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9 sites where beginners can study Python3 | Let’s learn Python3!

What is Python3

“Python3” (Python 3) is an open source programming language. It is used in various fields such as web development, artificial intelligence development, and data analysis.

The feature of Python3 is that you can write programs concisely.It uses simple syntax, so even programming beginners can use it.

Another feature is that there are many “libraries”. A collection of programs useful for development is called a “library”.

4 fields where Python3 is used

Python3 is used in various fields.This is because you can easily create the desired program using a rich library.

One of the fields where it is used is web application development and site construction. Applications such as YouTube and Instagram are also developed with Python3.

It is also used in the development of cutting-edge fields. Python3 is a programming language that can be used in all fields.

Utilized field 1: IoT

IoT is an abbreviation for “Internet of Things”. A system that allows home appliances to communicate via the Internet.

Python3 is a web-friendly language.You can develop a system that controls devices that connect to the Internet.

As a specific example, it is possible to acquire and accumulate data from surveillance camera systems. You can also create functions that let you know about what your camera sees.

Utilized area 2: Web application development

Python3 is a language suitable for developing web applications. I would say that almost anything you can do in other programming languages ​​is possible in Python3.

Web application development is the creation of services such as website construction and SNS bulletin boards.You can also use other frameworks together for more efficient development.

One application that uses Python3 is YouTube. The reason is that it operates at high speed and can be maintained by a small number of people.

Utilized area 3: AI development

Various functions are necessary for the development of AI (artificial intelligence). Python3, with its rich library and frameworks, meets this criteria.

Python3 code is very simple and easy to read. Code written by others can be easily read.This means that it is an easy-to-use language for AI developers who don’t specialize in programming.It can be said that even programming beginners can use it.

Utilized area 4: Analysis tools and data analysis

Python evolved in the field of scientific computing. Libraries that specialize in computation have also been developed and are popular for their ease of use.

Libraries are also needed to collect, process and visualize data.Python3 has a rich library, so data analysis can be done easily.

Python3 is also effective for automating complicated Excel operations. Once you create a program, you will be able to perform various data processing.

How to study Python3 for beginners

Python3 is a programming language suitable for beginners.Because the grammar is simple, it is easy to write, and it is easy for anyone to read what they have written.

To study Python3, let’s gather information first. If you search the web, you will find many ways to study. A keyword is “Python3 beginner”. The titles of learning sites and specialized introductory books are hits.

Here are some of the main learning sites and introductory books.

9 sites where beginners can study Python3

As a study method of Python3, there is a method of using a learning site.Learning sites for beginners are increasing, and there are many high-quality sites.

Online learning sites organize items systematically, making it easier for self-study.


There is also the advantage of studying towards the PC. The point is that you can immediately write and study the code on the spot.

Site 1 where you can study Python3: Python-izm

“A learning site that supports Python from introductory to advanced application”.Even beginners can easily start learning.

Starting from “Introduction”, the items are organized systematically. By choosing a category that matches your learning progress, you can learn efficiently.

In addition, it is easy to understand because the sample code and the execution result are written together. You can write and learn the code yourself.

Site 2 where you can study Python3: Progate

It is a site with “from beginners to those who can create”.It is comprehensively designed so that you can learn not only Python3 but also other programming languages.

The feature is that you can learn in a slide show format, focusing on illustrations. Rather than texts and videos, we use a method that is intuitive and easy to understand.

The slideshow format allows for self-paced learning and easy review. Each item concludes with a practical programming challenge to validate your learning.

Site 3 where you can study Python3: PythonJapan

This is an introductory site where even those with no programming experience can learn.

This site uses a service called Google Colaboratory (Colab). Colab is a service that allows you to run Python from your browser.

Colab is a free service that doesn’t require complicated configuration. You can easily start programming. For the time being, it is ideal for beginners who want to touch Python.

Site 4 where you can study Python3: dot install

This is the site of “Programming learning service that can be mastered with 3-minute videos”.As the catchphrase, all learning is done by watching videos.


Each lesson is a video viewing within 3 minutes. The time required is short, so you can use your spare time to study.


The goal of the beginner’s Python3 lesson is to create a simple game. You can learn the basics while making a game.

A site where you can study Python3 5: Python official documentation

Official documentation site provided by the Python development community.Although it is an English site, there is a solid Japanese translation site.

There is a Beginner’s Guide to help you get started. Combined with the “tutorial”, you can learn the characteristics of Python3.

Because it is a document by the development community, the information posted is accurate. In addition, you can quickly learn about changes due to version upgrades.

A site where you can study Python3 6: Paiza Learning

Paiza Learning allows you to “improve your skills while programming online”.The 3-minute videos and exercises are combined to help you learn effectively.

Learning chapters are organized into four areas: video, supplementary, code, and input/output. Watch videos, read supplemental text, and actually write code to get results. It is a system that makes it easy to work on learning, such as raising the level of the avatar according to the progress.

A site where you can study Python3 7: Python learning course

“Python3 learning site by Python engineers”.An active engineer organizes and publishes notes written at work.

The content of the “Introduction” for beginners is about basic grammar, frequently used functions, and libraries. Each term is carefully explained, making it easy to understand.

Since the site is written by active people, it is characterized by new information being added all the time. The site is also full of practical content.

Site 8 where you can study Python3: Let’s programming

It is a site with a slogan of “a site that is easy to understand even for beginners”.Lectures on various programming languages ​​for beginners.

In Python3, the first thing to be lectured is how to download. The procedure for building an environment from 1 is carefully explained.

Easy-to-understand explanations with many images solve the difficulty of creating your own environment. It has a convenient structure for writing code and learning in order.

Site 9 where you can study Python3: CheckiO

CheckiO is a site for Python3 implementation beginners with some knowledge.Since it is an overseas site, translation from English to Japanese is required.

The system is a game-like format in which problems are solved and learning is progressed. Write the function in the prepared template and solve it.

A major feature is that you can see other people’s answers (codes). Comparing your code with others will help you write better code.

9 recommended books for beginners to learn how to use Python3

There are many ways to learn Python3. Besides online learning sites, some people may prefer to self-study with books.

Learning from books has advantages that online learning does not.It’s easy to consider the contents in advance, so you can choose what suits you.

If you choose the right book for yourself, you won’t be thrown out in the middle. Here are some recommended books for learning Python 3.

Best Beginner Book 1: Getting Started with Python 3

This book is for people new to programming.Although it is a foreign book, it has been carefully translated by a supervisor.

The author is a person who developed various software and databases. It is a commentary backed by that experience.

This book covers a wide range of knowledge from the basics to applications of Python3. It can be said that it is suitable for solidifying the basics.

Recommended book for beginners 2: Python starter book

“The easiest Python book” is the catchphrase.As the name suggests, it is written for Python beginners.

This book has been regarded as an introductory textbook for Python for about 10 years. The version upgrade information is properly updated and the version is repeated, so you can read it with confidence.

The contents are easy to understand with many illustrations. Many samples are posted, and you can actually run the program and see the learning results.

Recommended books for beginners 3: Introduction to Python [for 2 & 3]

This book introduces everything from installing Python 3 to installing basic modules. Learn how Python3 compares to its predecessor, Python2.

The feature of this book is that it is recommended for beginners of Python3.It is suitable for those who have programming knowledge and are new to learning Python3. After actually starting to use Python3, it is a book that can be used as a reference.

Recommended books for beginners 4: Fun programming Let’s start with Python!

This is a book that teaches you that “programming is so much fun!”Learn programming while making games with Python3.

The original book is titled with the phrase “Python for Kids”. As you can see from this, it is written in a very easy-to-understand sentence with concise expressions.

From drawing to running a full-fledged game, you can learn by actually writing code.

Recommended Books for Beginners 5: Perfect Python [Revised 2nd Edition] (PERFECT SERIES 5)

It is a revised version corresponding to the latest version of Python3.It will be one of Gijutsu Hyoronsha’s programming language commentary books, “Perfect Series”.

Python 3.5 introduced a “world with types”. It is a specification that extends the comments attached to the code, and is expected to be useful in the future.

This book explains even programming using this new function. It can be said that Python3 is suitable for beginners who have experienced other languages.

Beginner’s Book 6: The details! Python 3 introductory notes

This book is based on the concept of reading and writing code to learn programming.You can learn the basics of Python3 with over 500 sample codes.

It is divided into three main parts, and the first thing you will learn is how to prepare Python3. Install Python3 and basic external libraries.

After installation, you can learn from the basic syntax by writing code with reference to the sample.

Recommended Books for Beginners 7: Easy Python

This is one of the “Yasashii Series”, which has a reputation for its easy-to-read explanations.Even beginners of programming can learn from the basics to applications.

Beginning with clarifying keywords for each lesson, you will learn by writing and executing many sample codes.

Practice questions are provided at the end of each lesson to encourage repetition. You will be able to gain a wide range of knowledge by explaining the introduction of machine learning.

Book 8 for Beginners: Easy Python

This book is for people who are learning programming for the first time.You can learn the grammar of Python3 from the basics.

It features easy-to-understand explanations using illustrations. Technical terms are also carefully explained.

There are exercises at the end of each chapter to help you reflect on your learning. After learning it, you can use it as a guidebook to explore the functions and syntax of Python3.

Recommended Books for Beginners 9: Fluent Python

An introductory guide to Python 3 for those new to programming.It teaches you how to solve the “why” that you encounter in the field of programming.

The feature of this book is that the learning method has a story. It consists of installation, basic syntax learning, and actual execution.

Also, hands-on use of Python3 is a learning objective. You will definitely be able to apply what you have learned in practice.

Python 3 can be learned even by beginners

Python3 is a language that even beginners with no programming experience can learn.There are plenty of commentary sites and related books, so you can learn advanced usage even after mastering.

Python3 code is easy to remember even for beginners. The code is easy to write and read, making it easy to learn.

Another strength is the ability to utilize a wide range of libraries and frameworks. Even if you are a beginner, you will be able to get results in a short time without any hassle.



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