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[2023 edition] Thorough comparison of 8 recommended O2O services! Explain why it is necessary, how to use it, its merits, and points to note

There are probably more than a few people in charge who want to know more about recommended services, what is O2O? O2O is a marketing method that connects online and offline. In recent years, O2O has been attracting attention as the number of customers who read word of mouth on SNS and want to visit physical stores is increasing.

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce recommended O2O services, and explain the overview, reasons why they are needed, how to use them, advantages, points to note, and success points.

Table of contents

What is O2O

O2O is a marketing technique that connects the online and offline worlds. Represents Online to Offline. The purpose is to promote purchasing behavior at offline physical stores through online information collection and promotions such as websites and SNS. O2O enables consumers to enjoy a seamless experience between online and offline, improving customer satisfaction and helping businesses grow.

The main technique is, for example, the ability to use coupons and discounts distributed online in offline stores. There are also services that allow you to reserve and order products online and receive and purchase them at offline stores. In the O2O strategy, online and offline work together to create mutual value. It will strengthen the relationship with consumers and encourage business growth.

Why O2O is needed now

Here are three reasons why O2O is needed now.

  • Approaching prospective customers
  • Diversification of devices
  • Expansion of SNS business

Now let me explain them one by one.

Approaching prospective customers

The first reason is the approach to prospective customers.

In recent years, it has become common for users, who are consumers, to first collect and compare information online, then visit offline physical stores to experience actual products and services. With O2O, by capturing such consumer behavior and making an appropriate online approach, it is possible to induce them to visit a physical store without fail.

O2O utilizes customer data (attributes, interests, behavior history, etc.) collected online. It is possible to provide messages, promotions and advertisements tailored to individual prospective customers. By utilizing O2O strategy, you can effectively approach these potential customers and lead to business growth.

Diversification of devices

The second reason is the diversification of devices.

Consumers use various devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, and wearable devices to collect information and visit physical stores offline. That’s why it’s important to provide a seamless customer experience between online and offline. The O2O strategy can provide customers with appropriate information and services through various devices and encourage offline purchasing behavior.

Expansion of SNS business

The third reason is the expansion of the SNS business.

It is common for consumers to share information such as word of mouth with each other through SNS and introduce offline physical stores to friends and family. For example, if an influential influencer on SNS introduces offline stores and products, it can be expected to have the effect of encouraging many followers to visit the physical store. The O2O strategy maximizes the effect of information dissemination and word-of-mouth using SNS and guides customers to physical stores.

Main usage of O2O

The following five points are introduced as the main utilization methods of O2O.

  • EC site
  • Official SNS
  • app
  • QR code
  • location information

Now let me explain them one by one.

EC site

The first is the EC site.

By utilizing the O2O strategy on EC sites, online customer behavior can be linked to purchasing behavior at offline physical stores. For example, let’s say you offer a service that allows customers to purchase products online and pick them up at an offline brick-and-mortar store. This encourages offline shopping behavior, such as customers coming to the store to pick up the item and buying other items while they’re at it.

In addition, if coupons and discount coupons that can be used at offline physical stores are provided on EC sites, more consumers will want to visit physical stores. The O2O strategy that utilizes e-commerce sites is an effective method that can connect online customer behavior to purchasing behavior at offline brick-and-mortar stores. Strengthen online-offline collaboration, improve customer satisfaction, and increase repeat purchases and positive reviews.

Official SNS

The second is the official SNS.
If a company operates an official SNS account, it will be possible to promote offline purchasing behavior at physical stores through online information dissemination and communication with customers. For example, it is possible to send information about events and campaigns held at physical stores through official SNS accounts, and guide online followers and consumers to offline stores.

If you distribute coupons and discounts that can be used, customers will want to go to the physical store. By using official SNS, you can send information from highly reliable corporate SNS. Through communication with customers, you will be able to increase the number of purchases at physical stores.


The third is the app.

If companies and stores develop and operate their own apps, they will be able to provide information and services online. You don’t have to pay for advertising each time. The app is a membership system, prompting customers to register as members and providing points and coupons, giving them the benefits of visiting physical stores.

In addition, by using the GPS function to provide information on physical stores near customers, it is possible to encourage customers to visit the store offline. You can also use geofencing technology to send push notifications to customers in specific areas. By using apps, you can provide information and services online, improve customer satisfaction, and expect repeat purchases and word-of-mouth communication.

QR code

The fourth is the QR code.

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be easily read with a smartphone camera app, and is an effective tool to connect online and offline. By posting a QR code on advertisements, flyers, and direct mail, and reading it, it leads to a specific online website or application. For example, there is a way to distribute coupons and discount coupons that can be used at offline physical stores using QR codes.

By reading the QR code, customers can easily obtain coupons and discount coupons, and they will want to use them in physical stores. If there is a coupon issued exclusively for those who read the QR code, that feeling will increase even more. By using QR codes, you can easily provide convenient and attractive services to your customers.

location information

The fifth is location information.

Geolocation allows you to provide information and services based on your customer’s current location. Remind customers of nearby brick-and-mortar stores and services and encourage them to visit your store by displaying ads and promotions based on their location. In addition, when a customer searches, it is possible to display preferentially stores and services near the current location.

By using information set in a specific area or around a store, and using a mechanism that sends a notification or push notification when a customer enters that area, it can encourage customers to visit the physical store and provide timely information and information. Coupons can also be provided.
By using location information, it is possible to target customers according to their needs, and it is expected to improve customer satisfaction.

Benefits of O2O for Enterprises

The following two points are introduced as advantages that O2O brings to companies.

  • New customer acquisition
  • PDCA cycle is fast

Now let me explain them one by one.

New customer acquisition

The first benefit is new customer acquisition.

Leverage O2O to reach new customer segments and expand your company’s customer base.

For example, use online advertising and social media to appeal to your target customers. It can appeal to users who do not know about the store, so it will lead to new customer acquisition. In addition, by distributing coupons and benefits online, it is possible to encourage use at offline physical stores and create opportunities for new customers to visit physical stores for the first time.

Through the above law, O2O provides companies with opportunities to acquire new customers.

PDCA cycle is fast

The second advantage is that the PDCA cycle is fast.

Using O2O facilitates online data collection, allowing companies to obtain information on consumer behavior and needs in real time, which is useful for planning the PDCA cycle. In addition, companies can implement new measures and promotions more quickly and effectively (Do). By utilizing O2O, you will be able to get feedback from consumers quickly.

It is also possible to check online reviews and evaluations (Check) and consider improvement measures based on that information. Businesses can quickly implement improvement measures (Act) based on consumer feedback. Online changes can usually be made more quickly than offline, so the PDCA cycle will go faster. Companies can respond quickly to market changes and maintain or improve their competitiveness.

Notes on O2O

Here are two points to note about O2O.

  • Another measure is necessary for repeat purchases
  • Easy to compare with competitors

Now let me explain them one by one.

Another measure is necessary for repeat purchases

The first is that repeat purchases require a different strategy.

O2O is strong in approaching new customers, but it lacks measures to encourage repeat purchases from customers who have visited the store once. To encourage repeat purchases, it is important to build long-term relationships with customers, not just one-time transactions. For example, improving the quality of our products and services and providing an experience that exceeds customer expectations.

Improving after-sales service and customer support for customers who have made a purchase is also important. Also, by introducing a program that offers benefits such as points and discounts, you will be able to provide value that customers will want to continue using.

When introducing O2O, it is important to simultaneously implement measures that lead to repeat purchases as described above. This allows you to build long-term relationships with your customers, not just one-time deals, and achieve sustainable growth for your business.

Easy to compare with competitors

Second, it makes it easier to compare with the competition.

If the online and offline worlds merge with O2O, consumers can easily compare companies, products, and services. For this reason, differentiation from competitors will be important when introducing O2O.

As a countermeasure, for example, it is important to clarify the uniqueness and advantages of the products and services provided by the company and communicate them to customers. Measures to improve the quality of products and services and provide superior value to customers are also effective. O2O also risks losing customers because it is easy to compare with other stores. Therefore, it is important to be aware of how to appeal, such as clarifying your company’s strengths.

Success points of O2O

The following two points are introduced as success points of O2O.

  • Presentation of benefits
  • Utilization of technology

Now let me explain them one by one.

Presentation of benefits

The first point is the presentation of benefits.

For example, you might encourage customers to visit your store with offers and promotions that are only available in-store and not offered online. Also, by announcing experiential events and workshops held in physical stores online, customers will feel the value of offline.

It also allows customers to get professional advice and customer support in-store, offering benefits they can’t get online. In O2O, giving customers the advantage of wanting to visit a physical store is an important point that will lead to success.

Utilization of technology

The second point is the utilization of technology.

For example, developing smartphone apps to provide useful features and information to customers can strengthen the connection between online and offline. Another option is to use in-app push notifications and loyalty programs.

GPS and beacon technology can be used to target and promote customers based on their location. This will give your customers timely and relevant information that they will find valuable.

In addition, it is possible to attract customers’ interest by making full use of technology that blurs the line between online and offline, such as trying on products and shopping experiences in virtual stores. O2O maximizes the marketing effect by thoroughly utilizing the installed technology and skillfully combining it with the technology.

8 Recommended O2O Services

Here are 8 recommended O2O services.


Apsta is an original application production service. We propose applications that match the customer’s strategy, the package construction that we have developed independently, the technical capabilities that we have cultivated over many years as a system company. Information distribution is possible without paying a fee each time like DM / magazine advertisement. In addition to push notifications, coupon functions, and reminder notification functions, one-on-one communication with app users is also possible. It supports both iOS and Android apps.

Features of Apsta

  • You can start the application without any special knowledge and effort
  • Compatible with existing systems
  • Equipped with a reminder function to acquire repeaters


local mielka

Local Mieruka is a marketing platform that utilizes location information. Supervised by a group of MEO analysis experts. It is also possible to simultaneously distribute campaign information to multiple stores and automatically post to blogs and SNS. We measure the map ranking for up to 10 keywords per store, and measure the ranking within the commercial area. It is possible to check the ranking of competing stores and take countermeasures.

Features of Local Mielka

  • Tools supervised by a group of MEO analysis experts
  • Can be linked with blogs and Instagram
  • Operational support through chat support and video learning



Applink is a service that allows you to create apps for your store with high quality and low cost. Provide features that make customers want to come back and increase repeat customers. There are push notifications, stamp cards, point cards, and coupon functions. It also supports advance payment and digital tickets, improving the satisfaction of customers who want contactless. It features simple settings that emphasize usability, and the management screen is also designed to make it easy to use customer analysis and marketing.

Applink features

  • Create high-quality, low-cost store apps
  • Customized design for your store
  • Available from 19,800 yen per month


Sumappon! is a tool that allows you to fan your customers and prospects. The name comes from the phrase, “Pop access from your smartphone to you!” Store information, SNS, reservation services, etc. can be centrally managed and provided to customers. Sumappon! Although it looks like an app, users do not need to download it, so it has the advantage of being easy to start. It has been introduced in a wide range of fields, from individuals to chain stores and government offices.

Sumappon! Features of

  • Turn customers and prospects into fans
  • No download required, no password required
  • Free trial for 1 month

EC Intelligence

EC Intelligence is an AI-driven platform. You can also use it when you are full with EC site management and regular work, but you want to put more effort into analysis and brush up on your marketing. Since the tool collects, analyzes, plans and implements measures, the person in charge does not have to spend time setting up the tool, and can spend more time concentrating on strategies and measures.

Features of EC Intelligence

  • MA/CRM tool specialized for EC
  • Many marketing measures can be implemented with a small number of people
  • Monthly cost 100,000 yen ~ available (initial cost is separate)

dodo point

dodo point is a cloud-based point system for retail stores. We will introduce a unique point system that does not use point cards or smartphones, and provide an environment where customers can easily accumulate and use points. If you enter your mobile phone number on the tablet at the store, points will be awarded. Customers can earn points without having to carry bulky cards or apps in their wallets.

Features of dodo point

  • Point service that you can start without having anything
  • Provides an easy-to-understand design design
  • Installation completed in as little as 1 business day

Search Dawn GYAX

Search Dawn GYAX is the latest customer acquisition tool that aims to attract customers through SNS and search engines. It is possible to easily transmit the charm of the store to more than 150 domestic search engines, SNS sites, maps, apps, etc. such as Google, Apple, Facebook. No matter what your nationality or how you search, we provide a specialized platform to help you find your search. Equipped with cutting-edge AI functions, it is used as a smartphone marketing tool all over the world.

Features of Search Dawn GYAX

  • Store information can be provided by any search method
  • Send store information to over 150 apps
  • Available from 427 yen per day



LOCATION CONNECT is a marketing and promotion platform that utilizes location information. It is possible to provide timely and highly relevant information by analyzing data by area using the location information of the customer’s smartphone. Notify customers of nearby stores and events, and encourage them to visit physical stores. You can start with a minimum investment with content that matches the challenges of the store.


  • Over 30,000 stores introduced
  • Acquisition, analysis, and information transmission of multiple stores with one
  • It is possible to start according to your company’s issues at low cost


In this article, we have explained the overview of O2O, why it is necessary, how to use it, advantages, points to note, success points, and recommended tools.

In order to increase sales at physical stores and improve customer satisfaction, online to offline marketing measures are attracting increasing attention. By conveying the appeal of physical stores through SNS, which they use on a daily basis, the number of customers who want to go out of their way to visit them will increase. If you are thinking of introducing an O2O service, please consider it based on the services introduced in this article.



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