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[2023 edition] Thorough comparison of 8 recommended SaaS comparison sites! It also introduces the reasons why it is necessary and how to choose it.

Many people wonder which SaaS comparison site to use when considering the introduction of SaaS. Since there are many sites, there are cases where it is difficult to grasp the characteristics of the site without specialized knowledge.

In this article, we will explain the definition of a SaaS comparison site, the reason why a SaaS comparison site is necessary, and how to choose a SaaS comparison site. We also introduce 8 recommended SaaS comparison sites. Please refer to it when choosing a SaaS comparison site.

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What is a SaaS comparison site?

The SaaS comparison site is a site where you can compare the features of SaaS from a wide range of perspectives, from performance to price. SaaS is a term that refers to a mechanism in which software is operated not on the client side but on the vendor side and used via the Internet. The SaaS market is growing rapidly worldwide. With so many SaaS offerings out there, choosing the right product for your company can be difficult. Therefore, SaaS comparison sites that can compare various types of tools are attracting attention.

Why You Need a SaaS Comparison Site

There are two main reasons why you need a SaaS comparison site:

  • To select services suitable for the company
  • SaaS with many annual contracts should be selected carefully

I will explain each.

To select services suitable for the company

The first reason why you need a SaaS comparison site is to select the right service for your company. In order not to cause dissatisfaction within the company that other services were better after introduction, it is necessary to make a careful decision when hiring. That’s when SaaS comparison sites come in handy. Since multiple services can be checked at the same time, the features of many products can be compared at the selection stage. Therefore, using a SaaS comparison site can reduce the chances of finding a better service after implementation or finding it wasn’t right for your company.

SaaS with many annual contracts should be selected carefully

The second reason why we need a SaaS comparison site is that SaaS with many annual contracts should be carefully selected. Even if it turns out that the product is not suitable for your company as soon as you start using it, you have to continue using it for one year due to the contract. In addition, it takes time and effort to introduce a new tool after a year. In order not to waste unnecessary costs and time, careful research at the contract stage is essential. To avoid mismatches, be sure to compare multiple products on SaaS comparison sites.

How to choose a SaaS comparison site

There are three main points when choosing a SaaS comparison site.

  • Abundance of reviews
  • Evaluation of services by experts
  • Ease of use, readability, and comprehensibility of the site

Now let’s take a look at them one by one.

Abundance of reviews

The first point of choosing a SaaS comparison site is the abundance of word of mouth. Understanding both the strengths and weaknesses of a product is the key to a successful SaaS selection. That’s why you should check many reviews. Because the more reviews you have, the more criteria you have. However, if only positive comments are written, you should question the credibility of the information. You should refer to the frank opinion without speculation.

Evaluation of services by experts

The second point of choosing a SaaS comparison site is the evaluation of services by experts. Evaluations and comments based on deep knowledge and abundant opinions are valuable materials for making product selection. It accurately analyzes the good points and bad points of the product, the features that you should know, and the differences between each service. Whether or not you can see the knowledge of experts is an important factor in choosing a SaaS comparison site.

Ease of use, readability, and comprehensibility of the site

The third point of choosing a SaaS comparison site is the ease of use, visibility, and understanding of the site. The accessibility of the site itself is important for careful SaaS comparisons. An unfriendly site design may make it difficult to use, and may adversely affect your SaaS selection. Decide on a SaaS comparison site to use after checking various points such as whether it is inconvenient when searching, whether it is easy to compare services, and whether it has excellent operability.

8 recommended SaaS comparison sites

With so many SaaS comparison sites out there, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Here are 8 recommended sites.

IT trends

IT Trend is Japan’s largest SaaS comparison site. There are about 2,141 products in 263 categories, and the total number of sessions has exceeded 40 million. It is very easy to use, as everything from searching for products to requesting materials can be done in 3 steps. We offer a concierge service by phone or email, and you can ask questions about matters not listed on the website.

Characteristics of IT trends

  • Available for free
  • Rankings are updated weekly, so you can check the latest trends
  • We hold online exhibitions in various fields


ITreview is a review platform that allows you to compare and check IT products such as SaaS. We boast the No. 1 number of listed products in Japan, and you can select the product that suits your company from a wide range of lineups. You can also check the categories that are attracting attention and popular categories, so you can select products while grasping the trends of the times.

Features of ITreview

  • Available for free
  • Since the review evaluation is visualized, you can see the products with high evaluation at a glance
  • AI introduces recommended products


Boxil is a comparison and review site that introduces SaaS for corporations. You can search for products by categories such as financial accounting, sales customer management, production and sales management, and by issues such as paperless, remote work, and organizational growth. There are many useful guides on themes such as business efficiency and cost reduction, so you can easily obtain the information you need for SaaS selection.

Features of Boxil

  • Available for free
  • Create a service comparison chart
  • More than 10,000 reviews are posted, so you can check a wide variety of real voices.


SaaSLOG is a site derived from LOG, one of the largest entrepreneur support media companies in Japan. The product is categorized in detail, making it easy to find the product you need. Original information based on facts found through actual use and verification of products and original interviews with experts and users are posted. Reviews also include negative evaluations, so you can see the features of the product from a wide range of perspectives.

Features of SaaSLOG

  • Available for free
  • We have interviewed various experts and experts to introduce them to how to use appropriate services.
  • Detailed categories make it easy to find products that suit your company

Aimitsu SaaS

Aimitsu SaaS is a site that introduces SaaS for corporations in a wide range of fields. We support the selection of appropriate products through a narrowing function based on functions and support system, and a consultation reception by a concierge. Since introduction results by industry and company size are also introduced, you can select a service based on a wide range of information.

Features of Aimitsu SaaS

  • Available for free
  • Articles on recommended services and how to choose
  • Consultation is provided by the concierge, so it is possible to select products based on professional opinions.


ASPIC is a SaaS comparison site operated by ASPIC, which works with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to promote the spread of SaaS and expand the market. Our rich know-how accumulated over 20 years and interviews with the developers enable us to introduce high-quality services. It is also attractive that you can read the report created by the editorial department for free.

Features of Aspic

  • Available for free
  • Reliable information based on a neutral and fair standpoint is posted
  • Easy product selection with comparison guides and comparison charts


Minaoshi is a corporate lead generation platform based on the concept of “a place where you can find the best service”. Since reviews are posted with real names, you can see highly reliable opinions. The company to which you belong and the job class are also posted, so you can understand the opinion from what kind of standpoint.

Characteristics of Minaoshi

  • Available for free
  • You can search for products from various perspectives, such as reviewers and job departments.
  • Contents useful for service selection are posted


If you are looking for a SaaS that streamlines your back-office operations, PROCURE is right for you. Various categories of services such as accounting, general affairs, and human resources are posted. You can search for products by theme or problem to be solved, and you can check the list of popular services, making it easy to find products. Case studies of problems solved by introducing the service are posted in an interview format, making it easy to imagine the flow after the introduction.

Features of PROCURE

  • Available for free
  • You can search for services from various angles such as categories, issues, and keywords.
  • Contains information to help you choose a service


In this article, we introduced the reasons why you need a SaaS comparison site, how to choose a SaaS comparison site, and 8 recommended SaaS comparison sites. The failure of SaaS introduction entails various risks, so careful judgment is required for selection. Therefore, it is essential to use a SaaS comparison site that allows you to compare multiple services. In order to introduce SaaS that suits your company, let’s focus on choosing a SaaS comparison site while referring to this article.



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