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AI Platform “AIMINA” Launches Free Trial Plan

SB C&S Co., Ltd. will provide a free trial plan that allows anyone to easily “learn, create, and try” AI for 3 months, using the cloud-based AI platform “AIMINA”, January 25, 2022. announced that it will start on

The regular plan (paid) is scheduled to be available from May 2022.

“AIMINA” is an AI platform that allows people who have specific ideas to use AI in their business but do not know how to develop it to try developing an AI model using the data at hand. People who do not know programming can challenge AI utilization with no code.

In addition, as the labor population in rural areas continues to decline, the need for the use of AI to promote DX is increasing in local governments, and the use of AI to support the revitalization of local SMEs is urgently needed. In addition, educational institutions are formulating standard beginner-level curricula for university and technical college students in order to acquire the skills to use AI and big data. SB C&S will continue to focus on the development of “AIMINA” in order to support the promotion of DX in all industries.

[Features of “AIMINA”]

・ Learn and search for AI
The “AIMINA Portal Site” provides useful information for starting an AI project, from basic knowledge of AI to examples of AI use in business.・ Create AI (learning)
Just by selecting the industry, job type, purpose, such as appearance inspection using images, demand forecasting using data, and AI chat engine from inquiry data, without the help of engineers or data scientists AI models can be easily created with no code.・Try AI (Inference)
You can select a created AI model and use actual data to test it on “AIMINA”.・Compatible with various usage scenes Creation of AI models that can be used in various usage scenes in different industries, such as
image processing, natural language processing , time-series analysis, and abnormal sound detection.

What is an AI algorithm?


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