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5 reasons why JavaScript is less difficult | Introducing other less difficult languages

What is JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language that runs on your browser.

JavaScript is used to facilitate interaction between the user’s browser and the inside of the web service.

In addition, JavaScript is used not only in personal computers but also in devices such as smartphones, and is frequently used in our daily lives.

Features of JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language that allows you to implement various actions on your web pages.

JavaScript is a language that operates to display websites, and is essential for creating websites with movements such as slide shows and pop-up displays, which have been increasing in recent years.

By using JavaScript, you can implement actions such as enlarging an image or displaying a pop-up window on your website.

What you can do with JavaScript

By using JavaScript, you can give movement to the screen of the web browser.

Since JavaScript can manipulate the HTML and CSS that make up a web page, various actions can be added to the screen.

It is also possible to send and receive information from the server and develop applications such as smartphone apps and chatbots.

5 reasons why JavaScript is less difficult

JavaScript is a programming language with a low difficulty level.

There are various types of programming languages, each with different capabilities and difficulty of learning. Among them, JavaScript is said to be a language that is relatively easy to learn even for beginners.

Here are 5 reasons why JavaScript is less difficult, so why not use it as a reference?

Reason 1: JavaScript is easy to understand

JavaScript has a very simple program syntax and is easy to understand even for beginners, so it can be said that the difficulty level is low.Therefore, it is easy to understand even for beginners who learn programming for the first time.

Also, since JavaScript has a lot in common with other programming languages, if you’re learning another language, you’ll pick it up faster.

The reason why JavaScript is less difficult 2: You don’t have to build an execution environment

JavaScript does not require an execution environment.

Environment construction is easy to stumble when learning programming languages ​​such as Ruby and Python. However, in the case of JavaScript, since the browser has a JavaScript execution environment, it can be executed immediately if there is a browser.

Also, it can be executed in the same way not only on the PC but also on the browser of the smartphone.

Reason 3: Difficulty of JavaScript is easy to imagine

Since JavaScript can be executed on the browser, it is easy to imagine how it works.

Even beginners can easily imagine how JavaScript can perform various actions on web pages.

For example, if you use JavaScript to slide an image on the screen of a web browser, you can imagine in advance how it will behave.

Reason 4: JavaScript is less difficult: Can be used for various purposes

JavaScript is used for various purposes, such as adding dynamic elements to web pages and developing web applications and smartphone applications.

Therefore, it has a wealth of achievements that have been adopted for development so far, and it will be easy to find information when using it for any purpose.

Reason why JavaScript difficulty is low 5: Easy to step up

JavaScript, which is used for website and web service development, can be learned in parallel with less difficult languages ​​such as HTML and CSS.

Therefore, it can be said that JavaScript is easy to step up and has a low difficulty level.

Also, since JavaScript can use the same syntax as other languages, it is possible to move on to learning other languages ​​after learning JavaScript.

4 points that feel that JavaScript is difficult

JavaScript is a relatively easy language, but on the other hand, there are cases where it is difficult for some reasons.

Here, we will introduce 4 points that feel that JavaScript is difficult.

Difficult point 1: There is a lot of information to remember

Beginners learning JavaScript require a lot more than basic syntax.

For example, Canvas, asynchronous processing, frameworks, etc., there are a lot of things to learn, so there are cases where you get frustrated on the way.

Point 2 that feels difficult: There are languages ​​to learn in parallel

JavaScript can feel difficult when you learn it in parallel with HTML and CSS.

JavaScript is a language that is mainly used to perform various operations on web browsers, so it is necessary to learn HTML and CSS as well.

Neither language is difficult, but some people may find it difficult to learn them together.

Difficult point 3: Understanding object orientation

When learning JavaScript, you may find it difficult because it requires an understanding of object orientation.

Object-oriented is an architecture that creates various elements as “things” when programming.

Object-orientation is the mainstream of programming today, but it can be a difficult concept for beginners to understand and take time to understand.

Difficult point 4: Understanding the DOM

If you want to learn JavaScript, you may find it difficult because you need to understand the DOM.

DOM is an abbreviation for “Document Object Model”. The DOM has a hierarchical structure and connects the web page and the programming language, so it is necessary to understand it if you want to operate the web page with JavaScript.

About the demand for JavaScript in the IT industry

The demand for JavaScript in the IT industry will continue to grow.

JavaScript is an essential language for front-end development, and currently there is no language that can replace it. Also, in recent years, it is increasingly used for purposes other than web development, so it can be said that it is a language that will continue to be in demand in the future.

5 languages ​​with low difficulty other than JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language recommended for beginners, but there are many other languages ​​that are less difficult to learn.

Here, we will introduce 5 languages ​​other than JavaScript that have a low degree of difficulty, so please use them as a reference when choosing a programming language to learn.

Low difficulty language 1: PHP

PHP is a programming language specialized for developing web services.

PHP is a language that has gained a high share in web development, and is also used to build the CMS “WordPress” used in websites around the world.

There are many job openings in Japan, and it is also a recommended language if you want to be involved in front-end development. It’s a beginner’s language because it’s easy to pick up after learning HTML and CSS.

Low difficulty language 2: Ruby

Ruby is a programming language created by Japanese developers.

It is a programming language based on the concept of having fun developing, and a framework called “Ruby on Rails” that can improve development efficiency is prepared.

Also, the syntax is simple, so even beginners will find it easy to learn. Furthermore, since it is a Japanese language, Ruby is recommended for beginners in the sense that it is easy to find information in Japanese.

Low Difficulty Language 3: Swift

Swift is a programming language developed by Apple.

Born in 2014, Swift is a latecomer language, but it is a language for Apple’s OS that can be used on iOS and macOS, so it is recommended for those who want to develop iPhone applications.

There are still some hurdles in terms of lack of information, but the code is simple and relatively easy to learn.

Low Difficulty Language 4: HTML/CSS

HTML and CSS are essential languages ​​for creating web pages.

HTML and CSS are the languages ​​used by almost every website on the internet today. HTML makes up the page and CSS can specify the design of the web page.

The learning difficulty is also very low, so it’s a good idea to hold down HTML and CSS first.

Low difficulty language 5: GO

GO is a programming language developed by Google.

GO language is a simple and fast processing language. It is suitable for developing a large-scale system with multiple people because it can write easy-to-understand code by eliminating complicated elements.

Also, GO language is not only simple but can be coded with a syntax similar to Java or C language, so it will be easier to learn if you have used these languages.

Learn why JavaScript is less difficult

JavaScript is an easy language to learn, even for beginners.

By all means, why don’t you learn programming languages ​​such as JavaScript by referring to the reasons why the difficulty of JavaScript is low, the points where you feel that the difficulty is high, and languages ​​other than JavaScript that are low in difficulty introduced in this article? Is not it.



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