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9 things that can be developed with Python | Introducing 5 recommended tools for development!

What is Python?

Python is a programming language that is simple and easy to understand.

It is a popular language that is easy to learn even for beginners because it allows easy-to-understand coding with a small amount of code.

In addition, it has become a language with strengths in AI development, deep learning, statistical analysis, etc., which have been attracting attention in recent years, and although it was often used by research institutions in the past, it is now used by many companies. increase.

Pros of Python

Python has the advantage that the code is easy to read and the library is substantial.

As mentioned above, Python code is shorter and easier to read than languages ​​such as C, making it easy for beginners to understand.


In addition, since Python has a wide range of libraries, using the most suitable library for your purpose enables efficient programming. Libraries especially suitable for the AI ​​field are abundant.

Cons of Python

A disadvantage of Python is its slow execution speed.


Python is an interpreted language, but the execution speed is particularly slow among them. Therefore, it is rarely used in enterprise core systems.

Also, Python requires indentation when writing code. Note that unlike other languages, indentation determines a group of operations.

9 things you can develop with Python

I will introduce what you can develop with Python.

Python is a language that can be used very widely among programming languages, and there are a wide variety of genres even if only what can be developed.


Here are 9 things you can develop with Python. How about using it as a reference when developing in Python?

Things you can develop with Python 1: Desktop apps

Python can be used to develop desktop applications.


Generally, C language and Java are often used for desktop application development, but it is also possible to develop desktop applications with Python.


Python has a wealth of libraries and convenient frameworks, so you can develop faster than C or Java. For example, the machine learning application “Orage” is written in Python.

Things that can be developed with Python 2: A system that can automatically create documents

Python can develop a system that can automatically create documents.


Python is also good at automating simple tasks. For example, if a company wants to send a document with the same text to different addresses, the address must be changed manually to create a file.


Such work can be completed in an instant by automating it using Python.

Things you can develop with Python 3: Machine learning software and AI

Python can be used to develop machine learning software and AI.


Python has libraries specialized for AI development and machine learning, so it has become a standard programming language for developing software related to machine learning and AI.


Also, since Python does not require compilation, testing can be done quickly, which is one of the reasons why it is used.

What you can develop with Python 4: A system that optimizes marketing

Python enables the development of systems that optimize marketing.

Since Python has become a programming language with strengths in statistics and analysis, it is also used in marketing that requires data analysis and statistics.

In recent years, various companies have come up with marketing measures and are conducting optimal campaigns for their targets. Python is used in the marketing system for that purpose.

What can be developed with Python 5: IoT system

Python can develop IoT systems.

IoT is a word that means “Internet of things”, and it is to enable the operation of home appliances that were not connected to the Internet until now using sensors.

Various IoT home appliances have appeared in recent years, and IoT systems can also be developed with Python. Books that explain how to make them are also on sale, so you can easily learn IoT using Python.

Things that can be developed with Python 6: Stock price and horse racing prediction programs

Python can develop prediction programs for stock prices and horse racing.

By using Python’s library specialized for machine learning, you can also develop programs for predicting horse racing and stock prices and algorithms for automatic trading.

In fact, even in horse racing prediction contests, teams using systems made with Python have won top prizes.

Things you can develop with Python 7: Robot control system

Python can be used to develop robot control systems.


Generally, C language system and Java are often used for robot control, but robot control can also be performed with Python.

Especially in the case of Python, it is used for robot control related to education, and “Mindstream EV3” can also use Python.

Things that can be developed with Python 8: A system that can collect image data collectively

Python can develop a system that can collectively collect image data.

With Python, you can easily perform the work of extracting specific data, which is called web scraping. Therefore, it is possible to collectively collect specific images on the Internet.

Even if you need a lot of image data for machine learning, etc., the work will be completed in an instant without downloading one by one.

Things you can develop with Python 9: Web apps

Python can be used to develop web applications.

Python is a language widely used in the development of web applications, and famous web applications include “YouTube”, “Instagram”, and “DropBox”.

When developing web applications in Python, it is common to use a framework, and using a framework enables efficient development.

5 Recommended Tools for Python Development

Here are some recommended tools for developing in Python.


To develop in Python, you first need to build a development environment. However, building a development environment takes time and effort, and some people may find it difficult to do so.

In such cases, it is recommended to use a tool such as an IDE. Finally, here are 5 recommended tools for Python development, so please refer to them.

Recommended tool for development 1: Visual Studio

Visual Studio is an IDE provided by Microsoft.

It’s a very lightweight IDE, so you can code without stress. There are many extensions, so you can customize it to your liking.

It can also be used in languages ​​other than Python, so it is also recommended for those who want to use it in various languages.

Recommended tool for development 2: PyCharm

PyCharm is a Python IDE provided by JET BRAINS.

It is an IDE that supports coding in Python, and has various support functions such as code refactoring, error highlighting, and code completion.

This enables efficient and error-free coding.

Recommended tool for development 3: Atom

Atom is a highly customizable IDE.


By downloading various packages, it is characterized by being able to use it as you like. Some packages automatically make your code easier to read, others mark the same text, etc. to help you with your coding.


Since it supports languages ​​other than Python, add the necessary packages according to your purpose and use it.

Recommended tool for development 4: PyScripter

PyScripter is a free Python IDE.

It is an IDE for Windows, and it is attractive that it can be downloaded for free. Also, although the function is simple, it has useful functions such as error checking function and code completion from the beginning, so it will be useful for coding.

It is recommended for those who use Python IDE for the first time because it is easy to introduce.

Recommended tool for development 5: Unity

Unity is a game development platform provided by Unity Technologies.

Unity is available if you want to make a game with Python. Unity has all the tools you need for game development, and also includes an environment to run your game.

Therefore, it is a recommended tool for those who want to challenge game development using Python.

Find out what you can develop with Python

Python is a popular programming language with many advantages.

We can develop a wide range of genres, from machine learning software to prediction programs such as stock prices, and web applications.

By all means, why not try using Python by referring to the 9 things that can be developed with Python introduced in this article and the recommended tools for developing with Python.



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