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Start digital health collaboration using natural language AI [2022] !

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Table of Contents 

  • Background of collaboration
  • Overview of collaboration

Background of collaboration

In recent years digital health, with the aging of society and the development of a stressful society, the increase in the number of people suffering from dementia and depression has been pointed out as an important social issue, and the need for mental health measures is increasing.

In addition, the spread of digital terminals such as PCs and smartphones has led to the expansion of online service businesses such as SNS, and the amount of information transmitted digitally is rapidly increasing.

 This time, FRONTEO and NTT East have decided to collaborate with the aim of making new contributions to the healthcare field by utilizing this information.

Overview of collaboration

In this collaboration, FRONTEO will conduct research and development of natural language analysis AI (analyze data such as conversations and texts used by people on a daily basis), application development for medical institutions, and application development for general consumers and healthcare providers. NTT East will play a role in developing network infrastructure for medical institutions, building a cloud connection environment, information security measures, operation and maintenance management, and supporting operations related to the ICT environment.

Leveraging the strengths and knowledge of both companies, such as FRONTEO’s product development capabilities and NTT East’s ICT solutions and network maintenance and operation, we will provide services to general consumers, patients, healthcare providers, medical institutions, etc. in the mental health field. Aim to provide. On top of that, we will work to build a cooperative relationship that contributes to the development of the medical healthcare field, not only for diagnostic support, but also for the promotion of mechanisms that lead to the prevention and early detection of diseases and disorders, including pre-symptomatic diseases.


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