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Is it advantageous for new graduates? Seven tips that new graduates who want to become game programmers should know

What is a game programmer

A game programmer is one of the jobs that create games, and it is a profession that uses a development language to program so that the game works properly.

An engineer who works at a game production company or an application production company and incorporates programs to create games.

The attraction of game programmers

There are many attractive points about being a game programmer, such as being able to create games, being one of the first to experience the latest technology and games, and being able to directly know the evaluation of the game you created.

You should be able to feel the fun and sense of accomplishment that comes from creating your own game.

Can a new graduate become a game programmer?

Is it possible for a new graduate to become a game programmer?

Game programming is a job that emphasizes on-site skills rather than qualifications and educational background, and it is a profession that can be done without qualifications, so it can be said that it is possible for new graduates to become game programmers.

Is it advantageous for new graduates?

Let’s compare the case of new graduates and changing jobs.While new graduates emphasize future “growth potential” rather than technology, career changers tend to focus on technology.

For new graduates, many people think that it is natural that they do not have work skills or knowledge, so we place importance on their ability to absorb work, motivation, and sense.


Of course, it is better to have qualifications, skills, and other skills, but in many cases, people are hired from the perspective of whether they can become a person who can play an active role by developing them in the future, rather than being ready to work like a job change. It seems that.

Seven tips that new graduates who want to become game programmers should know

What do new graduates need to know to become a game programmer? Here are seven things you need to know.

Acquire the correct knowledge about game programmers and deepen your understanding.

New Graduate Game Programmer Bits of Knowledge 1: Types of Game Companies

The first is the type of game company. There are various types of games, such as consumer games played on home consoles, social games that are online games played on SNS, and smartphone games that you download and play on your smartphone.

There are various game companies, such as limiting which media they develop games for, or developing games in a wide range, so it is a good idea to check the company you want to work for and what genre you want to be in charge of.

New graduate game programmer trivia 2: What is your job description?

The main job of a game programmer is to program games, but it is also part of the job to develop new functions for games, improve functions, and prepare the development environment.

The language used for development varies depending on the device that can play the game, such as home game consoles, personal computers, and smartphones. If you are actually learning a language or if there is a language you want to use, it is a good idea to check if the company can use that language.

New Graduate Game Programmer Bits of Knowledge 3: Are there Jobs for New Graduates?

Job openings for new graduates are often posted in large companies.Some SMEs are recruiting new graduates, but they tend to hire more mid-career workers.

Large companies have plenty of time to train new employees, so there are many job openings for new graduates, and the number of applicants is also large.

New Graduate Game Programmer Bits of Knowledge 4: Are Jobs Only for Science?

Game programmers can be not only science, but also liberal arts.Game production is done in teams, so communication skills tend to be emphasized rather than science and humanities, and information skills tend to be emphasized.

Therefore, companies do not care about whether students are in the sciences or the humanities.

New Graduate Game Programmer Bits of Knowledge 5: Estimated Salary?

The average annual income of full-time game programmers is 5.08 million yen, and the average hourly wage of temporary staff is 1779 yen, which seems to be relatively high compared to other jobs.The monthly salary for regular employees is 420,000 yen, and the starting salary is around 220,000 yen.

Salaries vary depending on the region where you work, the content of the job, and the environment, so be sure to check the salary when deciding where to work.

New Graduate Game Programmer Trivia 6: What Skills Should You Acquire?

Skills that must be acquired include programming skills, knowledge of hardware and networks, technical skills such as knowledge of numbers, physics and languages, communication skills, and human skills such as information gathering skills and logical thinking.

Technical skills are the knowledge and skills necessary to work as a game programmer, and human skills are the skills necessary to communicate smoothly with team members and create good games.

New Graduate Game Programmer Bits of Knowledge 7: What programming language do you need?

There are many programming languages, and different languages ​​are best suited for different types of games.Consumer games often use C language or C++, smart phone games use C#, Java, Objective-C, Swift, and PC games use HTML5, Flash, Ruby, etc.

When learning a language, think about what kind of game you want to make and figure out the programming language you need.

8 characteristics of people who are suitable for game programmers

What kind of people are suitable for game programmers?Here are 8 characteristics of people who are suitable for game programmers.

Let’s check if a game programmer is suitable for you.

Game programmer suitable person 1: Game enthusiast

The first characteristic is people who like games.Game programmers make games, so it can be said that people who have a goodwill and enthusiasm for games are suitable.


You don’t necessarily have to be a game lover, but those who are passionate about games will be able to work on game production with a high level of motivation.


Above all, it’s a game programmer’s job to create a better game as a team, so this motivation may be the key to creating a good game.

Suitable for game programmers 2: Strong communication skills

The second characteristic is high communication skills. In order to make a game, not only game programmers but also producers, directors, designers, etc. cooperate with various people.


Therefore, when developing a game, communication is essential in order to collaborate with the team, such as confirming the content and sharing the progress.


If you have high communication skills, you can do them smoothly, so it can be said that you are suitable if you have them.

Game programmer suitable person 3: English proficiency

The third characteristic is the ability to speak English.The reason is that most programming materials are written in English.


If you have good English skills, it will be easier for you to gather information, which will make your work easier. Also, depending on the company, some companies use English as their official language, so it would be useful to learn it.

Game programmer suitable person 4: Physical strength

The fourth characteristic is a person with physical strength. It may not look like much, but it’s a hard job for game programmers, where physical strength is important.When it comes to the delivery date, you may be forced to work hard, such as staying up all night or working on holidays, so it can be said that people with physical strength are suitable.

Game programmer suitable person 5: I like programming

The fifth characteristic is people who like programming.A game programmer is a job that involves programming, so it can be said that it is suitable for people who like programming.


In fact, when you become a game programmer, you will have to do programming work alone for a long time, so it is necessary for a game programmer to be able to enjoy that time.

Suitable for game programmers 6: Have made games

The sixth characteristic is someone who has experience making games.A game programmer is literally a job that creates games, so it can be said that people who have created a game from scratch are suitable.


People with production experience are more likely to have programming knowledge to the extent that they can create a game, the experience of completing it, and the logical thinking necessary for programming, so some people have a high aptitude for programming. There are many.

Game programmer suitable person 7: Ambitious

The seventh characteristic is a person with a desire to improve. The game industry is constantly changing, and technology, languages, development methods, tools, etc. are constantly being updated, and it is a job that requires new knowledge.


It is an important job to incorporate the latest technology in business, so if you do not work on your business with a constant ambition, you may be left behind in the times.From this point of view, it can be said that people who are ambitious are suitable for game programmers.

Suitable for game programmers 8: I like new things

The eighth characteristic is that you like new things.Programming technology is constantly evolving, so it can be said that people who are comfortable with adopting new things are suitable.

Three things you can do when you aim to become a game programmer as a new graduate

What should I do and what can I do when I aim to become a game programmer as a new graduate?Here, I picked up three things that you can do, so if you want to become a game programmer, be sure to check them out.

Aiming to become a game programmer as a new graduate 1: Learn a programming language

The first is learning a programming language. A programming language is essential for programming.


To become a game programmer, it is absolutely necessary to learn and use a programming language, so if you decide to become a game programmer, we recommend that you start learning as soon as possible.


There are many programming languages, but the language used varies depending on the game you are developing, so when choosing a language to learn, choose a language that suits you based on various criteria such as the game you want to make, ease of learning, and popularity.

learn at programming school

One way to learn a programming language is to learn it at a programming school.This method is said to be the fastest way for inexperienced people to become game programmers, and it has the advantage of being able to learn everything from the basics to practice by attending school.


On the downside, it costs a lot of money. The programming school is a school, so there is a tuition fee. The market price is more than 100,000 a month, and in some places it costs more than 500,000 a month.


Another method is self-study.Compared to going to school, self-study is very attractive because it gives you more freedom to study.


In school, everyone learns at the same pace, but in self-study, you can learn at your own pace. This method is suitable for those who do not have a fixed amount of time to study or who want to study in their spare time.


As a disadvantage, it is easy to quit, so it is easy to get frustrated. It will be difficult to continue if your will is not strong.

Aiming to become a game programmer as a new graduate 2: Try making a game

The second is to actually make a game.Making games is a great way to learn, and it’s a great experience.


This experience is very advantageous for recruiting new graduates, who are mostly inexperienced, and above all, it has the advantage of being able to understand the work flow of game programmers, so if you are a new graduate and aim to find a job as a game programmer, it is a waste to do it. I don’t think so.


You may be asked to submit your own game for interviews for new graduates, so this experience will come in handy at that time as well.

Aiming to become a game programmer as a new graduate 3: Get a qualification

The third is to qualify.You don’t have to have any qualifications to become a game programmer, but having one will give you an advantage, so it’s a good idea to get one.

If you have a qualification, it will be easier to appeal when you are looking for a job, and even after you become a game programmer, you will be able to use the knowledge you have studied to obtain the qualification, so we recommend that you obtain a qualification.

Here are three qualifications that you should have when you become a game programmer as a reference for obtaining qualifications.

Basic Information Engineer Examination

The first is the Basic Information Engineer Examination.It is a qualification called the gateway to success for IT engineers, and it is recommended because it allows you to acquire basic knowledge and skills for advanced IT and practical utilization skills.

This is one of the qualifications that you definitely want to acquire because the content of the exam allows you to learn about the knowledge and skills related to system design, development, and operation.

Applied Information Engineer Examination

The second is the Applied Information Engineer Examination. It is an applied version of the Basic Information Engineer Examination, and is a higher-grade exam for IT engineers.

You can acquire applied knowledge and skills, and by obtaining this qualification, you can build a highly reliable and productive system and operate a stable service.

This qualification should be useful during job hunting and after employment because you can acquire a wide range of knowledge that is one rank higher than the Basic Information Engineer Examination and improve your level as an engineer.


The third is TOEIC. TOEIC is a qualification that evaluates English communication skills, and it displays the English proficiency of the examinee as a score.

Programming is a job that is deeply related to English, such as the related materials and the code of the programming itself being in English, so it is important to acquire English ability.

By acquiring TOEIC, you can score how well you can speak English and appeal to your job hunting activities, so it is better to acquire it.

Aiming to become a game programmer from a new graduate

We’ve been talking about game programmers. How was it?As we have covered in this article, it is possible to become a game programmer even if you are a new graduate.

Some companies are recruiting new graduates, so to become a game programmer as a new graduate, study and prepare well for yourself, and start job hunting.



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