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3 reasons why programmers will disappear in the future! 5 things to do before it’s gone

Is the future of programmers uncertain due to the development of AI?

Programmers are believed to be a profession that will disappear in the future due to the development of AI.

It is predicted that many jobs, not just programmers, will disappear due to the replacement of artificial intelligence, but it is necessary to clarify what the reason is first.

For programmers, it is necessary to learn specialized knowledge and skills in order to give precise instructions to machines, so there are probably many people who are concerned about future trends.

3 reasons why programmers will disappear in the future

Here are three reasons why programmers will die in the future.

While there are jobs that programmers are responsible for, such as system development and website construction, the fact that they are also recognized as jobs that will disappear raises the question of whether people will need to use those technologies in the future. it might be.

Let’s understand the way of programming again through the reason why programmers are said to disappear.

Reason 1: The growth of offshore development

Offshore development is to outsource system development work to an overseas company that costs less than Japan.

Due to the shortage of IT human resources in Japan, labor costs are soaring, and the domestic supply is unable to keep up with the increase in demand.

With the development of offshore development, there is a possibility that outsourcing will progress as cost reduction and development quality assurance come true, so it is conceivable that there will be no more Japanese programmers in the future.

Reason 2: Automatic generation of programming

Automatic generation of programming is becoming possible, and there are actually things that do simple programming like generators.

A generator is a program that is automatically created based on the contents just by entering the necessary items without creating from scratch. It is a good idea to understand the terminology used in the IT field.

Reason 3 that it will disappear in the future: Development of design tools, etc.

System development by programmers is done by coding, but that work is being automated.

Now, with the development of design tools, it has become possible to simplify the work.

Using a design tool like STUDIO eliminates the need for coding to create a website, so even non-programmers can easily create a website.

Five things programmers should do before work is gone

It has been pointed out that programmer jobs may disappear in the future due to AI replacement, offshore development, and design tools, but they will not disappear completely.

In addition to having a firm understanding of the parts that are expected to disappear in the future, it is necessary to clarify what needs to be done.

Rather than focusing only on the possibility of jobs disappearing, it would be desirable to take advantage of the ability as a programmer, or to explore the direction with an awareness of differentiation from AI.

Programmer Task 1: Stay up-to-date

IT technology changes with the times, so it is necessary to always grasp the latest information.

In particular, the technology used in system development is being created and improved day by day, so programmers are required to deal with it.

In order to work as a programmer, it is desirable to set aside time for learning, because it is necessary to be willing to learn the latest information.

What programmers should do 2: Train communication skills

Programmers have an image of working silently by themselves, but they don’t always write code.

System development is often done in teams, and even freelancers need communication skills such as listening to customer requests.

Since AI cannot flexibly communicate, improving communication skills will not only help you differentiate yourself, but it will also be a useful skill in the future, not just in the work of programmers.

What programmers should do 3: Learn popular and in-demand programming languages

There are many programming languages ​​used for coding, and the features differ depending on the language.

Learning a language that interests you is good, but choosing a language that is in high demand will free you from worrying about losing your job in the future.

Here are some of the most popular programming languages.


Scala is a hybrid language with two characteristics, object-oriented language and functional language, and is attracting attention as a language in demand.

Since Scala is upwardly compatible with Java, it can be used for almost all development such as web services and business systems.

Because it is a hybrid language, it is a high hurdle for inexperienced people to learn, but if you can handle it, you can do most of the development, so it is better to learn from Java first.


Python is a language often used for AI development, so it is also used for big data required for AI development.

If you become an AI developer in your job as a programmer, you will no longer have to worry about losing your job due to AI.

Python is characterized by high processing speed, ease of code writing, and high versatility, so it can be used not only for AI development but also for application development.


Go is a language developed by Google and used for blockchain and tool development.

In addition to being a technology that realizes a distributed ledger, blockchain can improve security capabilities, enabling financial transactions that require high reliability and the exchange of important data.

Blockchain development, which is attracting attention in the IT field, is expected to grow in the market, so human resources who can handle Go language will be highly valuable.


Swift is a programming language created by Apple that allows you to develop applications for Apple products such as iOS, Mac, and Apple Watch.

With the demand for Apple products, there will be a demand for people who can handle Swift and create applications.

In addition, since it has the feature of visualizing feedback in real time, it is a language that is easy to learn even for beginners and has a high potential for the future.

What programmers should do 4: Work as an SE

When I think about my future as a programmer, I have the option of working as an SE.

SEs not only create requirement definitions and specifications, but also perform work related to overall system development, such as coding and testing.

If you want to continue to play an active role in the IT industry, consider improving your skills to become an SE.

Reason why SE won’t disappear in the future

The design of the system performed by the SE is important, and if the completion is not clearly drawn at the design stage, problems will occur later, such as the site’s flow is difficult to understand, and it would have been nice to have such a function.

In order to prevent this from happening, SEs need to be good at communicating with customers and project team members as well as comprehensive IT skills, and it is said that they will not disappear in the future because there are many things that can only be done by people. .

What programmers should do 5: Aim to be an AI engineer

AI engineers are software developers related to artificial intelligence, and those with programming experience can develop AI using APIs and libraries.

Also, basic knowledge of machine learning and IT engineer skills related to AI development are required, but there are no required exams, so if you are hired by a company, you can become an AI engineer.

However, there are many jobs that require practical experience, so it would be preferable to learn at a school.

Reasons why AI engineers will not disappear in the future

An increasing number of companies want to use AI technology to improve business efficiency, and it is expected that demand will increase further.

However, there is a shortage of human resources for AI engineers, and more people who are familiar with AI and perform maintenance work will be in demand, so it can be said that AI engineers are a job that will not disappear in the future.

Two qualifications that programmers should take to prepare for the future

It’s now clear what needs to be done to keep programmers out of trouble.

After that, I will introduce two qualifications that you should take to prepare for the future.In addition to understanding details such as qualification characteristics and examination fees, you may also gain a deeper understanding of programmers by acquiring skills that will be useful in the future.

Multiple knowledge and skills in the IT field will further expand the range of work.

Qualifications to be taken to prepare 1: Qualifications you want to take to become an SE

The Basic Information Engineer Examination, which is taken as a gateway to success for SEs, is a national qualification established as the foundation of SEs.

The degree of difficulty is high because it is necessary to prepare for a wide range of questions such as knowledge of management strategy and legal affairs in addition to IT technology.

The exam is held twice a year in spring and autumn, and the exam fee is 5,700 yen including tax.It’s a qualification that proves that you have a vast foundation in SE, so there’s no loss in getting it.

Qualifications you should take to prepare 2: Qualifications you want to get to become an AI engineer

In order to become an AI engineer, it is a good idea to acquire the E qualification sponsored by the Japan Deep Learning Association.

The E qualification is held three times a year, and the general examination fee is 32,400 yen including tax, but it is cheaper for students and association members.

Also, by taking the association-certified program and acquiring the ability to implement AI, you will be able to take the E qualification exam, so a wide range of learning is required.

Programmers should prepare for the future

Programmers aren’t the only occupations that worry about losing jobs in the future due to the development of AI.

By aiming to improve your skills while making use of the skills you have acquired, you will be able to expand your range of work and increase your options for working styles, so there is no loss in preparing for the future.



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