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AI-OCR of “DX Suite” supports reading resumes and supports construction of human resources database from resume information

AI inside Co., Ltd., which provides an AI platform on January 14, 2022, will expand the AI-OCR function of “DX Suite” and support reading of a new non-standard form model “resume” as a readable form. announced that it did.

AI inside Co., Ltd.’s “DX Suite” is an AI-OCR “Intelligent OCR” equipped with a proprietary “character recognition AI” and an “Elastic Sorter” function that sorts large amounts of forms into the same format. It’s a data application. “Intelligent OCR” can read handwritten characters, which are difficult to read with conventional OCR, with high precision and supports multiple languages. It also has a privacy control feature that allows users to control their own information.OCR: A technology that reads and digitizes handwritten characters on paper, etc.

According to Neton Co., Ltd.’s “Fact-Finding Survey on Resume Formats”, while personnel procedures are becoming more and more popular online, many companies still use paper forms for delivery and management. Only 3.9% of companies receive and manage resumes as data. In particular, for companies that receive a large number of resumes due to high mobility of human resources, manually registering the contents of resumes into the management system has become a heavy burden.

The AI-OCR of “DX Suite” can read resumes, so it instantly reads 28 items, including applicant’s basic information, motivation, skills, and remarks, and converts them into text data and links them to the management system. By doing so, it will be possible to build a human resource database.


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