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5 Programming Demand Trends | How to Ride Future Programming Demand?

The role programming plays

By programming, you can command the computer to perform certain processes.

Programming is to build a program that gives instructions to a computer using a programming language. Systems and applications developed through programming can streamline operations and enrich people’s lives.

5 programming demand trends

I would like to introduce you to the trends in demand for programming.

Programming is done by IT human resources such as programmers and engineers, but how will the demand for programming and programmers change in the future?

Here, we will introduce 5 demand trends for programming, so please refer to them.

Programming demand trend 1: Shortage of IT human resources continues

There is a shortage of IT human resources for programming.

In Japan, there is currently a shortage of IT human resources, and there is a shortage of human resources with programming skills to meet the demand. In addition, it is expected that the shortage of IT human resources will continue to increase in the future, and it can be said that the demand for programming will continue to increase in the future.

Programming demand trend 2: The ratio of job openings to applicants in the IT industry is increasing

The job-to-applicants ratio in the IT industry exceeds the number of people looking for a new job.

The job-to-applicants ratio is a value calculated by the formula “Number of active job openings / Number of registered active job openings.” .

The ratio of job openings to applicants in the IT industry has been hovering between 6 and 8 in recent years, and the number of job openings is overwhelmingly higher than the number of job seekers. In addition, the job opening ratio in the IT industry is very high compared to other industries.

Programming demand trend 3: The wave of automation will continue

It is expected that automation of programming will progress in the future.

With the development of AI technology, it is said that programming will be automated by AI in the future. In addition, frameworks that can generate code with a single command and tools that generate website code have already appeared.

However, automation is progressing only for general-purpose functions, and there are many processes that programmers will continue to implement in the future.

data analysis

Since data analysis is a highly customizable process, it will continue to be programmed by programmers.

When analyzing data, what data is analyzed and how it is analyzed depends on the purpose of the data analysis. In addition, since data analysis often collects data by linking with other systems, originality is required during development.

Company-specific business logic

Since it is not possible to automate cases where company-specific business logic is built, programmers will continue to implement it in the future.


If it is a process that is done in the same way by any company, such as input/output, it can be automated, but it will be difficult to automate the business logic that the company creates independently in the future.

Programming demand trend 4: Offshore development will spread

Offshore development, which orders development overseas, will continue to spread in the future.

For development, it is cheaper to order overseas where labor costs are cheaper than to do it in Japan. Such offshore development has become a trend in the IT industry, and orders are mainly placed in China, India, and the Philippines.


It will still take some time before the above-mentioned automation of programming becomes common, so it can be expected that offshore development will increase its share in the future.

Programming demand trend 5: The concept of retirement theory is being overturned

Many programmers work regardless of age.

It used to be said that the age limit for programmers and system engineers was 35 years old, but in recent years, there are many people who are working as programmers over the age of 35, mainly in the web industry.

Of course, as long as I work as a programmer, I always need to learn new technologies, but age is less of a bottleneck than in the past.

Two relationships between AI and programming

What is the relationship between AI and programming?

AI and programming are very closely related, and as mentioned above, it is said that general-purpose functions used in any system will be automated by AI.


Therefore, if you want to learn programming, it is also important to know how AI is involved. Here, we will introduce two relationships between AI and programming, so please refer to them.

Reduces simple tasks such as simple programming

AI is automating simple programming and reducing the work of programmers.

Services that automate coding have already appeared, and since AI can be automatically generated for simple applications, programs, websites, etc., we are in an era where people do not need to program by themselves.

As a result, the workload previously performed by programmers can be reduced.

Possibility of dividing technical fields between AI and programmers

In the future, there is a possibility that the areas in charge of AI and programmers will be divided.

It is said that not only programmers but nearly half of the working population may be replaced by AI in the future.

Programmers may also be replaced, but it’s not exactly predictable at the moment. However, in the future, it is said that the technical areas may be clearly divided, such as programmers in charge of design and AI coding.

How to Ride Future Programming Demand

Acquire a variety of skills to meet the demands of programming.

In order to increase demand as human resources who can program, it is important to acquire knowledge and skills such as IoT, security, and AI, which are in high demand as IT human resources.

Here, we will introduce a method to meet the demand for programming in the future, so why not use it as a reference?

Way 1 to Ride on Demand: Learn IoT Development Skills

IoT is a technology that connects all things to the Internet, collects and analyzes data.

In recent years, various things such as home appliances are connected to the Internet, creating new value in many industries such as the logistics and medical industries.

To acquire IoT skills, you need embedded programming skills and network knowledge.

Way 2 to keep up with demand: Get security savvy

In recent years, the demand for security personnel has increased significantly.

A wide range of knowledge is required to become a security human resource, and according to IPA, the skills required for security human resources are classified into fields such as information security design, incident handling, and vulnerability diagnosis.


Therefore, it is recommended that you acquire an “Information Security Assurance Support Specialist” in order to become a security personnel.

Way 3 to catch demand: Make AI models buildable

Acquire the skills of an AI programmer who can build AI models.

In order to build an AI model, in addition to skills as a programmer, it is necessary to understand mathematics knowledge, machine learning, deep learning, etc., so the learning hurdles are high.

However, in recent years, a new occupation called MLOps, which develops services with machine learning functions, has appeared, so it is recommended that you acquire skills as an MLOps first.

5 programming languages ​​that are expected to be in demand in the future

Choose a programming language that is expected to be in demand in the future.

The popularity of programming languages ​​changes every few years, so even languages ​​that are popular today may not be in demand in the future. Therefore, if you want to learn programming from now on, it is also important to choose a language that will be in high demand in the future.


Finally, here are five programming languages ​​that are expected to be in demand in the future.

Programming language expected to be in demand 1: JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language that allows you to add dynamic elements to your website.


It is a language used in web systems, and pop-ups in browsers are implemented with JavaScript. As it is an indispensable language for web systems, demand is expected to continue in the future.


Also, since JavaScript does not require a complicated development environment, even beginners can easily learn it.

Programming language 2 that is expected to be in demand: Ruby

Ruby is a programming language based on the concept that engineers can enjoy programming.


It is a language developed by Japanese and used on the server side. In addition, efficient and speedy development is possible by using the Ruby on Rails framework.


The grammar is easy to understand, and since it is a language born in Japan, there is a wealth of information about Japanese, so even beginners will find it easy to study.

Programming language expected to be in demand 3: C#

C# is a programming language derived from C language.


C# is a language that enables speedier software development than C or C++ and is highly productive. In addition, we are strong in Windows projects, and the annual income market is top class.


C# has been adopted for development in various fields such as automobiles, home appliances, and desktop applications, and high demand will continue in the future. Although it is difficult to learn, it will be a great advantage if you acquire it.

Programming language 4 that is expected to be in demand: Go

Go is the programming language used by Google.

The Go language is a language that is currently rapidly expanding its market share, and its popularity is also increasing. Also, since there are few Go engineers, the unit price of the project is high.

The Go language has a simple syntax and a wealth of useful libraries, making it easy for beginners to learn. However, compared to other major languages, there is less information, so it may be difficult to study.

Programming language expected to be in demand 5: Python

Python is a programming language that is gaining attention in AI development.

It has been adopted as a standard language in AI development because it has libraries specialized for machine learning. Also, because the code is simple and easy to read and write, it is often used in programming education.

It is also used for web applications and game development, and is recommended for beginners because it is relatively easy to learn.

Keep an eye on programming demand trends

Learn the programming you need.

By all means, why not try to deepen your understanding of future programming demand by referring to the trends in demand for programming, the relationship between AI and programming, and how to meet future programming demand introduced in this article?



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