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Case secretary uses AI to assist in searching for judicial precedents | Realization of search know-how for practitioners!

The linguistic AI engine “Lango” developed by Chowa Giken Co., Ltd. has been adopted for the integrated legal information database “Hanrei Hisho” developed and provided by LIC Co., Ltd., and the service has started.

“Hanrei-hisho” is a service that allows users to search for past judicial precedents that match their intentions from the judicial precedent database.

This time, we have realized a search assist function by AI as an additional function of Hanrei Secretary. Until now, judicial precedents containing keywords entered by the user were displayed in the search results. You can automatically expand the words you are looking for and recommend related words.

In order to provide all users of “Hanrei-Hisho” with a search function that utilizes the knowledge of experts, the big data that LIC has accumulated over more than 20 years is used as training data to provide information that users want to know. We have implemented an assist function for easy access to

In the future, Chowa Giken and LIC will improve the additional functions of “Lango” to make it easier for users of “Lango” to make the service even easier to use.


What is an AI algorithm?


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