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[AI 2022 House of Councilors Election] Cognity Inc. analyzes the pledges of each party with AI


Cognity Inc., which analyzes business communication with AI, uses AI to analyze the pledges of each political party in the 26th House of Councilors regular election, and publishes the full analysis results on its official website.


By analyzing the logic structure of not only “what they are asserting” but also “how they are asserting”, each political party will be able to understand the “logical thinking ability” of its realization ability and crisis response measures. We compare the claims and provide information for voters to vote with confidence for five consecutive days.

■ Analysis target

In the “pledge comparison” currently being released, eight election-related videos on official YouTube and official candidate YouTube released by each party were targeted. (In addition, in the survey as a whole, there were 5 political broadcasts and 41 street speeches.)

■ Summary of analysis results “Characteristics of each party based on AI analysis”

Features of logical configuration Main “claims” and their grounds and background reasons
Liberal Democratic Party The outline is explained in a small amount of information, and there is little basis for one-sided claims. No Substantiated Claims Detected
New Komeito It has a logic structure similar to that of the LDP, but there is a peculiarity to the story. As a party that can act responsibly, “I want to overcome suffering and move forward.”
Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan There is a lot of information, but each topic has no basis, and the claims are ambiguous No Substantiated Claims Detected
Japan Restoration Party Includes many topics and strong arguments, but low logic “Implementing free childbirth” due to concerns about declining birth rate
Democratic Party for the People [Logical] The claim is clear and has a logical explanation 1) “Strengthening of defense capability is necessary” in order to respond to the evolution of weapons technology2) Due to the background of the need to increase the self-sufficiency rate and the current policy of taking a cautious stance, “change to a new reactor nuclear power plant”
Japanese Communist Party There are claims and evidence, but they are difficult to remember. In order to deal with the aging society, the investment has been speculative until now.
ReiwaShinsengumi [Talk Skill No. 1] Suppresses unnecessary words and phrases, asks many questions and shakes the heart, but has a bias in logic 1) “Abolition of consumption tax” on the grounds that a tax increase during a recession is a mistake in economic policy2) “Labor transfer” because stable livelihood through food production is important
social democratic party The amount of information is small, but one topic is deeply explored and the logic is biased “Stop wars” on the grounds that peace cannot be created by force and war is caused by democracy becoming a mere shell.


■ Analysis result 1 “How smooth is the conversation?”

It was analyzed how many times unnecessary words (fillers) such as “um”, “um”, and “well” were uttered in each of the videos analyzed.

It shows the speaker’s peculiarity, but basically it increases in correlation with the length of speaking, and the less it is, the more it is an indicator that “I remember what I should say well / without hesitation”.

Compared to the amount of talk, it can be said that the Japan Restoration Party has an overwhelming amount of filler. On the other hand, it can be said that Reiwa Shinsengumi has overwhelmingly few fillers.

■Analysis result 2 “Logicality for one claim”

“What kind of logic was used to explain” for the main claims in each video is shown numerically.

Rather than the ratio to the whole, we analyze what kind of explanation was given for one topic, that is, the logicalness of the claim.

The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and the Japan Restoration Party did not detect a direct logical construction for their claims. The reason why the figure for the Social Democratic Party looks large is because the surveyed videos are short and the amount of information and the number of topics are small, but there is no doubt that they are talking about one topic logically.

■ Analysis result 3 “Which topic is the important claim?”

Regarding the information spoken in each video, the amount of explanation, the number of supplements, and the type of information explained are used to detect which topic was explained in a ranking format that remains in the listener’s memory.

Since the Liberal Democratic Party, New Komeito, and Japanese Communist Party are talking about enumeration types, “How many claims are there?” was detected in the first place. The Japan Restoration Party is “free childbirth”, the Democratic Party for the People is “salary increase”, the Japanese Communist Party is “reduction of insurance premiums for small and medium enterprises”, Reiwa Shinsengumi is “abolition of consumption tax”, the Social Democratic Party is “Article 9 of the Constitution”, Each will be the most explained topic.

■Analysis result 4 “Presentation of grounds and background reasons for claims”

We have extracted the direct and grounded explanations for the main topics discussed in each video.

In the claim of the Democratic Party for the People, which had the most logical expressions, three substantiated claims were detected, each of which was a substantiated answer to the question from the reporter.

[About the COG series analyzed]

Cognity Co., Ltd. is developing the “COG series” that scientifically analyzes communication with its own AI. We have released industry-specific and application-specific services so far, and as of April 2022, they are used by more than 40,000 people in 250 companies in Japan. It is possible to “visualize” the quantification and quality of communication such as sales talks and 1on1, which is being introduced recently, and realize fair evaluation and human resource development. For this analysis, “COG-PRESEN”, which is specialized for presentations and pitches, was used.

[About future efforts]

Since its founding, Cognity Inc.’s mission has been to “use the power of technology to create a society free of thought bias.” I think.

Starting with AI analysis of each party’s speeches in the House of Councilors election, we will continue to support fair decision-making and evaluation, human resource development, etc., and contribute to the creation of a fair society using AI analysis.


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