in all areas of “design thinking,” “agile development,” and “DevOps,” which are effective development methods for promoting DX.

In order to provide new value to customers through DX initiatives, it is important to select the appropriate method from these three.


▼Survey overview

Download DX White Paper 2021 for free

You can download the book from the link below, so if you are involved in promoting DX in your company or want to know more about the issues faced by domestic companies, please take a look.



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